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Found 365 results

  1. Boa Noite Fiquei um tempo sem jogar, a umas semanas instalei o jogo no celular, mas joguei por 30 minutos no máximo, pois estava travando um pouco. Hoje instalei no PC, e ao logar, minha conta ja iniciou pelo Tutorial e ao passar meus baralhos e cartas que estavam na minha conta sumiram.
  2. After trying to login on someone else his account I can't login. The connection error says it could not connect to the pokemon login service. I can't get to the login service anyway except if i use a vpn addon in in my browser (That is the reason I can write this message) If I don't have a VPN I get the next message. 403 ERROR The request could not be satisfied. Request blocked. We can't connect to the server for this app or website at this time. There might be too much traffic or a configuration error. Try again later, or contact the app or website owner. If you provide content to customers through CloudFront, you can find steps to troubleshoot and help prevent this error by reviewing the CloudFront documentation. How can I fix this? Or do I have to use a VPN to play the game from now on?
  3. when i login into my account it says could not reach pokemon. i used many ways. i reinstalled it but it dont work. 😭
  4. After login I am taken to the "loading data from servers screen". When the bar on this page reaches %100 I'm taken back to the login screen and there's a message that reads "the network connection with the server has been lost". This happens 9/10 of the times that I attempt to login. It started after the latest update. I have completely uninstalled hte program and any residual files have been deleted. I have a stable internet connection and I have version Please help.
  5. Gull773235

    [ACCOUNT] Profile recovery

    Hi everyone! I used to play Pokemon TCG alot but my laptop crashed and I do not remember the username or password. I tried recovering username and password but unfortunately I could not get my old ID. Instead I got a new one. As you all know it takes a lot of time to built up decks from scratch. Please anybody who could help me. Or please let me know how can I CONTACT Pokemon TCG managing team to recover my old ID. Thanks in advance.
  6. Boa noite, minha conta principal está com problemas para login, pois ******* que está salva direto no jogo está dizendo que está errada, porem nao lembro da ***** e quando coloco para recuperar a *****, apos o email chegar para fazer isso quando clico no link abre uma pagina que nao pode ser encontrada e sendo assim nao consigo fazer a troca da *****. Preciso urgentemente fazer a troca pois nao consigo entrar na minha conta principal.
  7. I am unable to load up my profile neither on iPad nor on Windows 10 . The loading bar is very slow and the a window « The network connection was lost »
  8. Andy735373384

    [ACCOUNT] Problem Log into Game

    The authorization error keeps appearing even with both correct username and password as verified with online PTCGO website.
  9. Hi; for the past few hours my game just wouldn't load! Stuck at 18%. A few time it reaches 48% but then it says connection to the server has been lost! Any helpful suggestions?
  10. Hi I'm trying to login to my account that I haven't used in years and it took me a while and a couple of guesses to create a new username and password for my old account but now every time i go to log in on the tcg game it says login failed and i get an email saying my account has been locked for security reasons and i need to change my password to get back into it. So I change my password and right as i change it I get another email saying my account has been locked again and i need to change my password to get back into it. This is a repeating cycle and my account seems to be permanently locked no matter how many new passwords i use for my account. Can anyone help me? Thanks
  12. When I try to login, my game stop responding and show the mensage of the title
  13. Hi I have tried just about everything before making a post. I know you guys have a high volume of people to look after especially for a free game but now I thought you might be able to help me as there is no where else to turn. I am tech savvy a decent bit but for some odd reason I cannot log in to the Pokemon TCG game at all for the past 4-5 days. I have gone over the uninstall guide set by the pokemon company and tried uninstalling and reinstalling to make sure no files were left behind such as temporary files and folders. I'm referring to the official pokemon uninstall documentation on the website that leaves extra instructions to make sure it's done correctly. If making a ticket can help before I do maybe you could give me some feedback on what you think the issue is. The exact error I'm receiving (after entering username and password correctly): Could not reach Pokemon login service. Try again in a minute My internet is working fine and there's seems to be no issues at all on my nintendo switch with connecting to internet and my xbox one as well nor browsing the web so it's a bit confusing. I've had the game on my computer for about 4 months and everything has always worked perfect up until about 5 days ago. Never had issues. Not sure if this is some type of legitimate bug but I am aware it works for other people from posts I've recently read. Anyways I really want to get this fixed as I bought some booster pack card codes off amazon and it's been about 5 days since and haven't been able to redeem them. To be honest I know you can do it on the website but I'm eager to only redeem via the direct game. Lastly, the only thing I'm thinking this could be is somehow in the password field (since it's hidden) something else is being entered in instead. I tried typing my password in a notepad file and pasting though that did not work either. I'm positive my logins are correct as I even changed my password again to make sure and followed the email sent but no hope. I really love your game and it's one of my favorite things to play. I spent a lot of my christmas money on card codes to build up something that would allow a decent deck. I'll await some tips and guidance. If you need me to make a ticket let me know. Just hoping to get it working. I'm on Windows 10 and have Spectrum internet broadband and usually runs fine. All system requirements are above what is required to work. I wanted to add that the program has been set in windows defender the best I am aware of as a safe program. Though there are different ways you could go about that so if you think that's possible I did it wrong maybe you can leave a suggestion. I know I have it set to warn before any blockage happens and if it did I can guarantee it's added as trusted program both on the "private and public" setting in the firewall.
  14. LateAsUsual

    [GENERAL] Login issues

    Hello, my client seems to be not working and giving me the message - "Servers are currently offline or your network connection is not active". My connection is fine and I've tried reinstalling the game client.
  15. vh200494


    Ao tentar logar recebo a mensagem "Não foi possível acessar o serviço de login de pokemon.net.br . Tente novamente em um minuto.". Já desinstalei e instalei o jogo de novo, já tentei logar em outro computador, já mudei ******* e recebo a mesma mensagem de erro.
  16. I have resent the activation email many times but it doesn't show up in my email even after 24 hours. It is not in spam/junk folders either. What can I do?
  17. Anargorath

    [PC] Erro de Login

    ************************* Está assim com erro de servidor no login desde a última atualização, já reparei, modifiquei, desinstalei, dei refresh, nada funciona, gostaria de uma solução e não somente uma resposta automática. Inclusive diversas outras pessoas estão com o mesmo problema.
  18. Ansoso23

    [MAC] Game not logging in

    Hello, I recently began playing this game again but I am completely unable to log in on my mac. It tells me I have an invalid login or password even though I am easily able to login to the website and even to my iPad. It's only the game on the mac that won't let me log in. I have already deleted everything and reinstalled with the guidelines multiple times, the issue still appears. Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!
  19. Thanatos290987

    [GENERAL] Login - Connection problem

    Hi, I am trying to enter the game, but I get a message saying that I am not connected or that the servers are offline. I have tried reinstalling the game, repairing it, testing on another computer, but nothing works and the page indicates that the connection is working. Is there a maintenance is running? and if so when it will end, since the problem started from yesterday at night and at by this time I have not been able to enter the game. Thank you.
  20. Lyndsay097_PKMN

    Authorisation Failure

    hello every time i try to log in i get the Authorisation Failure error and its really annoying me pls any help would be awesome
  21. Superpeytonm

    Cannot Log In

    Hey, all. I downloaded the game last night onto my Lenovo, and it worked fine. But today, I can't login at all. It won't even let me use a guest account, because it says "Login Timeout," that it can't connect to the Pokemon.com server, and to try again in a minute. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling several times, used different browsers, and nothing works.
  22. Hi I am running my game under win10 in Traditional Chinese but game in English. I start the game today but fail to direct to login page, it keeps direct me to the window about patch update. When it is updated, I click play but it all run again. I tried to install/uninstall the game again but is shows error message"property.USER_PROFILE not found" Please check how it could be fixed
  23. Its_Ran

    [GENERAL] Cannot Login

    I recently started a new TCG online account after deleting my previous one. I did the entire starting, and then i wanted to upgrade my account. I tried doing it, but was unable to as it always took forever, even after i waited for 30 minutes. I then tried to log in the other way instead of clicking the "new to TCG" button but then it says error occured. My location is set to India. Please get to me as soon as possible, considering I already uninstalled the game once, and before I deleted my old account i tried logging in but even then it said error occured (why i deleted that account).
  24. Obert13

    [ACCOUNT] Cannot Log In

    I have been trying to log in for the past or so now. First I tried to recover my account cause i havent played for a year. Once doing so i tried to log in and the game said "Authentication Error, Wrong Log in or Pawword". So i reset my password (for the second time today). After resetting my password i copy and pasted it to my notepad just to make sure im not gonna type it wrong. But the same error message is produced "Authentication Error, Wrong Log in or Pawword". I dont want to reset my password again so i googled a fix and saw this link (https://forums.pokemontcg.com/topic/22232-authorization-failure/) but it did not work for me. I dont know what to do now
  25. Can not connect and can barely login to website. I am new and just trying to figure it out and thought it would be interesting but it is really hard to do anything. I have deleted and reinstalled and reset password and took firewall off. Have no clue what is going on.
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