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Found 386 results


    [GENERAL] Unable to login

    I am not able to log into the game anymore as it tells me the servers are offline. However, the game was working fine just a day before. I have tried opening the required ports, flushing my DNS, re-installing the game, and restarting my computer but nothing seems to help.
  2. When I try to login into the game it just gives an error stating that the server are down or that my internet is down. However my internet connection is fine.
  3. Leo0_O

    Trouble signing in

    I downloaded the game a couple of days ago and set up my account. I am able to login to the site, but in game it gives me the invalid login or password error message. I've tried logging in a lot of times now, but even after copying and pasting my username and password, I am unable to get in.
  4. WristyOwl

    [GENERAL] problema no login

    nao consigo digitar ***** nem login, nem selecionar a lingua do jogo
  5. TheMightyXablau

    Having trouble logging in...

    I played for a long time in the morning, then closed the game. When I started it again and made my login it told me the servers were busy and that I had to wait some seconds. After the time passed it told me my username or password was wrong, and then I checked it a million times and it WASN'T. I even went to the pokemon trainer club website and used the same words and it worked. Are the servers really busy? I can't get in and I don't know what to do.
  6. Game won't start. When I sign in the game it starts loading, as it does always, but, instead of entering it gets stuck in 94% and there it stays
  7. I was playing and the game kicked me out. When I went to log back in it says that my account had been suspended. I uninstalled the game and reinstalled it. Changed the password, and nothing. I do not know why my account would be suspended and didn't get an email explaining or anything. Please help, I just put in a bunch of new packs and I have some decks that I do not want to lose.
  8. LuiakaGalaxyy

    [GENERAL] Other - Account Suspended

    Hi, I tried to log in today and find out that I've been suspended? I don't understand why. My account isn't even a week old, but I'm still banned. I have done nothing to warrant this. The only thing I did was leave the game open over night. Someone please help.
  9. N0mand3r

    [PC] Login - Account Lost

    Hi, before you say: "Try using your Username or Screen name" Neither works that's the point of this thread in the first place. I've tried contacting support and they just sent a genetic email without even asking about which accounts are associated with emails, etc. If this can't be resolved then I'll just have to delete the app entirely as I was under the impression account login information would be something that interests them: considering I paid for the cards with real money and got the codes, scanned them in and now have no way to retrieve them because as soon as they're scanned in they can't be used again. I'm now at the mercy of the forum which will probably parrot the same information but if anyone who actually has experienced this problem can suggest an alternative way of getting in touch with support I'm all ears. With hands... and thumbs... fingers... and teeth. You get the idea!
  10. Whan i open TCGO the game doesn't let me write anything unless i keep lciking many times in username and password for the writting line to appear and it keeps flickering and not letting me write right away, how do i fix this?
  11. Sixela27


    bonjour support récemment j'Ai voulu ré ouvrir mon compte tcg online est ma plus grande surprise on ma dit que mon compte à été suspendu je ne connais pas la raison de mon ban je crois que ces injustifiée pourrais-je ravoir mon compte svp
  12. Gull773235

    [ACCOUNT] Profile recovery

    Hi everyone! I used to play Pokemon TCG alot but my laptop crashed and I do not remember the username or password. I tried recovering username and password but unfortunately I could not get my old ID. Instead I got a new one. As you all know it takes a lot of time to built up decks from scratch. Please anybody who could help me. Or please let me know how can I CONTACT Pokemon TCG managing team to recover my old ID. Thanks in advance.
  13. I recently got some free time to play ptcgo again because of the pandemic after a year or so . but when i tried to log in , i keep getting this message : "Could not reach Pokemon.com login services . Try again in a minute" . no matter how many times i try it doesnt login . tried to login with my phone through the android app , still the same message . please help me fix this issue .
  14. one day the TCG app randomly just stopped allowing me to login it says "invalid login or password" and I've even changed it multiple times so i know 100% that I'm typing everything in correctly. Please Help.
  15. JJBrownie007

    [PC] Login - Connection glitch

    i dont know how to send a video file for this so here
  16. Max_Pallet

    [GENERAL] Cant get online

    Ive been trying to get onto PTCGO on my laptop for a day or 2 now and i have not been able to get on. Every time i try logging in i get stuck at 90% and it never goes higher(once i got to 100% but it stopped there and i never got into the game). ive tried everything, closing and opening ptcgo, turning my wifi off and on, uninstalling and reinstalling ptcgo, restarting my laptop, ive tried everything imaginable. if anyone could help me that would be greatly appreciated.
  17. I logged in and when the game began to load, it wouldn’t go beyond 10%. Usually takes less than a minute. It has been three. Friend has the same problem. Restarted the computer once. Tried on different devices. Network is at full strength.
  18. Erratic_Owl

    [PC] Other - Can't Type in Game

    I have been having trouble typing in the game, to log in or to redeem codes, etc. I also can't get any of the drop down menus to work. I've tried changing the resolution, changing between fullscreen and windowed, and everything else I could think of to solve the issue on my end. Has anyone else been able to find an issue for the problem?
  19. breakfastking1

    Help, Cant log in

    Hello, I have been having issues trying to login to the game. whenever I try to login it keeps telling me that The Network Connection with the server has been lost. My internet is fine, I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game but that does not fix it. I even tried to make a new account and that didnt work either. I can go into the game as a guest and see the new packs that have been added/ do the tutorial battles but again I cannot log in. Any help would be appreciated thank you.
  20. every time i click log in it load to 90% then just stops and the refresher stops at 50% and every time i try to uninstall it gets user profile error so i have to go in to change and do it that way
  21. ElkeGaming

    [GENERAL] How can i fix this?

    Well i can do nothing on my pc. I can not play, remove, install or update the game. I have this error. No acces on the networklocatie. Property User_Profile
  22. PurpleMudDog

    [ACCOUNT] Can't log in

    Never mind, it's resolved!
  23. Cant find a fix, my login and password work on the site but when i try and open and login to the Windows game it says that my login or password is wrong.
  24. PoisonInsect

    [GENERAL] Cannot connect to server

    Every time I open the game It gives an error message that it cannot connect to the server and I am forced to exit
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