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  1. As of the update to version 2.77 earlier today, my laptop running MacOS Big Sur with a display resolution of 2560x1600 can no longer play the game at that resolution like I could before. This causes noticeable blurring and makes text difficult to read. In resolution settings I only have the options: 1280x720 1280x800 1440x900 1600x900 1680x1050 1920x1080
  2. Hello, I returned to play a while ago, and when I played before the effects worked fine on my samsung notebook, but now a can´t turn off the simple effect option.
  3. Trying the setup the game so I can add my son as a Friend. I've tried modifying the settings on the Pokemon website to allow his account to add friends. However, the friend tab remains non-highlighted and I can't click it. Trying to set his settings as Limited or Open constantly results in a failure on the submit of those settings. The only options that are successful are Closed and Custom. I've set Custom as "open" as I can and I'm still unable to have him add me as a friend. Help please.
  4. ShadowKiin1207

    Simple Effects are always on!!!???

    On Pokemon TCG Online when I go to settings it shows simple effects are on. I want to turn them off but it won't let me. I had this problem for a while and thought the update would fix it but the problem still persists. Thanks in advance to anyone who replies to help.
  5. Well i haven't been active for over 2 years now, but i figured i'll try Good ol PTCGO one more time but apparently the Client won't even start? I had this problem back in the day which i fixed by re-installing the game BUT this time it won't even let me uninstall ! When i launch it, it keep looping between the refresher and patcher infinitely, any help ? i really want to get back into it !
  6. I have Use tooltip check in the settings but they're not coming up. Help?
  7. I was asking myself how to check and find the Yellow alternate cards in the Filters when you're going to search a card in Trading section. You know, you enter Trades, Public offers, then choose Cards and in Card filters, how to find that Yellow alternates? I've just realized myself you can search for the exact card entering the card number. I just thought letters were not allowed, but yes, you can search for Set + Card+a (like BKT 146a). So I went to try to find Yveltal EX: XY Black star promo 150a. Mmm no, the text in the box becomes red = doesn't exist. Ok, let's try with anothe

    Reporting Bug

    Hello everyone, my name is BOMBERMANBART and I'm Brazillian so my English it isn't the best but i have a bug to report: I was just playing Pokémon TCG, and I gain a new booster, so, I went to the Collection, but when I saw, I HAVE ONLY 3 BOOSTER, I WAS COLLECTION BUSTER, I HAD 10 DIFFERENT BOOSTER, BUT WHEN I SAW, I HAVE ONLY 3. I have only thing to say, please resolve this bug and give me back my lost boosters, because that bug it's so much prejudicial, this is so bad, i lost a lot of time to get my boosters, and when i see, i have only three, PLS RESOLVE THIS AND GIVE ME BACK MY BOOS
  9. Hello! I'd just like to report that the following cards do not properly filter when viewing the collection or when managing/creating decks. Brock's Grit 107/108 Evolution set Misty's Determination 108/108 Evolution set When browsing trainer cards and selecting 'full art' these cards do not appear. They are full art cards, but do now show up under the appropriate filter. You are still able to locate these cards in both collection and deck manager by browsing all cards or typing in their names specifically. Thanks!
  10. I wanted to turn my screen to see a break card but when I changed it back to normal, the sides of my screen fell of. I tried accessing the settings but its blocked by my friends list. Can someone help me?
  11. Still can't add a friend to my child's account because I can't click the friend tab. I've tried about a 2 dozen times to set his settings to allow friends in the child settings in my account options. However, it NEVER saves the settings for friends. I can change his trade options just fine, but without the ability to add friends, it is pretty much useless. When is this going to get fixed?
  12. GAmethyst

    Updating problems.

    Hi, every time I try to start up TCGO, it defaults to the update screen. It says it's finished updating, but when it trys to go back to the main TCGO program, it closes and starts back at the update screen. Help?
  13. So ive been trying for over a week to play TCGO but it loads to 30% then closes i tried reinstalling the game i cleaned out my computer wasnt really much to clean out but still the same problem is anyone else having the same issues been wanting to play this forever
  14. PrideSP

    Can't type

    When I press enter after I type in game, it just deletes my message.
  15. Hey guys, wanted to switch the language from german to english. After doing so I tried to log in which doesn't seem to work anymore - it just freezes at 8%. Switching the language back to german didn't help and when I wanted to uninstall the game, I got an error message that it wasn't able to access the network properties USERS_profile. Anyone experienced anything similar? Kind regards
  16. Battle Compressor forces you to discard at least 1 card, but if you play the game in real life, you could discard 0 cards, and just use it to look at the cards in your deck, or use it and then find out there's no card you want to discard. Please fix it, thank you.
  17. Hi, So I am still new to playing PTCGO, but have been playing the last few days on my PC. This issue has occurred three times now in the past 48 hours or so. This also seems to occur when I am doing well (winning) or have just made a play which will turn the match in my favour. After I take my turn... Opponent's turn starts. Disconnect icon appears beside my avatar. Icon is present until match end. Opponent draws, then nothing. About a minute goes by. Both opponent's and my player timers are counting down. 15-second warning pops up by my avatar. My cards are completely unresponsive.
  18. PrideSP

    Cards still invsible

    Even after the patch May 2nd, the cards are still invisible. It hasn't been fixed yet. In fact, it got even worse. Now when my cards are invisible, sometimes my entire discard pile is invisible.
  19. I know this is going to break the entire concept of tradeable packs designed by the developers here, but it really needs to be considered here. In the game, there are a large number of packs that are not tradeable. These can be obtained from the ladder or possibly from the shop itself (with tokens). I get that cards are not tradeable; I have no problem with that. However, I do have a problem with having, for instance, 11 trade-locked Pikachu sitting there and knowing 7 will never be of use. Do I really need 11 trade-locked Pikachu? The same four can be used in unlimited decks anyway,
  20. As soon as I sign in (on my laptop as well as my tablet) the game send me to a screen in the tutorial screen that has one person saying "That was a great game!" and the other reponding "Now that you know the basics, I'm going to teach you some more advance rules" and it has a button that says "Next" but wont let me click on it. Its completely stuck there. Anyone else having this issue? I have tried turning the app and the device on and off. Still doesnt work.
  21. 1) When use Geomancy and click show all cards, the bottom part where it shows the energy you pick, disappears, it still work normally, but then you get stuck and can't play and the timer counts you down. You can chat though, but you lose the game. 2) Get stuck all the time. As I mention above, I seem to always get stuck and can't play any cards. 3) The timer for the tournament is 00:00. When you win a game and you're waiting for the finals, the timer says 00:00, so you don't know how long you have to wait. 4) When using the cool emoji, the one with the sunglasses, instead it uses t
  22. When I go deck manager and then click on save, and look at my Yveltal coin, it's invisible. How do I fix it or can the GM please fix it? Thanks.
  23. mass attacks were hit benched pokemon too simple effect down work it still showing the good one effect
  24. decks after new update they bug and when you choose they for battle they dont enter and its looking for opponent forever and close game after it. and still about decks decks run forever when you want to choose then for battle after a battle
  25. well i have a raichu as an active and i cant see the name clearly. after i zoom in the card (right click or go the mouse on it) i see the name and the card very clear.
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