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Matthew Brilliant New Trade Centre


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Matthew's New Trade Centre:




Hello Matthew here once more on the Forums with a brand new Trade Centre, with all the cards online traded here as I have 100 percent completion of all sets.


Here are the numbers of the competitive cards that I have available in stock at the moment:





Floor 1:


[5] Accelgor [NV]-0.5


[9] Amoonguss [ND]-0.5


[4] Bellosoom [uD]-0.5


[5] Celebi Prime [TM]-6


[4] Jumpluff [HS]-1.5


[2] Leafeon [uD]-1.5


[2] Leafeon [CL]-1.5


[5] Leavanny [NV]-0.5


[4] Meganium Prime [HS]-1


[10] Roserade [uL]-0.5


[5] Serperior [bW]-0.5


[2] Serperior [bW A]-0.5


[10] Serperior [Promo]-0.5


[2] Shaymin [uL]-4


[4] Shaymin EX [ND]-2


[2] Shaymin EX [ND FA]-3


[6] Sunflora [HS]-0.5


[6] Victreebel [TM]-0.5


<strike>[0] Vileplume [uD]-2


</strike>[4] Virion [EP]-0.5


[11] Virion [NV]-1


[3] Virion [NV FA]-2


[3] Yanmega Prime-2


Floor 2:




[19] Arcanine-0.5


[6] Chandelure [ND]-0.5


[3] Emboar [bW]-0.5


[5] Emboar [bW A]-1


[2] Emboar [ND]-3


[12] Emboar [Promo]-1


[2] Ninetales [HS]-2


[2] Ninetales [CL]-2


[3] Reshiram [bW]-1


[3] Reshiram [bW FA]-2


[15] Reshiram [ND]-0.5


[1] Reshiram [Promo]-1


[12] Reshiram EX [Normal-Promo]-2.5


[3] Reshiram EX [FA]-3.5


[12] Tphlosion Prime [HS]-3


[4] Victini [NV A]-1


[5] Victini [NV FA]-2


[12] Victini [Promo]-1


[6] Victini [NV VC]-1




Floor 3:


[6] Beartic [EP SC]-1


[9] Blastoise [uL]-0.5


[10] Feraligatr Prime [HS]-2


[9] Floatel [uL]-0.5


[9] Golduck [TM]-0.5


[6] Kingdra Prime [uL]-2


[2] KGL [uD Full]-2


[3] Kyurem [NV]-3


[10] Kyurem EX [ND Normal-Promo]-2


[2] Kyurem EX [ND FA]-3


[11] Manaphy [uL]-0.5


[1] Samurott [bW A]-0.5


[12] Samurott [Promo]-0.5


[3] SEL [Full]-2


[11] Vannilluxe [NV]-1


[16] Vannilluxe [ND]-0.5




Floor 4:



[2] Ampharos Prime [HS]-1


[10] Electrode Prime [TM]-2


[6] Lanturn Prime [uL]-2


[3] Magneone Prime [TM]-5


[3] Pachirisu [CL]-3


[5] Pichu [HS]-0.5


[2] Pikachu [bW]-1


[3] Raichu [HS]-1


[4] Raichu Prime [uD]-1


[6] Rotom [uD]-1


[5] Thundurus [EP]-1.5


[1] Thundurus [EP FA]-2


[10] 3apdos [ND]-0.5


[8] 3ebstrika [ND]-0.5


[2] 3ekrom [bW]-1


[2] 3ekrom [bW FA]-2


[8] 3ekrom [ND]-0.5


[2] 3ekrom [Promo]-1


[10] 3ekrom EX [Normal-Promo]-2.5


[6] 3ekrom EX [FA]-3.5




Floor 5:


[5] Chandelure [NV]-1.5


[2] Chandelure [ND]-3


[6] Cofagrigus [NV]-0.5


[6] Cofagrigus [NV A]-0.5


[4] Crobat Prime [uL]-2


[5] Darmanitan [ND]-0.5


[5] Espeon Prime [TM]-1.5


[12] Gardevoir [ND]-1


[1] Gengar Prime-2


[9] Gothitelle [EP]-1


[3] Hypno [HS]-0.5


[3] Jirachi [uL]-0.5


[4] Jirachi [CL]-0.5


[5] Metagross [uL A]-0.5


[3] Mew Prime-5


[2] Mewtwo EX [ND]-14


[2] Mewtwo EX [ND FA]-16


[2] Mr.Mime [CL]-0.5


[14] Musharna [ND]-0.5


[5] Reuniclus [bW A]-1.5


[2] Slowking [HS]-0.5


[3] Slowking Prime [uD]-1


[2] Slowking [CL]-0.5


[2] Smoochum [HS]-0.5


[6] Spiritomb [TM]-0.5


[6] Victini [NV VB]-0.5


[6] Xatu [uL]-0.5


[2] DCL [TM Full]-2


[2] RDL [uD Full]-5




Floor 6:



[6] Archeops [NV]-0.5


[9] Conkeldurr [NV]-0.5


[6] Donphan Prime [HS]-2.5


[5] Excadrill [EP]-0.5


[3] Krookodile [bW]-0.5


[8] Landorus [NV]-1.5


[4] Lucario [CL]-1.5


[4] Lucario [ND]-0.5


[3] Machamp Prime [TM]-1.5


[8] Terrakion [NV]-2


[2] Terrakion [NV FA]-2.5


[3] Tyrogue [HS]-0.5


[3] Tyrogue [CL]-0.5




Floor 7:




[12] Absol Prime [TM]-3


[5] Houndoom [uD]-1


[2] Houndoom Prime [uD]-1.5


[2] Houndoom [CL]-1


[13] Hydreigon [NV]-3


[3] Hydreigon [ND]-4


[3] Mandibu [bW]-1


[6] Mandibu [EP]-1


[6] Sharpedo [TM]-1


[10] TTAR Prime [uL]-4


[6] Umbreon [uD]-1


[3] Umbreon Prime [uD]-1


[4] Umbreon [CL]-1


[9] Weavile [uD]-1.5


[14] Zoroark [bW]-3


[5] Zoroark [ND]-4


[1] Zoroark [Promo]-3




Floor 8:



[4] Bisharp-0.5


[9] Coballion [NV]-1.5


[2] Coballion [NV FA]-2


[3] Klinklang [bW]-1


[4] Scisor Prime [uD]-2


[4] Skarmony [uL]-0.5


[4] Skarmony [CL]-0.5


[4] Steelix Prime [uL]-1




Floor 9:




[4] Ambipom [uD]-0.5


[11] Blissey Prime [HS]-1


[1] Bouffallant [Revenge]-0.5


[3] Cincinno [bW]-0.5


[8] Cincinno [ND]-0.5


[3] Cleffa [HS]-1


[3] Cleffa [CL]-1


[4] Ditto [uL]-0.5


[3] Dodrio [uD]-1


[8] Druddigon [NV]-0.5


[11] Haxorus [NV]-0.5


[2] Meowth [ND]-1


[6] Noctowl [HS]-0.5


[2] RDL [uD] -5


[2] Smeagle [uD]-2


[2] Smeargle [CL]-2


[2] Regigigas EX [ND Normal]-2


[2] Regigigas EX [ND FA]-3


[4] Tornadus [EPO Normal]-2


[3] Tornadus [EPO FA]-2.5


[3] Ursaring Prime-1.5


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Congrats Matt this is your 100th Thread lol



Thanks Torn , but I have to dissapoint u here as I have not reached 100 threads so far.


+ What part of no posting do u not understand Torn and 32, I knew ur minds were quite simple but still, I made the thread now so I can have a nice rest of vacation and not waste time when I come back.


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Well the best price I could do would be 28 packs, but I am on vacation at the moment with a poor connection so I will be unable to trade until the 12th of April ATM.


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Look at the example you are putting, you can't even follow your own rules.




















hahaha jk


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Brilliant news due to an improved internet connection here the new thread is now open so feel trough to post offers below now :




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Can we take the word brilliant out of the title please? I feel it's been inappropriately used ;)



I totally agree , it is a complete understatment of how good the thread really is, It should me Mattthew's ABSOLUTELY IMMENSE trade thread


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U have 2 floor 3 one says Ur packs for cards and the other one says energy are u looking for the energy that are listed or no?


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Thanks for the trade man.


OMG you forgot my 5 rares. <img src="http://www.pokemontcg.com/javascripts/fckeditor/editor/images/smiley/png/sad_smile.png" alt="" />


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lol let me send them now Pknrange


Aloeb I fixed it


barrow-no thanks ATM


I was just joking you don't need to lol. I have a bunch of rares.


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