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Druddigon Deck >:o


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Pokemon (18):


x4 Druddigon


x4 Tynamo (3 40hp, 1 30hp)


x3 Eelektrik


x1 Chansey


x1 Blissey prime


x1 Cleffa


x2 Doduo


x2 Dodrio


x1 Mewtwo


Trainers (19):


x4 Rocky Helmet


x4 Junk Arm


x1 Lost remover


x2 Pluspower


x4 Catcher


x1 Pokemon Communication


x1 Revive


x1 Super rod


x1 Switch




x1 Cilan


x2 Pokemon Collector


x1 Professor Juniper


x2 Professor Oak's New Theory


x2 Sage's Training






10 Electric energy




Alright, so for energy acceleration the goal is to... you know the whole Eel spcheel. I only run 1 Juniper because theres so many trainers in this deck I don't want in the discard pile. I could run more draw support but I usually use cleffa for draw power. The main attacker, Druddigon. He's really too powerful of an attacker, but he really shines when it comes to trapping oppenents in and getting reflect damage off (+40 damage every time your opponent attacks with rocky helmet equipped). I run 4 catchers so early game you can bring up energy accelerators and ko them. When your opponent finally gets some energies going on their main attacker they have 40 damage on them already. Dodrio is in here to free retreat Druddigons when they're getting low on hp, and swap in a fresh one. Blissey is a tech for healing off all that damage late game. Of course mewtwo works with any energy accelerator and a counter for other mewtwos.




Any suggestions to make it better or what do you guys think?




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take the tynamo out and add in some zekrom's


Why do you have one chansey and one blissey?


Try add one more chansey


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I only run 1 because I will probably have chansey/blissey already in my deck or hand already mid-late game. I've added 1 zekrom in because it's not really the focal point of the deck, it would just be a watered down ZekEels. I just decided to scrap blissey, and lost remover. Probably add in pokegear 3.0


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I like the idea for the recoil damage paired with Rocky Helmet but I just don't think Druddigon is a strong enough card to be the focus for a deck. Only 100 HP, requires 3 energy just to do 60 damage, and 2 retreat (though I suppose Dodrio takes care of this). However, I feel like any deck that runs EX Pokemon will easily steamroll this deck. A fully charged Druddigon with 3 energy on it is OHKO'd by Mewtwo. Zekrom EX, Reshiram EX, and Kyurem EX are all single shots, and even "regular" Zekrom and Reshiram can one shot it. No weakness is great, but the lowish HP means it doesn't really matter since most "main" attackers in other meta decks can easily one shot it.


Your energy acceleration is fine but I would add a few more draw supporters. I don't like Cilan in a deck like this since you can only attach one energy per turn, but it's not a bad card per se. More PONT/N/Juniper/Sage would be helpful. You also might consider running Twins, especially if you expect to start off a bit slow and pick up steam later in the match.


You might consider running either Super Scoop Up or Seeker to keep your Druddigons from being KO'd. Another idea would be to run something like RegigigasEX since you run 4 DCE. With Rocky Helmet on it, you make it so that if your opponent attacks you, not only do they power up your own attack, but they also damage themselves, making it easier to KO them. Just an idea, not sure how much better it'd be than Mewtwo but it's an interesting concept.


You also might want to try Eviolite instead of Rocky Helmet, or use a mixture of both cards. Raising Druddigon's HP a bit would help it survive more attacks, and Eviolite is very useful for Mewtwo and other EX. Not sure if it fits as well with what your deck is based around, though.


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Hey vikes thanks for your input. I agree Druddigon is not a great card at all but I just wanted something to mess around with. I went into expert and went 2-4 lol. The only times I won was when I get a turn 2 Druddigon ready to go and I catcher in Eels right away to prevent them from setting up. But I will definitely consider Regigigas and twins sounds pretty important. Twins seems like an obvious choice, why didn't I think of that? :$ lol I think I'll swap out 2 Rockys for 2 Eviolite.


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