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Looking for 1x Smeargle. Have: Zekrom EX, Chandelure, and more!


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Alright, so, I really need these cards for my deck, so, if you could help me out, that would be amazing. Oh, and another pokegear 3.0 would be nice, my values are:


Smeargle: 1.5 - 2 packs (make it call of legends if possible)


Pokegear 3.0: - .5 packs


Packs: (Mostly TM wanted, but will take any packs!)


So, here is what I have to offer!


1x Sheer Cold Beartic


1x Zekrom EX


1x Chandelure NV


1x Vileplume


1x Tyrogue


1x Haxorus


1x Virizion


1x Dodrio


4x DCE


2x Junk Arms


2x Collector


1x Rainbow


4x Rescue


2x Sages Training


2x Seeker


2x Twins




So, let's make a deal!


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