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Found 559 results

  1. so ive been trying to get into the TCG Online but it seems everytime i click on it it flahses red then says pre load error. idk why this is happening it was working perfectly fine just a few weeks back.
  2. Hello, I have been playing Pokémon TCG a lot recently. Since the newest update (12/2020), I have not been able to complete a versus game without the game crashing. Before the update, I did not have this issue. Is there something I can try to fix this? Thank you for your help!
  3. TheMysteryGuy

    Constantly Crashes

    I had just recently downloaded the Pokemon TCGO game for my laptop, and whenever I try to scroll through my collection or make a deck, it crashes. It also crashes when I search for the word "net" in the Trainer section. This is incredibly bad, and I hope it gets fixed in the forseeable future, making a deck and browsing your collection is near impossible.
  4. Does anyone know a real solution to stop this annoying problem?
  5. Client:- Windows version Expected Action:- In previous versions of client, if you are doing a Trainer Challenge match and the server goes down, your internet goes down, or your connection to the server is lost, when you re-login into the game, the match popped back up and the game resumes when you left off. Now in this version when this happens, when you re-login into the game, the game doesn't come back, and the client acts like the match never started or occurred which is annoying especially if you were about to win the match against a tough opponent.
  6. Hi my game gets frozen at the point of right-clicking on Eevee, could you skip the tutorial for me too please?
  7. bemydesire

    [GENERAL] Can't Launch The Game

    Hi 2 hours ago the game worked just fine. Now as soon as I press the game icon, it says 'could not connect to server'. What should I do?
  8. Hello! Yesterday (08/25/2020) I was playing expanded events when the semifanals was to begin the game crashed at the player matchup screen. I logged back in and received no rewards and the tickes were accounted. Tried one more time and after the tournament began another crash at the players matchup screen. Lost 8 more tickets not gettin even a last place reward. Tested other functions and battles modes in game and all was fine. When tried the tournament again it crasehd at the same screen pre battle. Lost 24 tickets in total and if you're not giving the rewards I need all my 24 tickets back please
  9. Hi i was in the middle of a expanded event battling for first place when the servers went down. I have now logged back on and i have no rewards for either 2nd place or 1st place. But i lost the tickets. Could you please investigate, and let me know how to amend this situation?
  10. I have uninstalled and reinstalled 4 times. redownloaded from website and still the program closes at 90% of Server Loading. There seems to be no answer anywhere from Google or these forums. If anyone is having similar issue please report.
  11. Whenever I try to log into the game an error pops up saying unable to connect to server. I have been trying to log in for a month but keep getting this error. Please help.
  12. My Game crashed after finishing the tutorial and didn't save that I finished it. Any way to skip that and just get to the main game?
  13. Hi there, I can't seem to find any other topic on the subject. I have a weird laoding problem. Anytime ptcgo load, the loading screen remain frozen but the sounds keep working. Then I need to minimize the app back to the desktop then reselect the game on my tool bar and then the game finish the laoding. My laptop is powerful enough to run the app and my internet connection is good enough also, i can't seem to trouble shoot this problem. For reference, MTG Arena does NOT have that problem. Thank you!
  14. Bonjour, je me suis levé de bon matin et je me suis dis que je vais aller sur le TCG Online. Je n'y étais pas parti depuis longtemps donc logiquement, il y a des mise à jours. Je les installes, et je remarque que au lancement j'ai un message d'erreur de Windows. Voici le message d'erreur dont je parlais : ********************************************************************* . En voyant ça, je le ferme et je relance, mais ça réapparaît toujours. Je **** aucune idée de comment régler ça. Cordialement, aminouxw
  15. One of the games I was playing all of a sudden the game froze but not completely, literally as I was about to win. The music was still running and I could click on the cards to enlarge them and scroll through my discard pile. I got down to the "15 seconds" on my turn but the was unable to complete any moves at all. The turn then switched over to my opponent but they also were unable to do anything. I waited almost 10 minutes before exiting the game completely, only to reopen it and find my win streak was gone but it still gave me ****** for the prize cards I had taken. Has anyone else had this issue????
  16. The game crashes while I'm the trade section, sometimes immediately, sometimes after a few minutes, but it always ends up doing it. Once it does, my mouse pointer disappears and I can't input anything on the keyboard either, forcing me to do a force restart of the computer every time. Client version: Sever Version: macOS Catalina - version 10.15.3 MacBook Pro (16-inch - 3072x1920, 2019) 2,3 GHz Intel Core i9 8 cores 16Gb 2667 MHz DDR4 RAM AMD Radeon Pro 5500M 4Gb Intel UHD Graphics 630 1436Mb There seems to be a compatibility issue with the new macbook, I've had various issues from day 1 and read several people reporting some as well.
  17. My tcgo on windows doesnt start anymore and when i try to start it only a tiny title bar shows up.
  18. Bueñas tardes eRROR sERVIORES ÑO DISPOÑIBLES ño deja eñtrar al juego eñvio iñformacioñ del pc
  19. Hey guys, I have been trying to login and play the game since this afternoon but either lost connection or no connection with the server while I was playing. It works fine last night and this morning. Anyone know what's going on? ****Update: Finally can get into the game, but when I try to start a match either with players or with the computer, it start showing the "yellow" & "red" no signal warning. I am playing with my MBP and my network connection have no problem at all.....
  20. The app has been continually crashing the moment I click to start the QR reader and start reading my codes. I've tried uninstalling the app, deleting the unity folder, emptying the bin, restarting, and then re-installing TCGO, but it makes no difference. As soon as I click "Start QR Reader" the app crashes. Any suggestions for a different fix so I can redeem these codes? Running a Macbook Air, 10.15.3, OS Catalina. Newest version of TCGO straight from the site because I've had to delete and install it twice. Thanks,
  21. Merecal_Magical

    [PC] Crashing - Crashing after update

    I updated my laptop recently and have been having frequent crashes. I uninstalled the game and reinstalled, if I can get it started it runs fine, but it usually crashes at 90%. any advice?
  22. DomadraghiRyuko

    [GENERAL] Property USER Profile ERROR

    Hello guys, I really want to play at this game but I can't start the launcher anymore. I tried a lot of solutions online but nothing works. I deleted all pokemon files, I tried to follow every step in the solutions list of the official site, I tried to launch the refresher I found online... What I can do to solve this problem? Please let me know 😥
  23. whenever I try and redeem cards it tells me that there was an error with Pokémon.com and the administration team knows about it. It’s been like that since yesterday and I’ve tried from multiple devices. Does anyone know what’s going on?
  24. So I installed PTCGO for first time yesterday , it worked and I played for sometime. Today when i opened it , a popup came "Pokemon.exe has stopped working" and the game closes. I tried reinstalling it(after removing it completely) but still same message. Also I played tutorial yesterday without logging in as a guest, today whenever i try to play as a guest or login to my PTC account, the message pops up.
  25. So something strange first ever happened to me, currently my game don't crash but it seems stuck... I'm playing Expanded event and this is the 3rd match I realized that my time has gone to 00.00, but it was still about 2 minutes before i ended my turn by attacking my opponent's. I'm then waiting for the opponent's turn, I didn't leave my screen at all, I know my time was over 2 minutes. Suddenly that '15 secs remaining' showed up and I checked, but my opponent hasn't made any turn at all. When this 15 secs remaining showed up, i realized that my opponent's time is frozen and i looked at my time and it's zero as well. I have been waiting for over 10 minutes by now but the game stuck here. I can still operate the screen now, like showing up card details and opening settings and etc. It's strange because should my time ran out, I should be losing immediately. Any suggestion? EDIT: So I exited and I lost the game, reported the player of cheating tho. LOL
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