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Found 216 results

  1. Hi so I recently started playing ptcgo on my iPad and fro some reason I cannot figure out how to trade cards. I’ve tried multiple times to put a card up for review to give to people and yet it doesn’t work. Can someone please help me figure out how to put cards up for trade?
  2. GamergabeYT


    I loooovvvee playing the pokemon TCG/TCGO, and I have just over 1,000 Vs points rn in TCGO. The problem I have is that yesterday I was playing with a friend on the TCGO, and then I got logged out. I logged back in to tell my friend what happened, but it said my account was muted by a Mod. I checked the email linked to my account, and it said nothing. I checked to make sure I had the right email (I did), Nothing still. I checked my spamfolder and nothing was there. I reaserched this issue later, and realized that I was muted for talking about an outside game. I am sorry, I had no idea that was against the rules, and I won't do it again. If there iis any way I can unmute my account, plz let me know! Thanks!😀
  3. I’m sorry if this has already been reported, didn’t see it in the list of known bugs. Just found a small visual error on the flareon card when playing trainer challenge with the new let’s play Eevee deck. The text appears normal until the card is selected to attack and then changes to what looks like code. Not sure how to attach an image on here but I can provide a screen cap if needed. Also this is the iPad version.
  4. A brand new bug appeared with this morning's update (v 2.63), one that I've never seen before. We share devices in my family. As of this morning, only my Avatar appears when playing a game. I think it's funny, and am glad it chose mine as the default, but my son and another family member don't think so much of it. It happens on both our iPad and PC, in all game areas, including the Trainer Challenge. On her account and my son's, the Avatar Creator shows them properly, but it always shows ME when they're playing a game.
  5. Hey all. After an inactivity of a few months I decided to play Pokemon TCGO again but after updating the client I was confronted with this error: "An error occurred when downloading preload data. Please check your internet connection and tryagain. The app will now quit." So I uninstalled it and when I attempted to reinstall it I got this error: "Could not access network location Property. USER_PROFILE" I already did a bit of searching and someone came up with the new admin account trick which I tried out. Installing the game went without a hitch this time but when I started it I got the same error as in the first screenshot and testing it on my iPad gave the same error as on my computer. Don't tell me there's something wrong with my internet because that's not the case here. I have a subscription at the best ISP in my country and I have 200 mbit connection over LAN. All my other games are working fine except this one so I can say with 100% certainty that my internet is not at fault and it ALWAYS worked before until now. ALWAYS!!! Device info: Windows 10 PC
  6. I am on iOS latest release on an iPad Air2. I cannot figure out which quotes to use to get a string search as opposed to word search. I have tried both single (‘) and double (“) quotes around the string, which is two or three words. Would someone please help? If this was already answered, I cannot find it, and would appreciate a pointer. Even to PTCGO FAQ if needed.
  7. This 2 day I cannot log in , is never happen before , when I try on my app on my app , my loading stuck at 60% , then it disconnecting from server . But my wifi have no problem at all , I can access to other game or *******... anyone can help ?
  8. In the Platinum trainer challenge level, I cannot seem to get (trying all four of my decks) the fourth star for challenging Nathan (AI). I went through the decks again, and I do not get any further. Bug? Dumb operator error?
  9. andersony255

    [GENERAL] Other - Trade blocked

    I play on my iPad- i have traded before but now the trade option is greyed out - "due to settings on my Pokemon trainer account". I have checked and all my settings are set to open. Am I missing something?
  10. Addie462

    The game keeps crashing.

    I went to download this on my Samsung Galaxy s7 edge which I found out it is not compatible with my device. (Which I see why it shouldn't work as long as I have a wifi connection.) So I downloaded it onto my iPad. I started the game today and started the tutorial but it keeps crashing. It would completely turn off the game and go back to my homescreen. When I go back into the app I have to start the tutorial all over again!! I tried about 4 times the same tutorial but cant pass it as it keeps crashing.
  11. How do you report a player using hacks? I just played a person (svas) that no matter what I did, I couldn’t attack with effects (sleep, poison, burn,confuse) at all. Read every card this guy had, and NONE had effect-blocking abilities!
  12. During a versus match the app either crashes and goes back to the home screen of the iPad or it appears to hang/freeze for a few seconds and then the iPad appears to restart. It has been doing this on an iPad Pro 9.7 and iPad Pro 10.5 (in two different locations/two different internet connections). iOS 11.3.1 although it was doing this on the previous iOS version also.
  13. I got some card codes but I'm not able to redeem it. Do I need to unlock something first or reach an certain level?
  14. I entered a tournament, when I was prepared to play the game goes back to the log in screen. When I finally managed to get back in it went back to the home page no tickets, no play. I need help, is this a bug?
  15. Game Log Output Begins Here: **removed** Game Log Output Ends Here
  16. Ive been a fan of ptcgo for a while now and I finally got it but one of the reasons I wanted it was to chat w/ other players (in VS. game) can someone help idk if I’m stupid or it’s a bug but I can say pre-set text but not custom and yes I did go to my profile and change my ptcgo settings to free chat
  17. The new Cyrus card says if Water or Steel is active the card can be used. There is a bug preventing me from playing it while my steel type Durant is active.
  18. Hi, Im using iPad Mini 2 for my PTCGO. I already updated my app but still showing Burning Shadows as its template and no Crimson Invasion packs available for purchase in the shop and also in the trades section. However the circle introduction during login has already change color from orange and silver to all red meaning I think my update is successful. I have already tried logout and reinstall the app hoping its a restart bug but still no Crimson Invasion items available. Hoping for your immediate reply. JV Miranda
  19. When I try to launch TCG Online for iPad, it says "Update required. This version is out of date. Please update now." But in the App Store, there is no new update available. What's the fix? Did you guys really force updates before the new version was released?
  20. So I have an iPad Mini 2 and I have no problem using it to play or do anything else in Pokémon TCG Online. However the only thing I cannot do is look at Public Offers in Trades. I want to look and trade cards but in the many months of playing I've never been able to see the section. It just goes in a constant loop saying "Loading Trades from server, please wait." And whether you wait 5 mins or an hour, it always shows that loop. I have put several customer service tickets in and I never got a resolution out of it. Anyone else experiencing this or am I just the only one?
  21. Anyone happen to have an issue trying to look at Public Trades on the iOS version of Pokémon TCG Online? Everything else in the game works except it will not load any Trades for me to look into. I have the latest version of the game and even before update I still can't do anything in Trades. If anyone happens to know how I can see everything again I'd be forever greatful. Uninstalling and reinstalling the app didn't work sadly. Restarting the tablet doesn't work. I'm running out of ideas and no one from support has responded to my ticket even after providing the specs for my tablet.
  22. AiceBoogie

    Sever is currently offline

    I was just playing about 30mins ago. Ran and grab some food, came back, and try to login....says ....login severs are currently offline. I press login, can't reach Pokémon login service please try again in a min. Are the servers down? How long does this last ??
  23. PaulTR17

    Delphox EX doing 1800 dmg

    Just went up against someone after the patch, within a few turns he switched to Delphox EX XY19 and used wonder flare. It appeared just before the attack some break cards and item cards would come up on the screen then once I hit the done button his attack would do over 1000 damage, I took a few screen shots of this and copied the game log, one attack even reached 2000 damage! Here’s a short clip from the game log 124. Tapu Koko-GX became PaulTR17's new Active Pokémon. 125. tonyj7089's Delphox-EX used Wonder Flare and did 240 damage to PaulTR17's Tapu Koko-GX. 126. tonyj7089's Delphox-EX used Wonder Flare and did 240 damage to PaulTR17's Tapu Koko-GX. 127. tonyj7089's Delphox-EX used Wonder Flare and did 240 damage to PaulTR17's Tapu Koko-GX. This would carry on until it reached the 1800ish mark and then knock out my guy. Client: Card number: Delphox EX XY19 Expected action: wonder flare attack should do 80 damage plus 40 damage for each energy in opponents hand. 3 energy in hand should result in 200 damage. Actual action: wonder flare did 1980 damage. I must point out the damage was always in the thousands which ever Pokemon I used but at some points I had the same energy in my hand but damage dealt was different.
  24. I'm not able to run the game. The loading screen with the text "Upload data from the server. wait a moment" is stalled at 0%
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