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Float and Quil's Deck Building


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4 reshiram


2-2-2 typhlosion prime


4-2-4 ( 2 A emboar, 2 normal emboar)


4 pokegear3.0


4 catchers


4 rare candy


3 cilan


3 collectors


3 professor elms new training method


4 dce


15 fire energy





IMO you should either choose emboar or typhlosion and cut out the other line. Running 2 lines of stage 2 is just too hard to set up. They both serve for energy acceleration and getting them set up fast is crucial.




For emboar line, since your attackers all discard energies, energy retrievals and fisherman are a must. Next is adding in a few Switch. Emboar with 4 restreat cost is catcher bait without Switch. Also if you are running emboar line, you can drop professor elm and add in heavy balls. Heavy balls helps out alot in emboar decks.




For typhlosion line, first definately add in a few typhlosions. You can also cut off DCE as it won't be much help (unless you add in mewtwo).




I'll recommend adding in some draw supporters for either lines. PONT and N will really help in searching your deck to set up stage 2 pokemon.


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@Shaymin: As a buizel, you help out those who are looking for cards to complete their deck. To make this fair, as stated, we don't allow unfair trades. So, all trades should be set up by value. Basically, you get cards for people at a cheap price so that they won't have to search for other trades.


Havok, to check for your wins, (You can't see your losses.) go to the PvP section, and when you get to the lobby, click on your own avatar. Your stats should then pop up.


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I'm sorry everyone... Under certain circumstances, I must decline myself as the head leader here, for I won't be able to stay. As all of the members that have signed up here, now is the time to take action, because you now have this duty! So, buizels and cyndaquils, you will have to take care of things around here.


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