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Float and Quil's Deck Building


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Buiz and Quil's deck building.


Float the Floatzel and Quil the Quilava are here to help you build a great deck that you will use in the online TCG or even in real life competitive battling. You may ask Quil to help you use cards you already have to construct a deck in the style you are looking for. Or, ask Float for help with getting new cards. You can ask him to trade you cards. Please ask, all trades will be fair, and will not favor one side. He can also help you find the cards you need to build the right deck.


Floatzel2.pngFloatzel: Will trade with you to help you get the cards you need for a deck. (Me, quilava flame.)


Floatzel's fill in:


buizel.bmpBuizel: Helpers for Floatzel (Buizel members.)


156.gifQuilava: Helps you find the right style deck for you, and helps you create it.(Also me.)


Quilava's fill in:


Cyndaquil.pngCyndaquil: Quilava's helper. (Cyndaquil Members.)


You may also help others by becoming a registered helper as a Buizel or Cyndaquil.Cyndaquils will fill in Quil's job. Buizels will fill in Float's job.


To become a buizel or cyndaquil fill this out:


Job:(Cyndaquil or Buizel.)




Number of cards:




  • No spamming
  • Buizels and Cyndaquils are expected to take their job seriously.
  • Buizels, please make all trades fair. They should not favor yourself or the tradee.
  • No flaming (Trolling.) Meaning, please be respectful of others.
  • Please be specific when asking for help.

Accepted Buizels:</font>










Accepted Cyndaquils:</font>












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Thats what Buizel is.


Alright i'll add you...


I have to leave now though. So, you get to help out anyone while i'm gone...


I'll post a few quick rules.


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I will apply for cyndaquil




12,080 (I think- let me check after maintence)




1280 (I think- let me check after maintence)


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Can quilava or a cydaquil help me find a good deck that would work for me?


(what should I post to get help?)


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Well that is my problem. I don't know what I should build it around. I am not new to deck building but I wanted something new and different. Here are some notable cards I have.


  • Kyruem ex (1)
  • Samurott ability lines (2)
  • 3 Yanmega prime lines
  • Serp a lines (3)

I have lots more rares if u come up wih an idea ask if I have it and I'll tell u.


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It looks like you have 2 options.


1. Kyurem EX/Feraligatr Prime/Samurott Ability


Feraligatr accelerates Energy cards onto Kyurem, and Samurott Ability is an optional second attacker. By accelerating Energy onto Kyurem, you can attack much more quickly, and by placing Energy on Samurott, you'll power up Hydro Pump (it does more damage for each Water Energy attached).


2. Yanmega Prime/Serperior Ability


Yanmega Prime's Poke-Body provides free attacks and Serperior's Leaf Tornado is inexpensive, so run low Energy and replace it with powerful Items/Supporters/Stadiums. Serperior's Ability heals damage while from your Pokemon - you can retreat 1 Yanmega for free with another Yanmega to battle with while Royal Heal heals them.


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Well I have tried the serp/yanmega before but I just can't seem to get the right cards when I need them. Plus I have no candies to get snivy evolved quick. Do u think u could post more specific what to put in the yan/serp deck because maybe I don't have the right trainers and etc.


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Try this (I know you don't have some of the cards, but it's an idea - you can replace them with other cards if you have to).




Pokemon (20):


2-2-2 Serperior Ability


3-3 Yanmega Prime


2 Shaymin EX


2-2 Sunflora


1-1 Metapod




Items/Supporters/Stadiums (28):


3 Pokemon Collector


2 Level Ball


4 Pokemon Communication


2 Professor Elm's Training Method


2 Pokemon Catcher


2 Rare Candy


3 Cheren


3 Judge


2 Copycat


2 N


3 Junk Arm




Energy (12):


4 Rescue


8 Basic Grass




You have some draw power with Cheren/N/Battle City, and plenty of search capability with Sunflora/Level Ball/Collector/Communication/Elm. Rare Candy helps you evolve Serperior faster, and Pokemon Catcher can force in weak opponents. The Judge and Copycat guarantee you will have the same number of cards in your hand as your opponent, so Yanmega can have free attacks. Metapod negates all the Weaknesses of Grass Pokemon, and Shaymin can give you a chance at a late comeback.




It's only a rough idea for a deck, so you should try customizing it instead of keeping it as it is.


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You're in Pgabber, and Metagross, keep up the good work.


I was also thinking of giving those of you who help, a small salary... But I'm not entirely sure how yet.


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