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Found 16 results

  1. Apparently, when stuff from shop, I usually check the cards the theme decks have. However, it has come to my attention that unowned cards no longer grey out in the theme decks as they previously did. Making it harder to find, which cards you already own, until you zoom in them and find that you own 0 copies of that particular card !
  2. Hello, I bought two Zacian theme decks from the store. However, it does not show up in my collection, deck manager, or competitive mode. I lost 1000 tokens for that. I would like you to return the 1000 tokens to me so that I can correctly purchase the Zacian theme deck. thank you.
  3. I was attempting to build a deck and so i needed a few staples from a theme deck,so i went out and bought a mewtwo theme deck and found i was still short two trainers that i needed.After buying another of the same theme deck,I attempted to add the two welders from the other theme deck and found out that i had bought another theme deck without getting an extra one. Could i get an explanation or a trainer token refund
  4. Alikoudsi1988

    [GAME] Missing 25000 gold

    this is my fourth time reporting bug about 3 too 5 weeks ago bug has taken my 25000 gold coins of off my account on pokemon trade card game online andriod samsung galaxy s44 [Content removed - Mod_Jynthu] Retrieve my gold back to my account
  5. Bought Wave Slasher a second time today because i want to build a deck using 4 Greninjas but the cards didn't get added to my collection. Is this a bug? Any way to get them? EDIT: Nevermind, it shows up as a pack to open. Found it.
  6. I Tried To Open Versus, Deck Manager, And Shop, As Well As The Other Interface Managers, And When I Click On Them, They Fade Away Into A Transparent Gray, And I Cant Access Or Use Any Of Them? Is Anyone Else Having This Issue? Do I Have To Reinstall?
  7. I brought 2 garchomp's new deck (spending 1000 gold) on pokemon tcg online but i just received 1 of them. What do i do? I don't know if it's a bug or u can only get all the cards 1 time. (solved)
  8. I just noticed there are some new Tapu Koko gear at the Trainer Store on the Official Pokémon website. But my tokens from Pokémon Trading Card Game Online are not all showing up in the Trainer Store. In the game, I have rate now 4,765 tokens. But in the Trainer Store, I am showing to only have 35 tokens. Did something happen where they are not the same tokens or is this a bug or what? Is there a way to transfer them or are they suppose to show up automatically. In the past, when I used my tokens in the Trainer Store, it deducted tokens from my Pokémon TGCO account. Do I have to play minigames at the Official site to earn tokens to use in the Trainer Store now?
  9. xI3east

    No gained boosterpacks

    I didnt received my boosterpacks from The post !!!!! IGN: ArthurBelaev
  10. I just got online , & got a free pack from daily login, now the pack is giving me an error I followed what the error said, & came back to the pack tried to open it again, the same error appeared... In the 5 years of me playing this game, this error has never once happened to me this is the first I have seen of it, I did log in & log out & its still there unopened, tried to open it, & still Error. Removed URL:Mod_RedDragon
  11. So I tried to buy the 220+30 gems for $13.99 twice, but after going through all the necessary screens, the paypal screen just turned white, and I eventually got an error message on the original purchase screen (where you decide what to purchase) that said "an error occurred, please try again" and that my transaction was successfully cancelled. I tried again, same thing. I tried to submit a support ticket and got an error message there as well. But now I find that those two attempts actually worked and I did get the gems. I only wanted 250 gems, not 500 though. I'll keep them, but the errors all over the place were annoying, and I did end up paying for more than I wanted.
  12. I'm using my code to unlock the deck roaring heat theme deck and the game is accusing the promotion code is past the time. i buyed the deck today. ps. I'm sorry for my bad english, i'm form Brazil.
  13. twinbee_12

    Sinc problem with two items

    Hello: I bought the following items before the online shop was closes temporaly: -Torchic Trainer Set - Shirt -Treecko Trainer Set - Jacket Both item appear in my online profile but no in the game client. This was a problem by that time. I write to ask if they could be sincroniced by the support or if the support could enable me to buy again the items on the online shop so they will sincronice properly. Thanks in advance. Note: the sinc problem between the online shop and game client is now solved (I bought other items and now works well).
  14. So I'm living in the UK and this is set in my profile, and all the card details and text is in English as one would expect. The exception to this is that when viewing the details of any decks or booster packs in the shop all the text relating to this - titles and details after clicking the "i" button are in Spanish. The details of gameplay items are in English. This is definitely a weird bug of sorts, and sadly my Spanish isn't good enough to get myself through it Any ideas?
  15. My language is set to English, but the pack names on the right hand side, when the pack is selected, and the information about the pack is in Italian!
  16. Since the scheduled maintenance, all item descriptions in the shop are in Spanish. The rest of the game is still in English, including the descriptions on the cards themselves.
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