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Huge Prime, Holo, Trainer Lot for Trade


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I am looking to trade this entire lot for one large trade of boosters, B&W on, preferably Next Destinies.




I am trading the following:




  • 45x Yanmega Prime
  • 65x Typhlosion Prime
  • 11x Meganium Prime
  • 30x Kingdra Prime
  • 3x Ampharos Prime
  • 10x Electrode Prime
  • 2x Raichu Prime
  • 16x Gengar Prime
  • 40x Mew Prime
  • 23x Donphan Prime
  • 1x Absol Prime
  • 34x Blissey Prime
  • 7x Ursaring Prime
  • 8x Celebi Prime
  • 2x Houndoom Prime
  • 11x Lanturn Prime
  • 36x Magnezone Prime
  • 1x Scizor Prime
  • 16x Steelix Prime
  • 23x Tyranitar Prime
  • 21x Shaymin
  • 4x Shaymin (Reverse Holo)
  • 25x Pachirisu
  • 84x Pokemon Collector
  • 1x Pokemon Collector (Reverse Holo)
  • 69x Pokemon Catcher
  • 112x Rare Candy
  • 4x Rare Candy (Reverse Holo)
  • 4x Pachirisu (Reverse Holo)



Looking for a large trade of Next Destinies boosters for all of it. Feel free to make offers.


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WOW<img src="http://www.pokemontcg.com/javascripts/fckeditor/editor/images/smiley/png/devil_smile.png" alt="" /> don't know what to offer on


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Holy mother of god...


I heard Pooka (or maybe it was Pram, not sure) opened 300 booster packs here.. but you must have opened a few more..


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Wow Jason, glad to see you back!




I'm interested in one of your Celebi primes, I'll send you an offer whenever you're online.


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Whosoever is ffering the primes and others. I'll take anything you are willing to give in exchange for pretty much anything. Sorry no boosters, but do have a couple of decks you might like. Will trade card for card. If interested, let me know.


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Do you want boosters? I can give you 13 boosters of your like for Tyrantier Prime 2x , two mew Prime, 3x rare candies, 2 pokemon catchers




Let me know


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i can offer 400 booster or more for the ttars shaymins mews catchers and donphans


let me know might be interested in everything


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If you guys don't already know the reason why he has so many cards is because he has won the world championships, twice


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