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looking for some help to biuld my deck (new player)


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hi all


im new to the game and im enjoying it so far but now im up against all the EX cards and all that its getting a boring losing all the time with the basic decks (one battle i had i was upa gaint 4 reshiram and 3 reshiram EX so you can guess the outcome of that battle)




i dont really have anything to trade apart from an Emolga (wich i won from a player as i beat them)




im looking for


1x jolteon


1x espeon


1x glacion


1x leafoen


1x umbreon


4x evee (not the ones you get from the basic deck)




thats it as you see my deck revolves around evee and its evolutions




if people have spares it would be greatly appreciated


plus if anyone has more than 1 of the evolution cards that woul be amazing




i really hope you can help








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