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My Special Machamp deck please view and comment if you'd like, suggest changes, help out or anything


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BEFORE i do the decklist heres a little background story about the deck and why I wanna do the deck i'll try to make it as short as I can no promises though.


First off the deck is in honor of my dog Champ yes its based around my dog whos name is champ which i did not name after machamp xD anyway the reason im doing the deck in his honor is because i consider my dog a fighter, not as in he likes to fight other dogs, but the will and power to fight through anything. He has been hit by a car, attacked by two pitbulls that severely injured him, had a tumor on his eyelid which was life threatening but thankfully got removed, also had another incident last year but was not life threatening, and recently last month we took him to the vet and he had a pretty bladder infection and they also discovered another tumor, the bladder infection has been dealt with but not tumor YET it will be sometime this month or next month. So my next point is i had to think of a certain card that resembled a fighter with a strong will and could pack a punch which i believe is machamp, and it doesnt hurt that it has champ in his name xD. i will post the deck list up shortly


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Wanted to do this deck but with a unique twist that makes it different than most donchamp decks




Pokemon total: 17 trainers/ supporters total: 29 Energy 14


Mac hamp 3-2-3 heavy ball 3 N 3 10: fighting


Donphan 3-3 junk arm 2 Poke Collector 2 4 dce


Cleffa 2 PokemonComm 2 Juniper 1


Tyrogue 1 Rare candy 3 oaks new theory 4


Switch 4 sages training 2


twins 3




suggest anything i most likely wont have it but most likely will in the future!


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You could try Pokemon Catcher in your deck. I think 2 Elm would work, but you could use Pokemon Communication instead and still be able to use a Supporter card.


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