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The Ashen Twilight Trading Guild


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Welcome, to the Ashen Twilight Trading Guild., Here we Tade Cards and Pokemon from the White and Black VErsions. All standard rules apply, and we offer A wide variety of Services. I list of the following we can do




[*]Trading Evolution


[*]Iv Breeding

[*]Egg Move Breeding

[*]Gender BReeding

[*]Nature Breeding

[*]Ability Breeding

[*]Ev Training

[*]Masuda MEthoding


[*]DW Ability Breeding

[*]Iv Checking

[*]Item Trading


For Cards




Gym Battles




Deck Rating


We Trade Cards for Cards, Packs for Packs, and etc.


So an Example:


Lit wants to Trade his Zekrom Ex (Nevah!!)


It wouldn't be worth a Pack, but It would be worth another EX, or a Couple of Good Cards.


Well, ye, ou can trade packs for Cards here too, but we are trying to get the Cheapest and Best PPrices, as not all of us are Pack Savvy (Like ME)


Gym Leader Challenge:


Entry Fee: 2 Packs


Prizes: One Pack of your Choosing....(As I get more Cards, this will be updated)


All Glitched Cards are banned from use unless they are used Properly! So use your ND Amoonguses and Gardeviors correctly, or your Disquilified


Gym Leaders:


Lit- Deck, "The Stormwatch" Water/Electric


To Sign Up:


In-Game Name: Roswell


FC: 3955 2410 3326


Aviable Services: All but RNG


Wishlist: DW Female Eevee, DW Female VUlpix, DW Female Poliwag, Japanese Ditto


Card Wishlist: Kyurem Ex, Kyogre (EX when DEX comes out), Cilan


Main/Gym Deck (Gym Leaders only): Stormwatch


I will have this updated throught the week, and I hope you all join.....




Leader: Litwickfan11 "The High Seraph"




Apollo77 "The Guiding Light"


popandbob "The GreekAnalyzer"


SpiralBreeze "Grecian Muse"






Peasent: Centrix


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In-Game Name: Anthony


FC: 2150-7792-4605


Available Services: Trading, All kinds of Breeding except Egg Move Breeding, and EV training.


Wishlist: Female DW Chinchou/Lanturn, Modest Storm Drain 31 HP and Sp. Atk IV with Earth Power Shellos


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Alrighty then.....I'm going to update the list soon.....


Pokemon Breeding and Trading School:


Proffeser Juniper will answer you questions!




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Yes, Yes.....Hmmm......I'm going to do the Deals now


The Twilight Shop, run by Miss Luna Tone-


The All for One Deal-


All Breadings aviable but Masuda Methoding, You must choose which Ability, and No RNGing


Masuda Deal-


Get a Shiny Pokemon, and an Iv Breed One of the Same Pokemon


Double Dancer Pack-


Get a Sword Dance 31 Att IVs Eevee and Rioulu


More Deals to Come


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In-Game Name: ZAPDOS


FC: 3310 6977 4394


Available Sevices: All but RNG and IV check and breeding


Wishlist: Dry Skin Adamant Crogunk UT


Could I be a co-leader?




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Good, can you make the Thread Please, but I have some Price Changes I want to do.......So, Can I post the guidelines up please? Also, can you copy and paste the MEmbers List?


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FC:<a style="color:#00001f;background-color:#ffffdf;-moz-border-radius:3px;cursor:pointer" title="Use as phone number" class="telified">0218-4695-1907[/url]


Egg moves/Trade for evolution


eevee, Spirtomb


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In-Game Name: Emily


FC: 4814 1874 9811


Available Services: Dream World Pokémon, Egg Move Breeding


Wishlist: Surfing Pikachu, Kanto Starters.


Please note, I'm about to hit 7500 points probably by Friday, so that unlocks even more Pokémon in the Dream world. I've already unlocked all the available places.


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Sure Lit, shall I think of a spiffy name?


Yeah Fred, I can do that. I haven't come across one yet, but when I do, you'll be the first to know.


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