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  1. Vaangard

    Server Unavailable

    Whether I try and sign in on Mac or iPad, I keep getting the server unavailable error message saying they cannot connect or my internet isn’t working… which, my internet is working so…unsure what’s going on.. can anyone help?
  2. I tried to redeem my three day streak reward of 5 mystery packs but they did not redeem, yet the game shows that they have been collected. they are not in mail or pack collection. I am devastated.
  3. Hello! before I ask my question I just want to mention that english isnt my first language so maybe there are grammatical errors. Anyways! I own a Luminous Frost deck. I can play it with no problem, though problem is that when I check it some cards appear grey and dont even appear in my collection even though I redeemed the deck with no problem at all. How can I fix this problem? if someone knows please let me know!
  4. When i tried adding my pokemon sun and moon code it said that the code was invalid, then i removed it and added it again but now it says that the code has already been redeemed, but i didnt get anything that was supposed to come with the code. This also happened with a couple of my other codes, but i dont remember which.
  5. Addie462

    The game keeps crashing.

    I went to download this on my Samsung Galaxy s7 edge which I found out it is not compatible with my device. (Which I see why it shouldn't work as long as I have a wifi connection.) So I downloaded it onto my iPad. I started the game today and started the tutorial but it keeps crashing. It would completely turn off the game and go back to my homescreen. When I go back into the app I have to start the tutorial all over again!! I tried about 4 times the same tutorial but cant pass it as it keeps crashing.
  6. The deck that I published is apparently invalid when it’s not, I own all the cards in the deck and I checked. If anyone knows how to fix this please tell me. ****** Pokémon Trading Card Game Deck List ******
  7. Hi everyone one. !! Im new on the game and i love it… really addictive haha But since i start to play , i crash during battle ! Today 6/6 I cleared 9gig of space on my iPad look for setting but nothing ios14.8 so.. look good if i look older post Please help me !! i love this game but its very hard to progress when all your versus crash before ending
  8. I have having an increased number of ladder games where I randomly drop connection when my internet is fine and not having problems on iPad and windows which makes me think it’s a server issue. Why not just be able to reconnect like other games seems like a simple solution
  9. I had learned about a re ent promo for a shiny celebi. I checked my account to make sure I was signed up for newsletters. I still was. I go to check my email. Spam. Trash. Primary. Promotions. Nothing. I finally recheck Promotions and type in the email pokemon@email.pokemon.com. Come to find out, for some reason, I had not received a newsletter since September 25, 2017. I had never unsubscribed from it, so why am I not receiving any at all
  10. On iPad, moving energies when a Pokémon is KOed is absolutely impossible, both with EXP share and with Pokémon abilities such as Lantern’s Energy Grounding. Your active Pokémon is set aside with the text “Choose an Energy to move”, and then cannot be tapped. You can double tap to blow up the cards, but there is ZERO way to target the energy, making these cards USELESS.
  11. When I open the Pokémon TCG app it lets me log in like normal and as soon as it’s done loading, my daily challenge comes on to the screen. The problem is, I CANT CONTINUE! The green “OK” button at the bottom of the screen is a dark green, as if it is being pushed down and there are no other ways to close the daily challenge notification, making it impossible to play the game. This was on my PC, so I opened the Pokémon TCG on my iPad to see if this problem only occurred on PC, but the exact same thing happened on my iPad. I can’t play the game until this problem is fixed, so I hope it is fixed soon.
  12. Xaimill

    Card art not showing

    I downloaded the app today (ipad pro gen 2), and most cards in my deck (and opponent deck when playing the campaign), show black rectangles with an exclamation mark near the top fo each rd. Im attaching a picture for reference. Is this a known bug or is there something i have to di myself?
  13. This 2 day I cannot log in , is never happen before , when I try on my app on my app , my loading stuck at 60% , then it disconnecting from server . But my wifi have no problem at all , I can access to other game or *******... anyone can help ?
  14. AchillesForever

    I was muted, and I don’t know why?

    Hello. I am writing this forum to say that I was muted today for reasons I have yet to know the meaning of. It said to check my email but I got nothing. I logged onto both my main and my backup emails and I couldn’t see any reason why I was muted. I was in the trading post about 4 or 5 hours ago, maybe it was something I said there? I don’t know. All I really want to do is prove my innocence. I like this game and don’t want this mute to be forever. - Achilles
  15. BodaciousBoDean

    All the language is in code.

    My son’s account has every button in some sort of code, as well as the the cards will not show photos. We’ve trying restarting the iPad, we’ve deleted the app, and re-downloaded it. We’ve changed it from English to another language, and then back again to English, which will temporarily fix the issues until we log in, then it goes back to a code format language. what’s the solution to this issue / but.
  16. Hello, I started to play the Pokemon Trading Card Game about a month ago. After intially getting Blastoise V deck to start battling, the I bought 24 Vivid Voltage boosters and scanned all codes. I noticed some packs gave me an additional card in the online version. I would like to have both my physical and digital deck to be the same, so I just ignore the online cards I get. But after enhancing my deck with my new cards, I noticed some cards are missing in my online collection (it doesn‘t match my physical collection anymore). Going as far as getting the online codes out of the trash and rescanning them showed I did scan all 24 cards correctly. I haven‘t found any information saying that this is some game intended behaviour. For example, my two Magearna cards are missing from my online collection, despite having them physically... Any help regarding this issue is appreciated. Best, DigitalGreenTea
  17. I am playing on my iPad, it is fully up to date, but the game keeps kicking me off, any idea why
  18. Hello, I have been playing Pokémon TCG a lot recently. Since the newest update (12/2020), I have not been able to complete a versus game without the game crashing. Before the update, I did not have this issue. Is there something I can try to fix this? Thank you for your help!
  19. Someone please tell me why I lost:Game Log Output Begins Here: *** Debug Current Game State Output Ends Here *** Versions Data: Client Version: Server Version: Bundles Version: 2111 Archetypes Bundle Version: 14752 Localization Bundle Version: 14756 Current Game ID: 23d2b2c0-0685-11eb-b2b5-069ec13e38e1
  20. This bug has happened to me twice in the past 2 days! Naganadel & Guzzlord’s Tag Team GX attack, (Chaotic Order GX), is supposed to allow you to view all of your prize cards. Additionally, if you have 2 extra energy, you can pick up 2 prize cards. However the bug has allowed my opponents to pick up 3 prize cards. During my matches, the Naganadel & Guzzlord Tag Team GX did not knock out any Pokémon on the same turn, nor did they have any tools attached. Below is my game log. The error can be seen in lines 142-145.
  21. I accidentally clicked “Don’t Show Again” option on the tool tip that reminds you if you forgot to put an energy on a card. I have tried clicking and clicking the Tool Tip option in settings. I have uninstalled the app from my IPad and reinstalled twice to try to fix. It still hasn’t brought it back.
  22. Hi, I have bought several packs and decks which have successfully been loaded on to my TCG account. However, I recently bought another 4 decks (two from two separate retailers). The code has been accepted and it comes up with the name of the deck. However, when I am on the app, I cannot see the deck or the cards in the deck- the only thing I can see is the pokemon covers/box that came with it. Can someone help please? Thanks
  23. Hi new to Pokémon TCG online. For some reason when I click sigh in the game will start but for some reason the screen will be unresponsive to anything it shows also it will say your turn but everything will be unresponsive. I did restart the game multiple times but it’s still stuck at the game any ideas?
  24. I am unable to load up my profile neither on iPad nor on Windows 10 . The loading bar is very slow and the a window « The network connection was lost »
  25. Hey guys, I have been trying to login and play the game since this afternoon but either lost connection or no connection with the server while I was playing. It works fine last night and this morning. Anyone know what's going on? ****Update: Finally can get into the game, but when I try to start a match either with players or with the computer, it start showing the "yellow" & "red" no signal warning. I am playing with my MBP and my network connection have no problem at all.....
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