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Float and Quil's Deck Building


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Click on a person's avatar in the lobby. Then there should be an option in the box that comes up.


Leader, I'll be looking forward to seeing what you have. (You might have to try a different deck...)


I'll be going now...


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yes im trying to build a waillord deck. I also say we begin comunicating through skype the fourms take entirly to long to organize our selfs. If anyone else thinks the same my skype user is zachary.burke11 .


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Sorry... Haven't had a chance to post all weekend.


Motheaten, let's see what you got.


And... What are you looking for leader?


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Staryu X 4


Starmie X 3


Wailmer X 3


Wailord X 2


Zubat X 4


Golbat X 3


Crobat X 1


Crobat Prime X 1 (looking for more)


Dualball X 1


Life Herb X 4


Pokemon Comunication X 1


Rocky Helmet X 2


Bill X 2


Cheren X 1


Interviewer X 3


Elm X 3


Pokemon Center X 1


Double Energy X 2


Water Energy X 12


Psycic Energy X 7


Now I was thinking of building a speed feraligator prime deck to gear up wailmer;however, crobat prime is a ****** card so i dont know what i should be doing... ;( let me know what you think.


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Thats when you have X number of basics, then X + 1or2 Number of stage 2... And so on. So basically, like you did with golbat. I wouldn't recommend that, it takes up some precious room, and it might be part of your source of bad draws.


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4 reshiram


2-2-2 typhlosion prime


4-2-4 ( 2 A emboar, 2 normal emboar)


4 pokegear3.0


4 catchers


4 rare candy


3 cilan


3 collectors


3 professor elms new training method


4 dce


15 fire energy




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