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  1. Hello, I started to play the Pokemon Trading Card Game about a month ago. After intially getting Blastoise V deck to start battling, the I bought 24 Vivid Voltage boosters and scanned all codes. I noticed some packs gave me an additional card in the online version. I would like to have both my physical and digital deck to be the same, so I just ignore the online cards I get. But after enhancing my deck with my new cards, I noticed some cards are missing in my online collection (it doesn‘t match my physical collection anymore). Going as far as getting the online codes out of the tra
  2. Why the game is capped at 30FPS in Android? I have a high-end tablet, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7, being capable to show a game up to 120FPS because of the 120Hz screen. The tablet has a high-end CPU/GPU the Snapdragon 865+. I checked the FPS with the Samsung Game utility, but only to double-check because I opened the game and it feels very slow. I don't know why the game doesn't have an option like "battery saving" capping it at 30FPS and no capped option. I hope to be this annoying bug fixed ASAP because the gameplay feels very slow at 30FPS. My tablet is updated with the latest Andr
  3. I am playing on my iPad, it is fully up to date, but the game keeps kicking me off, any idea why
  4. Hello, I have been playing Pokémon TCG a lot recently. Since the newest update (12/2020), I have not been able to complete a versus game without the game crashing. Before the update, I did not have this issue. Is there something I can try to fix this? Thank you for your help!
  5. Someone please tell me why I lost:Game Log Output Begins Here: *** Debug Current Game State Output Ends Here *** Versions Data: Client Version: Server Version: Bundles Version: 2111 Archetypes Bundle Version: 14752 Localization Bundle Version: 14756 Current Game ID: 23d2b2c0-0685-11eb-b2b5-069ec13e38e1
  6. This bug has happened to me twice in the past 2 days! Naganadel & Guzzlord’s Tag Team GX attack, (Chaotic Order GX), is supposed to allow you to view all of your prize cards. Additionally, if you have 2 extra energy, you can pick up 2 prize cards. However the bug has allowed my opponents to pick up 3 prize cards. During my matches, the Naganadel & Guzzlord Tag Team GX did not knock out any Pokémon on the same turn, nor did they have any tools attached. Below is my game log. The error can be seen in lines 142-145.
  7. I accidentally clicked “Don’t Show Again” option on the tool tip that reminds you if you forgot to put an energy on a card. I have tried clicking and clicking the Tool Tip option in settings. I have uninstalled the app from my IPad and reinstalled twice to try to fix. It still hasn’t brought it back.
  8. Hi, I have bought several packs and decks which have successfully been loaded on to my TCG account. However, I recently bought another 4 decks (two from two separate retailers). The code has been accepted and it comes up with the name of the deck. However, when I am on the app, I cannot see the deck or the cards in the deck- the only thing I can see is the pokemon covers/box that came with it. Can someone help please? Thanks
  9. Hi new to Pokémon TCG online. For some reason when I click sigh in the game will start but for some reason the screen will be unresponsive to anything it shows also it will say your turn but everything will be unresponsive. I did restart the game multiple times but it’s still stuck at the game any ideas?
  10. I am unable to load up my profile neither on iPad nor on Windows 10 . The loading bar is very slow and the a window « The network connection was lost »
  11. Hey guys, I have been trying to login and play the game since this afternoon but either lost connection or no connection with the server while I was playing. It works fine last night and this morning. Anyone know what's going on? ****Update: Finally can get into the game, but when I try to start a match either with players or with the computer, it start showing the "yellow" & "red" no signal warning. I am playing with my MBP and my network connection have no problem at all.....
  12. Kiaraplays

    [CARD] Collection bug?

    I just redeemed a couple codes and when i went back into the game not all was my booster pack not there, but all of my collection disappeared, when I search for “pokemon i don’t have” it doesnt show any cards whatsoever. Its probably a bug but how can i fix this?
  13. For several days now when i go to the trading page it wont load any available trades. I have lots of tradable cards and packs. Normally it would load 50 to 100 acceptable trades from the server. Now it just times out and says no trades available. Running TCG on a iPad Pro. Any ideas? Anyone else having this issue?
  14. Greetings! I’m a fellow player of Pokémon TCG Online. And on my the loading screen for connecting to the server, it gets stuck around 95%. Plz help. ;-; Side Note: I already tried reinstalling it and Checking my Internet,
  15. While playing on my ipad I attached stealthy hood to my mewtwo & mew to take down the Keldeo-GX, but the stealthy hood literally did nothing.
  16. I've just recently downloaded the app yesterday and was playing fine with a logged in account. I skipped the tutorial when I first logged in and I was playing the trainer challenges. When I logged in today it automatically sends me into the tutorial. I believe it is the second tutorial (they say I know the basics and want to show me advanced moves). From what I can gather the second tutorial is using the incorrect text from the 1st tutorial but the cards from the 2nd tutorial. It's also showing Zach when I think it should be Ella? It works correctly as a guest but not when I log in. It get
  17. Hi so I recently started playing ptcgo on my iPad and fro some reason I cannot figure out how to trade cards. I’ve tried multiple times to put a card up for review to give to people and yet it doesn’t work. Can someone please help me figure out how to put cards up for trade?
  18. GamergabeYT


    I loooovvvee playing the pokemon TCG/TCGO, and I have just over 1,000 Vs points rn in TCGO. The problem I have is that yesterday I was playing with a friend on the TCGO, and then I got logged out. I logged back in to tell my friend what happened, but it said my account was muted by a Mod. I checked the email linked to my account, and it said nothing. I checked to make sure I had the right email (I did), Nothing still. I checked my spamfolder and nothing was there. I reaserched this issue later, and realized that I was muted for talking about an outside game. I am sorry, I had no idea that was
  19. I’m sorry if this has already been reported, didn’t see it in the list of known bugs. Just found a small visual error on the flareon card when playing trainer challenge with the new let’s play Eevee deck. The text appears normal until the card is selected to attack and then changes to what looks like code. Not sure how to attach an image on here but I can provide a screen cap if needed. Also this is the iPad version.
  20. A brand new bug appeared with this morning's update (v 2.63), one that I've never seen before. We share devices in my family. As of this morning, only my Avatar appears when playing a game. I think it's funny, and am glad it chose mine as the default, but my son and another family member don't think so much of it. It happens on both our iPad and PC, in all game areas, including the Trainer Challenge. On her account and my son's, the Avatar Creator shows them properly, but it always shows ME when they're playing a game.
  21. Hey all. After an inactivity of a few months I decided to play Pokemon TCGO again but after updating the client I was confronted with this error: "An error occurred when downloading preload data. Please check your internet connection and tryagain. The app will now quit." So I uninstalled it and when I attempted to reinstall it I got this error: "Could not access network location Property. USER_PROFILE" I already did a bit of searching and someone came up with the new admin account trick which I tried out. Installing the game went without a hitch this time but when I started it I got the
  22. I am on iOS latest release on an iPad Air2. I cannot figure out which quotes to use to get a string search as opposed to word search. I have tried both single (‘) and double (“) quotes around the string, which is two or three words. Would someone please help? If this was already answered, I cannot find it, and would appreciate a pointer. Even to PTCGO FAQ if needed.
  23. This 2 day I cannot log in , is never happen before , when I try on my app on my app , my loading stuck at 60% , then it disconnecting from server . But my wifi have no problem at all , I can access to other game or *******... anyone can help ?
  24. In the Platinum trainer challenge level, I cannot seem to get (trying all four of my decks) the fourth star for challenging Nathan (AI). I went through the decks again, and I do not get any further. Bug? Dumb operator error?
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