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Trainers and Pokemon Needed for my Prime!


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Hi Pokemon Collecters




I am having trouble trying to offer something for specfic trainer cards that I am after


3 Rare Candies


3 Moo Moo Milk


1 Junk Arm


2 Pokemon Catcher




And two Tyranitor Prime or Mewtwo Ex


I have the following pokemon offer for trade




Mangzone Prime


Machamp Prime


SlowKing Prime


Palkia and Dialga Legend (Complete)


Rayquaza and Deoxy (half)


Kygroe and Groundon (Half)




Anyone interest to trade?


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Ill give you 1 Rare Candy(have 4), 3 Moo Moo Milk, and a Junk Arm for Rayquaza Dexoxes legend and Machamp prime.





What about my Machamp Prime for three rare candies?


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