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Matthew's Championship Touranment


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Hello Matthew here once more with a brand new Pokemon Online Tournament Season. WIth a brand new format, with the basic aim of the the tournament season to have matches with each other with the aim to collect the most points for qualification to the World Championship event.


The Leader Board Table:


The Tier 1: [The 4 people here will all be automatic qualifiers for the World Championships, the people who are within the top 4 will be the 4 people with the most points on the leaderboard, in order to win points u have to win matches- if u win a match u have 4 points, if u lose a match u have 1 point.]


1.dondeditto-45 Points [12 Matches]


2.32914-42 Points [12 Matches]


3. ImaMrFlubadub- 39 Points [12 Matches]


4.pbeatrez-38 Points [17 Matches]




The Tier 2:[The people here will be all the people below the top 4 in terms of points, 4 people here will still have the chance to enter into the Pokemon Online World Championships through a knockout tournament that will be held before, with the top 4 within the tournament all having automatic qualification]


5.Super Aza-37 Points [10 Matches]


6.HipsterSwag-29 Points [8 Matches]


7.matthew69- 27 Point [9 Matches]


8.Aloeb-26 Points [14 Matches]


9.Aviem-23 Point [8 Matches]


10.Zigmicester-18 Point [6 Matches]


11.20tornadus03-17 Point [5 Matches]


12.finfan14-13 Point [7 Matches]


13.96the_reaper-6 Point [3 Matches]


14.psychictrainer-4 Point [1 Match]


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I'll enter <img src="http://www.pokemontcg.com/javascripts/fckeditor/editor/images/smiley/png/teeth_smile.png" alt="" />


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Yes u can play now and ok tyranitar.


Match 1 recorded:


Super beat me *cries* lol - epic match I was winning but then He catchered up Eel and hit 3 times with Chandlelure in a row to take the win.


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