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Sanctioned Tournaments


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I may be jumping the gun here (as I've yet to even redeem a booster credit, let alone build a deck or battle) but I think one of the things that might be holding this community back is a lack of tournament play.


It's super cool that customers of the Pokémon TCG now essentially DOUBLE their value by getting free boosters with paper product to do with as they see fit, but if they can't feel like there's a goal to work towards online, what incentive do they have to push for it online?




The beta hasn't offered them much reassurance either, I mean they won't know if they get to keep the cards they're trading for or if the scores will reset. I read somewhere that if the game resets they will be credited however many booster credits they've redeemed thus far.


Personally I don't have any complains yet, I've recently ordered a 'booster box' worth of codes from Toad and Troll, and while I patiently wait for them to arrive (order on March 27th still waiting...) it won't exactly encourage me to go out there and build a Mewtwo deck or other proven stategy.


The bottom line is that no matter what the beta entails, no matter what changes, and no matter how nervous some of the clients have been reguarding the product, I'd like to know if any tournaments are being planned for online play?


Or do they already exist and I just haven't had the chance to read about it yet? :)


In other TCG's that are played online they make you pay for tournaments you enter, but then reward winners with Boosters. Since this is all in the BETA stages now anyways, what would be the harm in having free tournaments to get the ball rolling? I know gamers love to game so it's just a thought.


And I'd love to hear other people's questions and concerns about the issues I've raised. :)


The general impression I get from glancing at other message boards, is that this PTCGO community is small and not worth concerning one's self over, but the posts and threads I've seen on here suggest otherwise! The fact that mathew69 has created his own Top4 tournament, is a testiment that people want their online experience to mean something!


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Thanks for that link Sith, that was very interesting.


This feature has still to be released but there is good reason for that. There are bugs in game which can sometimes determine the fate of a match when used my a bug exploiter, you won't know what I'm talking about when I say Full Art N but there are many examples.


The Gem feature has still to be released too, it will be a way to pay with real money for things online. When I find a link to the explanation of Gems I'll post it.


Also we won't loose our cards from beta testing unless there is a major problem the mods said.


Nice to see you're interested though. I recommend getting a few boosters with codes in and playing a little bit, it's fun even with its flaws.


- Blue




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Thank you Blue! :)


The one retailer that apparently carries the cards that I haven't checked yet locally is Toys R Us, so I may give them a shot this weekend.


And if you find an article or link to Gem's I'd love to read it. I'd asked support about them, but they weren't willing to discuss any details yet.


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