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Help Valueing please


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Hello guy and girl players of PTCGO^^


I was wondering if you could please help me?


I got these cards but I do not know how much they are worth.


Could you maybe tell me? Or make an offer if you are interested




Zekrom EX


Shaymin EX


Reshiram EX


Regigigas EX


Kyurem EX


Kyurem EX FA


5x Level Ball


Psychic Victini


Holo Wiglytuff


Holo Jigglypuff






Holo Moltress


Battle City






3x Prism




It would be a great help if you would please do that ^^ Thanks




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hi kamistra


most of the ex are worth 3-5 packs with resham ex fa "the one in black" 5-6 and shymin for 2 i think ,your gardevoir is .5 battle city at least 1 that the one's i know about


hope you get great deal here enjoy


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If you would like to know the value of your cards in terms of packs, then you should take a look at 32194's trade thread. You probably wont get those sort of prices on public trade but it should give you an idea of what to expect.


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