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I'm NOT Thinking Of Leaving (and I have cards to trade)


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So I'm still here (at least for now; I'm not planning to leave anytime soon), and since I am, anyone want to trade?


Here's what I have that are either competitive or semi-competitive (Bold indicates cards I think are most competitive).




1 Sawsbuck BW


1 Serperior Promo


1 Virizion NV


2-1 Yanmega Prime line






5-1 Arcanine ND (Ability version)


0-1 Ho-oh Legend (Just the bottom half)


2 Magby


1 Moltres ND


2-1 Ninetales CoL






1 Articuno


3/2/1 Beartic (Sheer Cold/Icy Wind/Daunt)


13-4-1 Vanilluxe ND






4 Zebstrika ND


1 Pachirisu CoL


3-3 Eelektrik


1 Zekrom ND






4-5-2 Gardevoir ND Line


4-1-1 Metagross UL




1-0-1 Archeops line


5-7 Hippowdon Line


7-1/1 Lucario ND/UL


1 Tyrogue




2-2 Scrafty ND Line


2/8-3/2 Weavile UD/ND




3 Durant


4-3-2 Metagross UD


5-1 Bisharp NV




2 Druddigon




1 Bill


3 Bianca


1 Burned Tower


3 Cilan


4 Double Colorless Energy (2 HS, 2 ND)


3 Heavy Ball


5 Interviewer's Questions


2 Junk Arm


2 Pokemon Center


3 Pokemon Circulator


6 Professor Elm's Training Method


1 Skyarrow Bridge


2 Prism Energy


2 Switch




And what I want (the ones I want most are at the top of the list):


1 Terrakion NV


1 full Magnezone line


Packs from ND, Unleashed, or Triumphant.


1 Pokemon Catcher


I'm generally fairly flexible; if you offer me cards that are good and that I could use very effectively, I'll consider your offer.


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