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~Crazy's Rumble~[A Tournament]


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Hello guys and girls and welcome to ~Crazy's Rumble~.This is a tournament where the main goal is to become the champion. The games will be held in the Trading Post channel. You may use not more than 4 decks for the whole tournament. And i want to say thank you to 96the_reaper for helping me a lot. This is a group stage tournament, 4 in every group and 4 groups. The 2 highest members in one group will qualify to the knockout phase.




1st place: 75 random cards [Could be good cards], Fire Chandelure and Revive.


2nd place: 50 random cards [Could be good cards],Bianca and Super Rod.


3rd place: 25 random cards [Could be good cards] and 1 Durant.


We will need 16 players for this tournament so please join.




Group A Group B Group C Group D




1.CrazyPenguin321 1. finfan14 1. 1.


2.SuperAza619 2.QueenSkywalker 2. 2.


3. 96the_reaper 3.Kevin Hart 3. 3.


4.nomad1000 4.Training_master 4. 4.


Special thanks for 96the_reaper and psyscictrainer for giving the prizes. If you will be in 1st, 2nd or 3rd then you will have to search for 96the_reaper and psyscictraner in the Trading Post


Banned Cards:


Eviolite( can't be played on evolutions or basics that evolve)


N (Full Art)


Junk Arm (Not banned but can't use its known glitch where you use it and discard less than the requirement)


Co[filtered]rigus Ability


Conkeldurr Ability (Can be used if only fighting energy is used)


Amoongus ND (Can not abuse it's power for evolving any pokemon)




Gardevoir (Can only be used on psychic pokemon)


Exp. Share




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I want to join, but I didn't quite understand the restriction about Conkeldurr's ability


Also, how tournaments like this work?




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You're both in.


@QueenSkywalker Tournaments like this are actually pretty simple, i just find the matchups and you will find the person you're against in the channel Trading Post (If you don't know how to go there you go to PvP and click the blue door button and click Trading Post.) And the glitch is that you can only attach fighting energys to it.


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