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My Trading Post


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Hey there. Just opened some packs and got great pulls. I'm trading for packs and cards such as the Jumpluff HS evolution line, Sunflora HS, and Virizion (The one with Giga Drain and Sacred Sword).




Mewtwo EX Full Art (2)


Yanmega Prime


Typhlosion Prime


Chandelure (Flame Burst)




Professor Oak's New Theory (3)


Red Gyarados


Alph Lightograph One


Copycat (2)


Burned Tower


Fisherman (3)


Engineer's Adjustments (2)


Interviewer's Questions (6)


Pokégear 3.0


Professor Elm's Training Method


Skyarrow Bridge


Double Colorless Energy


Cheerleader's Cheer


Bill (4)




I also have any cards from the Basic Green, Red, and Yellow decks, and any cards from the Verdant Frost theme deck.


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How many of these would you like to trade for?


Actually I have to go for like 5 hours. If you still want to do the trade 2 virizon and sunflora for your typlhosion prime


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