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  1. Apologies if I have it wrong. Note: No idea how to post screenshots I recently purchased the "Mewtwo V Battle Deck". I attempted to redeem the deck within the game itself (QR scan) it did semi-succeed. The deck however seems to have registered as a player-created deck. This does affect where/how it can be used and some items/cards are also affected. Further codes were redeemed through the pokemon.com site, these have not shown erros. Please assist in correction. ************************************************* ************************************************* *************************************************
  2. Hey all, I just wanted to give a quick suggestion to the PTCGL exchange system. Right now, there is an exchange button on the card and you press it, where it tells you the cost and to confirm the order. I personally wanted to check the of a Vmax card so I clicked on "exchange" to see it. I checked a few cards like this to compare for my friend. Once by accident I pressed the giant confirm button, and it didn't even ask me to confirm it. It would be good to have the price displayed under the exchange button. This way, there are two clicks required to confirm (which is typical in all games). I accidentally unlocked the meowth vmax card, and it's haunting me! Please don't make this a possibility for others. Kindly, dysmania
  3. Dragoon23114751

    Problem with deck manager

    Hi, I seem to have problems with my deck manager in the ptcgo version 2.87.0 after the update. I have saved up many decks across all formats for years. My collection is intact but the decks that were made are gone. I cant even make new ones either. At first, I thought it was a loading bug so I tried to restart and relogin and even uninstalled and reinstalled but it still was the same. Its been going on for 6 days so far. Due to this, I havent played a single game or match. Please help ASAP
  4. The deck that I published is apparently invalid when it’s not, I own all the cards in the deck and I checked. If anyone knows how to fix this please tell me. ****** Pokémon Trading Card Game Deck List ******
  5. I recently acquired some new gameplay items, deck boxes from the Glaceon, Leafeon, and Sylveon tins. Specifically they are the "Glaceon-GX Deck Box," "Leafeon-GX Deck Box," and "Sylveon-GX Deck Box." When going into my collection to mark them as "For Trade," a prompt stating that I do not have enough tradable copies appeared. Repeatedly clicking the "For Trade" tag does not activate it. I have 1 tradable copy of each of the Leafeon and Sylveon deck boxes, but I cannot mark them for trade. No decks are currently using them, I literally just got them. I have 2 tradable copies of the Glaceon deck box, which I used on several decks even before acquiring this second copy. The collection manager allowed me to mark this one as "For Trade" without issue. I haven't tested with any other deck boxes or sleeves. I suspect the collection manager doesn't like marking tradable gameplay items as "For Trade" if there is only one copy of the item, even if it's not being used with any deck.
  6. Other player had silent lab in play and it took away my ability to select my card to retreat. I couldn't even select my card.
  7. This morning I redeemed 60 codes I purchased (10 battle style, 25 rapid strike urshifu, 25 single strike urshifu). After redeeming and logging into TCG Online, only the 10 battle styles were in my packs. I restarted the game several times, but the other 50 packs are still missing. Went to redeem the codes again however it said the codes were already redeemed. Had no problems redeeming codes yesterday but today I'm missing 50 packs. What can I do to get them?
  8. Hello, I bought two Zacian theme decks from the store. However, it does not show up in my collection, deck manager, or competitive mode. I lost 1000 tokens for that. I would like you to return the 1000 tokens to me so that I can correctly purchase the Zacian theme deck. thank you.
  9. TherealRote

    I have fake decks

    Hello I recently unlocked a few codes after unlocking them I got 2 decks. Anyway, I got the decks anyway. I can neither play with the decks nor do I have the Pokemon cards from the decks in my collection. But unfortunately I see the deck in my Deck Manager with a red X. Can someone help me with the bug?
  10. While playing a match (first turn), I couldn't drag the cards as usual. I could bench Pokémon and attach Energy by clicking, but I couldn't use any Trainer even by clicking. I tested it with all cards in my hand, then used Dedechange to get a new hand and the bug remained. Then I finished my turn, disabled "windowed" option in settings and I could play with no bugs in my next turns. Screen resolution: 1920 x 1080 Performance settings: best looking Platform: Windows Game client:
  11. This has happened at least 8 times now. I will be one card away from winning and the game will end saying I was defeated. I am getting ANGRY.
  12. It's a minor bug, which doesn't affect the gameplay, but since some days all my new Expanded Decks get also shown in Standard. However, I can't use them in Standard, obviously. So if I want to play Standard, I always have to scroll to the true Standard Decks, because the Expanded Decks are stacked on the left side (marked as favourites). If you can fix this bug during some spare time, I appreciate it ~~
  13. Mixxzixz

    Trade gone wrong

    Ok so I created a public trade and requested (1) Rampardos because I already had one to begin with, I posted that I was giving/trading. (1) Darkness Ablaze pack, and a assortment of other pokemon cards, Energies and trainer cards. I posted the full 48 hours for the trade. Well while waiting for someone anyone to respawn to my offer. I lost connection to the game. Once I manage to get back on, I headed back to the trade screen to find that my offer was gone, so I went to deck manger and saw that one of my decks were not playable. But after checking it a few times I saw nothing wrong with it. Even more odd the Rampardos, the one and only one I had was now gone along with all my other cards and pack I had posted up. So tell me what the heck is going on?
  14. TeNRyuBR

    bug, game stopped?

    When playing the qualifiers, I had the displeasure of not being able to play any cards, even when the opponent's deck did not have this ability, when asking friends, I was informed that it is a very old bug, when we will have the maintenance and attention we deserve as players of pokémon trade carding game online? between parentheses there is the extension of the video I published on *******. (****************************************)
  15. Jeremy94741

    Scisor V not working

    I've been having a issue with the new Scisor V card, when I put him in my deck on my computer, it won't let me save the deck, but when I do it on my I-Pad it works.
  16. GrollenKette951

    Wrong card search in German version

    When trying to search cards of Delcatty using its German name Enekoro no cards show up. Instead when using Celesteelas German name Kaguron not only cards of Celesteela appear but cards of Delcatty appear too. This tweet for example shows the problem.
  17. I was attempting to build a deck and so i needed a few staples from a theme deck,so i went out and bought a mewtwo theme deck and found i was still short two trainers that i needed.After buying another of the same theme deck,I attempted to add the two welders from the other theme deck and found out that i had bought another theme deck without getting an extra one. Could i get an explanation or a trainer token refund
  18. Hey! I received Lugia GX from reward booster pack. It is found in my collection but some reason it is not found in my deck manager. I would really like to add it to my deck. This is actually not the only card with the issue. Any advice is appreciated, thank you.
  19. I was at a league challenge this weekend, and I tried printing my decklist out before the event. I am using a copy of Lugia GX (LOT 159) in my physical deck, but didn't own a copy on TCGO at the time. I printed my decklist, but the validation (Standard/Expanded/etc) said the deck was invalid, even though it's perfectly legal. I understand that the validation for online play needs cards to be owned online, but it'd be nice for printed decklists to validate assuming you have the physical cards. Action: Standard-legal printed deck list showed as illegal for Standard play because one card was unowned online. Expected Action: Standard-legal printed deck list shows as legal for Standard play.
  20. Hello. I've got a trainer card called TWINS (Triumphant 89) by trading, a great add for my new deck. But while selecting Trainer cards in the Deck Manager it doesn't show up so I can't add it to my deck. It does show up on my collection as owned but doesn't on Deck Manager. Why does this occur?? Twins Card
  21. IceBeamTogetic

    [GAME] Decklist card counts error

    Hello, When using the "Print" option to print a decklist for an existing deck, both to print directly and save as PDF, the card counts are wrong in multiple places. For example, the decklist I printed for a recent league cup (3/29/2019) says I have SEVEN copies of Eevee (Energy Evolution). I had to manually fix it at the venue. I saved a pdf today (5/5/2019) and while there's nothing above 4, many card counts are still wrong. Notes: Exporting a deck as plaintext appears to get the card counts correct. Section totals (e.g. Pokemon: 18, Trainers: 30, Energy: 12) are correct, even though the individual card counts don't properly add to those totals. Client: Expected action: Printed decklist uses proper card counts Actual action: Printed decklist gets many card counts wrong, including some illegal (>4) card counts. Steps to reproduce: In the Deck Manager, select a deck. Click the eyeball icon that appears, and of the choices (Print, Export Deck, and Save) choose Print. The decklist will not match the deck.
  22. Mason Gambill

    Theme deck

    I bought a theme deck and it doesn't say that I own it. I thought that maybe it was because I bought two, but I want a refund.
  23. Hello, I have been having a little bit of trouble making an unlimited deck.... So what happens is that, I select to create a new deck, I pick to make an Unlimited deck, and I start picking any card, because it's an unlimited deck so.... I should be able to play with that but... Well, imagine this, I finish my unlimited deck, and when I click save it says that it's not a valid deck because it haves some cards that are ilegal for standard mode, but the problem is that I'm not making a standard deck, and it says it's an invalid deck for all modes, but I have all the requirements for making an unlimited deck.... can someone help me........?
  24. krj0928

    Elekid 21/102?

    I have two Elekid cards that I would like to play with in my collection on Pokemon TCG. They show up in my collection but when I go to the deck manager, they are nowhere to be found. Is this a bug or maybe it was a banned card at one time? If anyone could assist, it would be greatly appreciated.
  25. I just today built a deck for Unlimited which uses greedy dice, Jirachi prism star, and rotom UnL- all of which are supposed to access the prize cards without shuffling them. Some cards, such as Beast Ball, require shuffling, but these do not. However, using the "test deck" feature in deck builder, I discovered that cards placed in a specific prize slot did not stay there. This bug likely affects the prize pool itself rather than individual cards, and likely extends to the vs ladder, events, and friend matches. However, those are not things I can test. That is inconsequential for virtually all decks. However, this specific one relies on controlling prizes to try to take 2-5 on a single KO, so it's kinda floundering. (I like weird decks.)
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