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PokefanWWE's League+Tournament


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Hey guys, and I'm starting a League AND a Tournament. The league is free and the tournament requires a 1-pack entry, but only pay once. They are all on Sunday. League is from 1-3 pm every Sunday, While the tournament is from 3pm onward. All times are in PST.


Glitched cards are banned:


Amoongus ND








Exp. Share


Gardevoir (Only use the ability on Psychic Pokemon.)


Junk Arm (Discard both cards in order to use it!!!!)




Conkeldurr Ability


If you use these cards, you are suspended from the league AND the tournament indefinetly. This rule also applies for conceding the match.


___THE LEAGUE___ (Every Sunday, 1-3 pm)


Entry: FREE!!! Everyone's fave price LOL


The point?: You battle, trade cards and more. Every 8 wins, you get a free card depending on the "Season."


Season info (Example): This is a list of all seasons and what prize you can win:


TRIO SEASON: 1x Rare Grass, Fire, or Water type Pokemon.


BASIC SEASON: 1x Rare Normal type of my choice.


BUG SEASON: 1-1-1 Bug type Pokemon line of my choice.


BOLT SEASON: 1x Zebstrika OR Luxray


QUAKE SEASON: 1x Rare Rock OR Ground type Pokemon of my choice.


JET SEASON: 1x Rare Flying type Pokemon of my choice.


FROST SEASON: 1x Rare Ice type Pokemon of my choice.


DRAGON SEASON: 1x Rare Dragon type Pokemon of my choice.






CrazyPenguin321 0-0 0


(You must report wins/donks or losses.)




___THE TOURNAMENT___ (Every Sunday, 3pm onward)


Entry: 1 pack (It's cheaper than most tournaments, but if you want free then check out the league. XD)


The point?: Battle, and collect your prizes. For each win, you get one of the following:


1 pack (If I have any LOL)


1 free card of my choice (Don't worry, I won't rip you off!)




1st place: 2 free cards. 1 of mine, 1 of your choice.


2nd place: 1 free card of your choice.


Everyone else: 1 free card of my choice depending on how you did in the tournament. (Like I said, no rip-offs!!!)






So? Have fun... I'm finally done XD




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I would really like to join your league, but I find no point in joining if there are only 2 seasons where you get a rare, and bad ones too. I know why you made it like that (giving out rares once per week will run you out of stock) but come on.


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