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PokefanWWE is going pack hunting!


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Hey PTCGO trainers! I'm just looking for packs here... I'm not trying to be fishy though. (XD The title sounds suspicious, although it's not at all.) I'm selling some cards for packs. This is like an "Any (Number of cards) for any (Number of packs)." Look at the Lists below, see what you like! (FYI: This is kinda like a cousin to my other thread.)


RARES: Any 5 for a pack


Banette TM (RH)


Beeheyem: NV or ND (Both RH)


Sawsbuck EP


Pinsir ND (x2)


Celebi TM (RH)


Moltres ND (x2)


Arcanine ND (x2)


Articuno ND


Jellicent ND (RH)


Reuniclus NV


Wailord TM (x2)


Gothitelle (Non A) EP


Ferrothorn EP


Weavile ND


Rayquaza CoL (RH)


Lunatone TM


Solrock TM


UNCOMMONS: 16 for 1 pack


Whimsicott EP


Amoonguss NV


Kricketune NV


Arcanine ND (x4)


Basculin EP


Frillish ND


Lapras ND


Starmie ND (x2, 1 is RH)


Palpitoad NV


Flaafy CoL


Emolga ND


Electabuzz TM


Galvantula EP


Emolga ND


Gothorita EP


Garbodor NV


Sigilyph EP


Mienshao ND


Hippowdon ND


Klang EP


Scraggy ND (x2, 1 is RH)


Watchog EP (RH)


Minccino ND


Lickilicky TM


Scyther UD (x2, 1 is RH)


Porygon2 TM (x2)


Slowbro UD


Stunfisk NV (x2)


COMMONS: All commons are 35 for 1 pack, but it would take me forever to list them all XD


TRAINERS / ENERGY: 15 for 2 packs


Crushing Hammer






Cover Fossil


Cilan (x2)


Cheerleader's Cheer


Black Belt (x2)


Dual Ball


Exp. Share


Great Ball (x3)


Heavy Ball (x5)


Skyarrow Bridge


Level Ball


Indigo Plateau


Pokemon Center






Professor Elm's Training Method


NOTE: If you buy any lots including cards that are in my deck, it will cost an extra 0.15 pack.




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