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TRIVIUMaz's Trading Place


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TRIVIUMaz's Trading Post[/b]






* = Reverse foil


Next Destinies:


x2 Pinsir* (1/103)


x1 Seedot* (2/103)


x5 Simisage* (7/103)


x3 Amoonguss* (9/103)


x1 Growlithe* (10/103)


x2 Arcanine* (13/103)


x3 Moltres (14/103)


x2 Moltres* (14/103)


x1 Pansear* (15/103)


x3 Simisear* (16/103)


x1 Darumaka* (17/103)


x1 Chandelure (20/103)


x1 Chandelure* (20/103)


x3 Reshiram (21/103)


x1 Staryu* (23/103)


x3 Starmie* (24/103)


x2 Lapras* (26/103)


x3 Articuno (27/103)


x1 Articuno* (27/103)


x1 Panpour* (28/103)


x3 Basculin* (30/103)


x2 Vanillish* (32/103)


x7 Vanilluxe (33/103)


x1 Vanilluxe* (33/103)


x4 Frillish* (34/103)


x1 Beartic* (37/103)


x1 Kyurem EX (38/103)


x5 Raichu* (40/103)


x4 Zapdos (41/103)


x1 Zapdos* (41/103)


x4 Shinx* (43/103)


x1 Luxio* (44/103)


x3 Luxray (46/103)


x5 Luxray* (46/103)


x1 Blitzle* (47/103)


x3 Emolga* (49/103)


x2 Zekrom* (50/103)


x6 Zekrom (50/103)


x1 Zekrom Ex (51/103)


x1 Grimer* (52/103)


x1 Muk* (53/103)


x3 Ralts* (55/103)


x1 Gardevoir (57/103)


x1 Gardevoir* (57/103)


x1 Darmanitan* (60/103)


x1 Elgyem* (61/103)


x2 Baheeyem* (62/103)


x3 Riolu* (63/103)


x2 Lucario (64/103)


x1 Hippowdon* (66/103)


x2 Mienshao* (68/103)


x3 Sneasel* (69/103)


x2 Weavile* (70/103)


x4 Nuzleaf* (71/103)


x1 Shiftry* (72/103)


x3 Scraggy* (73/103)


x5 Scrafty (74/103)


x1 Scrafty* (74/103)


x2 Bronzor* (75/103)


x1 Bronzong* (76/103)


x1 Ferroseed* (77/103)


x3 Jigglypuff* (78/103)


x2 Meowth* (80/103)


x3 Regigigas Ex (82/103)


x3 Pidove* (83/103)


x5 Minccino* (84/103)


x1 Cinccino (85/103)


x15 Cilan (86/103)


x14 Exp. Share (87/103)


x25 Heavy Ball (88/103)


x13 Level Ball (89/103)


x23 Pokemon Center (90/103)


x14 Skyarrow Bridge (91/103)


x4 Double Colorless Energy (92/103)


x15 Prism Energy (93/103)


x1 Reshiram Ex Full Art (95/103)


x1 Kyurem Ex Full Art (96/103)


x1 Mewtwo Ex Full Art (98/103)


x1 Regigigas Ex Full Art (99/103)


x1 Emboar Shiny (100/103)




x9 Riolu (BW33)


x1 Kyurem Ex (BW37)


x10 Luxio (BW34)


x1 Zekrom Ex (BW38)


x1 Victiny (BW32)




x2 Bill


x1 Copycat


x1 Ampharos Prime


x1 Umbreon Darkness Energy


x2 Interviewer's Question


x1 Aggron (Triumphant 1/102)


x1 Pachirisu (Call of Legends 18/95)




Cleffas (Eek)


Pokemon Collectors


Rare Candies




Emboar (Ability) + Tepig + Pignite


Energy Retrieval


Junk Arm




Pokemon Catcher


Magnzeone Prime + Magnemite + Magneton


Eelektrik (Ability) + Tynamo


Rayquaza/Deoxys Legend


Pokemon Communication


Lanturn Prime + Chinchou




Offer well:)


I'm willing to trade Mewtwo Ex Full Art for a bunch of useful cards from my wants.


You can choose reverses to complete our trades (I also have every non shiny/Ex pokemon from next destinies in no reverse).


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@ StecoryyyyyyDo you have any other cards from my wants?


Add something a little more valuable and we could have a deal. :)


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@EchocentricsAren't you interested in any of my haves?... I don't have packs right now... But I will have some this weekend.


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4x Switch


4x magnemite


4x magneton


8x tynamo (4xfree retreat+4x 40 hp one)


4x chinchou




for your zekrom ex?




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I have all ur wants I am looking for ur Mewtwo EX FA.


Could I do These for it ?


Emboar A line


Lanturn Prime line


Pokemon Collector


Cleffa (Eek)




Energy Retrieval




Junk Arm




Magneone Prime line


Eelektrik (Ability) line


RayQua Legend Top




[line means all the whole Set such as Chinchou-Lanturn Prime]














Also let me know if u ave the packs as I can sell u every one of ur wants wit whatever numbers u need.


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