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so i herd u liek leaving... me too!


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actually, I know your frustration. I think my tears are well documented around here. If you could happily tolerate all the bugs, well, I would doubt your humanity.


Stay focused on playing for fun, if someone exploits go afk for 10-20 & leave them waiting for your return, have a laugh while you do so.


The community here is terrible and the mods treat everyone like children, that comes with the territory until ptcg is pay to play.


Know that the devs are either incompetent, overworked, or both; my tendency is to lean towards overworked with unrealistic time tables; isn't there a new set due very soon that they're probably busy implementing?


If pokemon tcg took this beta seriously they would recognize its potential for pulling more people into the scene from the 18-32 demographic; however it seems they're going to following nintendo's ideology of disenfranchizing dedicated fans in favor of catering to the 10-14 crowd.


I know it won't get better, but its still a fun game. don't take it too seriously or get overly involved -- those of us who have been around since closed beta know how things around here work, you'll only hurt yourself.




my 2 cent




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