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"The Truth" Variation


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So I was wondering what it would be like to try and build a modernized ReuniPlume combo with some more modern cards, and here's what I have so far:




3-2-2 Vileplume


3-2-2 Reuniclus


3 Terrakion NV


2 Cobalion NV


1 Mewtwo EX


1 Cleffa


1 Pichu




3 Communication


2 Candy


3 Eviolite


2 Judge


2 Collector




3 Seeker


4 Twins




4 Special Metal




4 Prism


2 Rescue


3 Fighting


Tried my best to make this into as good a deck as I can. Anyone who knows me well knows that I love playing Cobalion, and under Trainer Lock, with Damage Swap, and with a bunch of Special Metals attached, he's an absolute monster to deal with. As is usually the case with Truth decks, you want to get Vileplume set up as quickly as possible. Getting a Musketeer or Mewtwo set up shortly afterwards will usually do you well too.


As of this point, the only archetypes I've played against are ZekEels and Durant, both of which I won.


Any comments/suggestions?


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Lock down decks will only get you so far.You would be better off running lock down and poison variation.The only 3 that present a challenge is mewtwo and Cobalion-reunculise combo.The rest can be burned down by dark decks or fire type decks that can be set up quicker.If you dont believe that this is the case try running a speed type deck of fire or dark types.Shadow Machine has nearly got it down to a science.Also seems like you would want to add a little something to keep your energy a little more handy or be able to access it from the discard pile.


Just something to think about.The durant,cobalion,vileplume decks are running strong.But even i have taken them down because ive set my decks up to run alittle faster so the luck of the draw is little more in my favor then my opponents side.


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I would suggest using 1 cobalion, 1 kyurem ex, 1 regigigas ex and a 2-2 donphan prime line for attackers.




Maybe even 2 cobalion. but definitely use the 2-2 donphan. terrakion won't be helping you much because once you are set up, your pokes are very unlikely to die. Definitely use a kyurem ex in case your opponent is a fire type. with this, you can reduce the DCE count to maybe 2.




I would suggest using 3 candy and remove the 3 eviolites. You only have 5 draw support apart from twins. I would suggest removing the judge and use N!. Adding Sage's to draw through your deck would be good too. I would assume the seeker is for healing your pokemon, why not run a 1-1 blissey prime and a pokemon center? It's much more consistent once you draw through your deck and heals for way much more.


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