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  1. I tried to redeem my three day streak reward of 5 mystery packs but they did not redeem, yet the game shows that they have been collected. they are not in mail or pack collection. I am devastated.
  2. Apologies if I have it wrong. Note: No idea how to post screenshots I recently purchased the "Mewtwo V Battle Deck". I attempted to redeem the deck within the game itself (QR scan) it did semi-succeed. The deck however seems to have registered as a player-created deck. This does affect where/how it can be used and some items/cards are also affected. Further codes were redeemed through the pokemon.com site, these have not shown erros. Please assist in correction. ************************************************* ************************************************* *************************************************
  3. I had tokens and tickets stored in my account but I don't see any of them now. Also, it says that I have reached the limit of tokens which is 0 so I am unable to get anymore after battles on versus ladder.
  4. Client: (LIVE)Card: V-Union cards, for example Greninja V-Union Card Number: Any V-Union card, for example Sword and Shield Promo 155Expected Action: Individual V-Union pokemon cards have no retreat cost until combined and played. Individual V-Union cards shouldn't share the attributes of its combined form , similar to how Legend cards from HS worked.Actual Action: Individual V-Union pokemon are treated as if they had a retreat cost before played.Steps to Reproduce: a) On a match, play Feather Ball (Astral Radiance 141) and it won't be able to search for V-Union cards. b) On Collection, search for V-Union cards with no retreat cost. No results will be shown. c) On Collection, search for V-Union cards with a retreat cost of 2, all of them will be shown. Note how also searching on Collection for V-Union cards by (the absence of) other attributes work correctly: Searching V-Union cards with any attack cost (0, 1, 2, 3 ,4 or 5+) yields no results, . Searching V-Union cards with an Ability yields no results. This is because V-Union individual cards only have a Name and Type. Even if they have an attack cost, ability or retreat cost printed on them, they belong to their combined form, and not to each individual card.
  5. I'm playing the pokémon tcg live beta on a Galaxy S9+ My issue is, I attempting to exchange credits for 3 copies of the secret rare switch from sun and moon and was given a failed screen each time. I didn't recieve and copies but my credits were deducted each time.
  6. Hey all, I just wanted to give a quick suggestion to the PTCGL exchange system. Right now, there is an exchange button on the card and you press it, where it tells you the cost and to confirm the order. I personally wanted to check the of a Vmax card so I clicked on "exchange" to see it. I checked a few cards like this to compare for my friend. Once by accident I pressed the giant confirm button, and it didn't even ask me to confirm it. It would be good to have the price displayed under the exchange button. This way, there are two clicks required to confirm (which is typical in all games). I accidentally unlocked the meowth vmax card, and it's haunting me! Please don't make this a possibility for others. Kindly, dysmania
  7. I got a bug today when I got credited way less credit than what I opened in packs. For exemple I opened approximately 9600 credits from 10 packs and only around 4000 got credited on my account... Is it happening to anyone else?
  8. Fusion strike pokemon like GenesectV can retreat when Snorlax is the active pokemon(ability: as long as this pokemon is your active pockmon ,your opponents active pokemon can not retreat)
  9. At around 11:17 PM EST on Nov. 12, 2021, I redeemed 17 Fusion Strike Booster Packs with 3400 coins. Upon confirmation, my coins were removed, but the picture of the pack never appeared, and the packs never appeared in my collection. Has this been happening to anyone else? *Edit: upon restart, the issue was resolved; the pack appeared in my collection.
  10. Hi there, today when I got my 3rd day's bonus for new player login, which I believe is 5 packs. But I failed to find them in Collection/Packs, I'm confused. I've tried to restart the client, but didn't help. Client:
  11. I logged in this evening a little after 8:00 PM Eastern, when the daily rewards and challenges refresh. The first thing I noticed was that the game told me, “Congratulations on successfully redeeming a booster pack.” The game added a Chilling Reign pack to my collection. My first reaction was, “I did?” because I haven’t redeemed any codes today. So then opened my Day 5 log-in reward, which turned out to be a Chilling Reign booster pack. So I then thought that perhaps the game had earlier just jumped the gun on giving me my log-in reward. I should still have only one CR pack in my collection (because I previously had none). I go to my collection, and it turns out that I had two trade-locked CR booster packs! Still not knowing why I received two packs, I opened the first one. There were no issues and it opened normally. But when I tried to open the second one, I got an error telling me that I can’t open the pack because I am currently offering it in a trade. Then I thought, “I am?” I go to look at my trades and I had none posted. So to wrap-up, I received a mystery Chilling Reign booster pack that I didn’t actually redeem that the game thinks I am offering in an active trade. And I thus cannot open the pack. I am not unhappy about this since I haven’t lost anything, but I find this whole thing weird.
  12. Manhan311808

    Lost pack in collection

    I have 5 pack chilling region in my collection and i lost them in spite of i dont open or trade
  13. Trade locked cards which I don't own are showing in the Collection even though the "Show owned" filter is on.
  14. I recently acquired some new gameplay items, deck boxes from the Glaceon, Leafeon, and Sylveon tins. Specifically they are the "Glaceon-GX Deck Box," "Leafeon-GX Deck Box," and "Sylveon-GX Deck Box." When going into my collection to mark them as "For Trade," a prompt stating that I do not have enough tradable copies appeared. Repeatedly clicking the "For Trade" tag does not activate it. I have 1 tradable copy of each of the Leafeon and Sylveon deck boxes, but I cannot mark them for trade. No decks are currently using them, I literally just got them. I have 2 tradable copies of the Glaceon deck box, which I used on several decks even before acquiring this second copy. The collection manager allowed me to mark this one as "For Trade" without issue. I haven't tested with any other deck boxes or sleeves. I suspect the collection manager doesn't like marking tradable gameplay items as "For Trade" if there is only one copy of the item, even if it's not being used with any deck.
  15. No EVS stamped promos in my collection. Should have been 1 of the 3 birds or flaffy. Did this happen to anyone else? I redeemed them on Thursday around 1:30p
  16. Can anyone help me ? I'm not receive any pack after redeem 2 EVS code
  17. Xaimill

    Card art not showing

    I downloaded the app today (ipad pro gen 2), and most cards in my deck (and opponent deck when playing the campaign), show black rectangles with an exclamation mark near the top fo each rd. Im attaching a picture for reference. Is this a known bug or is there something i have to di myself?
  18. Hello, I entered codes to unlock the Charizard-GX, Gyarados-GX, and Raichu-GX decks in the online game (originally from the Hidden Fates Tins). When I unlocked these decks, they came with Deck Boxes that were marked as "tradeable" (not trade-locked). However, I am currently unable to trade them to a friend who would really appreciate them. They are not appearing in the trade interface, even though I had tagged them for trade and turned off all the filters. I have already deleted the premade decks in the Deck Manager, and I am not using the deck boxes in any other deck I have made. I was wondering maybe they made the deck boxes no longer tradeable? If there's a solution to this, please let me know! Thank you for your time and consideration.
  19. I learned the hard way there are two 5 card packs for base XY ( and a fee other sets) but 1 has 10 cards listed at the bottom of the booster, and not 5, contradicting the box saying "5 cards" in the top left of the booster. Is this error an actual thing? I just traded away like 15 Battle Styles for 5 card pack XY base to satisfy another trade out on the list that basically would have given me everything I've been missing, but he was actually looking for the "5 Card"/10 card bottom pack. That sucked and I feel duped. Anyway we can clear this up?
  20. This morning I redeemed 60 codes I purchased (10 battle style, 25 rapid strike urshifu, 25 single strike urshifu). After redeeming and logging into TCG Online, only the 10 battle styles were in my packs. I restarted the game several times, but the other 50 packs are still missing. Went to redeem the codes again however it said the codes were already redeemed. Had no problems redeeming codes yesterday but today I'm missing 50 packs. What can I do to get them?
  21. Kamikaze72

    Shiny Pokemon filter

    The shiny Pokemon filter seems to miss some of the newer secret rares - the only recent ones it seems to pick up are Frosmoth and Perrserker from Rebel Clash. On a related note, the full art filter seems to miss the full art Mega Altaria as well.
  22. SpiriaKawaiiFox

    Récompenses quotidiennes

    Bonjour , Il y a de cela 4 jours je devait recevoir 5 booster en Cadeau Quotidien Hélas depuis 4 jours aucun des boosters n'apparait dans ma Collection
  23. The Aether Foundation Employee fullart (LOT SV81/SV94) does not appear when you filter your cards by the "Fullart" collection attribute. As far as I can tell, this is the only fullart Supporter that's like this.
  24. Today I just bought A Charizard Vivid Voltage Theme Deck for the first time but the deck isn't show up how to solve it? All of my coins are gone 😥
  25. Hello, I bought two Zacian theme decks from the store. However, it does not show up in my collection, deck manager, or competitive mode. I lost 1000 tokens for that. I would like you to return the 1000 tokens to me so that I can correctly purchase the Zacian theme deck. thank you.
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