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Found 327 results

  1. I went a few months not playing the pokemon TCGO on my MacBook Pro, I have reinstalled the software and after entering the correct information, It gives me a message reading "Invalid Login or Password". I don't want to have to start over with a new account. What can be done to fix this... I can log in on the official pokemon website so I know I have the correct password. This has been a problem since the end of May. I have deleted and redownloaded the software multiple times. I'm extremely stuck and don't know how to fix this
  2. Allbright4

    [GENERAL] Login - Can't log in!

    I have been playing for the past few months, and normally I have no issues logging in. (I have both my screen name and password set to autofill.) But today, the game claims my password is incorrect. I tried resetting it, and did so successfully, but when I try to log into the game it still tells me that it is incorrect. Have submitted a help ticket, but I have had poor experiences with them in the past, I hope someone might be able to give some advice.
  3. Hi all, I'm new to this site. I'm trying to update my profile picture on both the Pokemon.com and the forums but when i click on the profile picture icon, it doesn't give me any option to upload or choose from a premade avatar. It's just giving me a blank window. Then, when I click on next, it has me resize the generic profile photo I currently have. There is also NO OPTION to include a screenshot of this issue in this post, which is frustrating because I want to show a visual of what is going on. I am using Google Chrome on an iMac. Thank you for your help
  4. Oldtoby_Tx

    [GENERAL] Patching - Update not showing in Play store

    There is no way to update on Chromebook, I have been playing for the last 3 weeks on my Chromebook and with the new update every time i try to log it says this version is out of date, please install latest version to play. But when i go to the Play Store there is no update. Can anyone help me???
  5. Camaroking1990

    [GENERAL] Patching - Update not showing in Play store

    since the update for june 11th i cant get back in the game. it keeps telling me the game is not up to current version but when i go to the google play store there is no option to update. i have been playing on my chromebook for a month now and now it isnt working. someone please help me!!!
  6. BenitoTaquito

    The game won't let me log in

    I just installed the game and made a club account. I can log in perfectly fine on the website, but when i try to log in the game, it keeps saying "invalid login and password" even know I know they are not wrong. I already uninstalled and reinstalled the game with no success and I even changed the password but still it won't work. I am playing on an android phone. I just redeemed 30 codes so I would love to play and see what I got and not have wasted the codes. Thanks.
  7. i left the game a few moths ago, and now that i want to come back, i cant log in the game, i can log in here though which is weird, can someone helpme or how can i gat some help
  8. Xx_Krokorok_xX

    [GENERAL] Can't log in

    Hey I just started getting into Pokemon tcg online but every time I try to log in in-game it gives me the message "the network connection with the server has been lost". I've completed the tutorial and gotten to the point where I just have to upgrade my account, but every time I do it just tells me it's verifying my account for around half an hour. I have good enough WiFi that I can connect to online games but I just can't log in. I've also completely reinstalled the game and restarted my computer. I would appreciate any support.
  9. Hi all, After installing several times, i have never been able to login in the game, it always gives me the error : "Could not reach Pokemon.com login service. Try Again in a Minute ". I Can login in the website, i already change the DNS and tried to login by WiFi and wired too. Please, could someone help me with this? Thanks a lot.
  10. I can't log in for like 4 days straight now after the **** always shows this message after i press "Log In" i dont know what the problem is . could anyone help me out please ? [link edited out by Mod_Gurulot]
  11. I just downloaded the launcher, and it opens fine, but when I go to type in my username or password, it won't let me select the text box to type it in. I can select other options, but selecting a language or trying to type my login info doesn't work. I've tried reinstalling the program, but the same issue comes up. Any way to fix this?
  12. Hi, I have just installed the TCG Online application on my Windows Desktop but am unable to login, I keep receiving the error 'Invalid Login or Password'. I have re-installed the application and I am definitely entering the correct details. I've also tried both my screen name and username. Any ideas how to fix? Many Thanks, Aiden
  13. Hey I am unable to log in after the update it takes me to patch notes and thats all it does
  14. Hello, I played TCG online like 7 years ago. I think I´ve probably lost my username and password. I have codes, which I´ve used there. Is there any posibility how to get my account back? Thank you so much.
  15. IvsonDiego

    [PC] Servidor indisponivel

    O meu jogo está dando um erro que fala o seguinte "Servidor indisponivel: Os servidores estão atualmente fora do ar, tente novamente mais tarde. Eu já estou tentando logar des dos 12:00 do dias 25/04/2019, e eu falei com um amigo meu e ele falou que no dele não está dando esse erro.
  16. Whenever I try to sign in to the TCG online app it says: "The network connection with the server has been lost." Our network works fine, and the TCG server status is "online," so what's happening?
  17. I have played Pokémon TCG successfully on 4 devices in my home. A MacBook air, 2 Alcatel tablets, and my Razer Phone. I have never been able to have any success on my favorite device which is rather frustrating. I try to log in on my Alienware laptop and it will not connect and I always receive this message "network connection with server has been lost". I really would love to be able to play this game on my laptop because I am hooked! Please if anybody has any information for me or things I can try to fix it, let me know. I would like to add that my laptop has incredible internet connection and that is in no way a problem that could be affecting it. I am able to play Fallout 76 with full servers of people on the highest graphical settings without any type of problems. For some reason it is not able to run Pokémon TCG though, which should not be nearly that hard to keep up with. I have already tried Uninstalling and Reinstalling the game, made sure my antivirus software is not affecting it, and am not sure where to go from here.
  18. I have been able to log into PTCGO from my home but I am traveling for work and operating out of hotels. I am connected to the internet and able to use the internet just fine. However, when I attempt to log into the game, I get: Loading data from server. Please Wait. The bar will load to exactly 8% and stop before giving me the Error: Connection Lost: The network connection with the server has been lost. I have tried several times to exit the client and reboot my system. I have tried to use another Internet connection. I have also uninstalled and reinstalled the program. Regardless of what I try I continue to receive the same results. Anyone have any suggestions?
  19. Having issues signing into PTCGO. I know my account login info (otherwise I wouldn't be able to post this) I gave my personal information to PTCGO support as requested, its been almost a week since the request and since I've obliged and I still can't get into my account.
  20. Can I get someone to change my screen name for my tcg account? I need to take a certain part of it out. I really want to take out the 2001 in my name. Can my new name be Shadow1207 please?
  21. My girlfriend and I both decided to install and play this Pokemon TCG online recently. We both went on the official site, and downloaded the game. My install wizard launched properly and I had the game installed and running within minutes. However, whenever my girlfriend tries to run the .ede for the installer, the installer window pops up, and immediately gets covered by an error message saying that "There is already an instance of this program being installed, please wait for the install to finish before starting this one." And when we click "Ok" or X it out, the whole installer closes. This happened on the very first instance of her attempting to run the installer. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  22. Hi, i'm trying to logging in the game, but i always receive the same error. The error that I am receiving says: Authorization Failure Login Request Rejected I changed my password and reinstalled the game, but the error persists. Ithe error that I am receiving says: the error that I am receiving says the error that I am receiving says the error that I am receiving says the error that I am receiving saysthe error that I am receiving says
  23. I just downloaded the game today and have played in the past on my MacBook Air. I now have an iMac. The iMac can run the game since I have seen it done. The download and installation had no issues at all. After I log into the game it shows this message: "authentication failure / protocol error." I attempted to restart the client to no avail. I have not tried to reinstall the game yet, hoping there is a way around it. I did check to make sure the game server is up as well. Does anyone have any solution for this error?
  24. Everytime I Start the game It keeps saying " error could not connect to server" Can I have some help here?
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