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The Creative Word Add-in Game!


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This is a game that is super easy. All you have to do is name a pokemon. Someone else gives a word starting with the same letter, as creative as possible. Another pokemon must be named after that. Then another word with the same beginning letter. There will be at least one word after the pokemon. Ex:


Post 1: Flareon


Post 2: Filling


Post 3: Free-lance


Post 4: Flume


Post 5: Pidgey


Post 6: Parachute


Post 7: Pink


Post 8: Pie


Post 9: Pliable


post 10: Picture


Like that. The rules.


1. No double posts


2. None of the same words per pokemon


3. Never do the same pokemon


4. Absolutley no curse words


5. No bumping or spamming




7. You can only do one word per pokemon.


Okay guys, I will start.




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