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Question on eviolite


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Is eviolite still bugged?


Previously, eviolite's effect will stack for each of them in play, but i heard that this bug has been fixed.


Can any1 confirm this? Thx in advance.


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Eviolite is still partially bugged, but the gamebreaking stack glitch is no longer ailing it.


To my knowledge there are two known issues with Eviolite:


1) It works on Evolution as well. (Lame, but evolutions have gotten the shaft so much in the current metagame anyway, and this IS something a player can avoid if they want to play honest. With the stack glitch you may have needed to drop the Eviolite before playing Oak or Juniper, for example, even if you intended to only play one at a time.)


2) Like Defender, it still fails to prevent recoil damage. (Which makes Zekrom just a wee bit less overpowered and also doesn't annoy me too much.)


Other than this it seems to be working properly. None of that heal-20-after-being-hit temp fix that was a bit shaky.


The multi-tool stacking bug (e.g. Rocky Helmet and Eviolite on the same guy) seems to be gone as well. I doubt we'll see any further fixes to Eviolite until v2 but what we have now is acceptable IMO.


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