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  1. sabotenbutyo

    [CARD] Bronzong BREAK

    Client : Card : Bronzong BREAK Card Number : Fates Collide 62 Wrong Action : When Bronzong BREAK use Metal Rain, Counter Energy provides only 1 energy if I have more Prize cards remaining than my opponent. Correct Action : When Bronzong BREAK use Metal Rain, Counter Energy provides only 2 energy if I have more Prize cards remaining than my opponent.
  2. Xaimill

    Card art not showing

    I downloaded the app today (ipad pro gen 2), and most cards in my deck (and opponent deck when playing the campaign), show black rectangles with an exclamation mark near the top fo each rd. Im attaching a picture for reference. Is this a known bug or is there something i have to di myself?
  3. Just updated my game to Version I believe there's a bug with Lanturn's energy grounding ability where you no longer get a prompt/option to transfer an energy of a pokemon that has been knocked out.
  4. When an active pokemon with energy attached to it is knocked out and lanturn is on the bench, you should be able to choose which energy you would like to attach to the lanturn. Instead the pokemon is knocked out and all energy goes straight to the discard pile and no energy is transferred to lanturn.
  5. OnabeKidz

    ADP Old Cemetery Aurora Energy

    I want to tell a bug about this card. It happen when i attach the Aurora Energy(Special energy) to a Mewtwo & Mew - GX Tag Team and discard an Arceus & Dialga & Palkia - GX Tag Team. The thing is the Arceus & Dialga & Palkia GX Tag Team gets 20 damage point and the game stuck and can't do anythin(even concede). That's all. Thankyou.
  6. Card: KingdraCard Number: Battle Styles #33Wrong Action: (Deep Sea King)When your Active Pokémon is Knocked Out by damage from an attack from your opponent’s Pokémon, you may move a Water Energy from that Pokémon to this Pokémon. (In the case of Special energy) Action: (Deep Sea King)When your Active Pokémon is Knocked Out by damage from an attack from your opponent’s Pokémon, you may move any amount of Water Energy from that Pokémon to this Pokémon. On turn #26 my kingdra that had multiple water type special energies attached fainted. When I selected the super boost prism sta
  7. Lanturn’s ability isn’t working for some reason since the last game update. This happened to me at least three times, when my active Pokémon was knocked out i couldn’t give Lanturn one of its basic energy cards. Please, check this bug out.
  8. Client: Flygon and SerperiorCard Numbers: Boundaries Cross #99 (Flygon), Black & White Promo #53 (Flygon), Black & White Promo #20 (Serperior), Black & White #6 (Serperior), Dragons Exalted #25 (Serperior)Expected Action: Flygon's Sand Slammer ability should activate before Serperior's Royal Heal ability between turns.Actual Action: Serperior's Royal Heal ability activates before Flygon's Sand Slammer ability between turns, even if there are more than one Serperior in play.Steps to Reproduce: Player A has Flygon in play, Player B has a Serperior in play. If P
  9. WilliamHague

    [CARD] Raichu is broken

    The never give up attack on raichu says that you can attach all lighting energy cards, in any way you like but only let's you attach basic from your discard
  10. Players are not allowed to use underworld door while under the effect of horror house gx. you cannot play a card from your hand. Here is the reference from official Japan ptcg website. https://www.pokemon-card.com/rules/faq/search.php?freeword=%E3%83%9B%E3%83%A9%E3%83%BC%E3%83%8F%E3%82%A6%E3%82%B9GX&regulation_faq_main_item1=XY
  11. bpf99

    Weird Caitlin Glitch

    I was playing a battle and used Caitlin and I accidentally clicked somewhere super quickly as the select screen was appearing and it just went to the playmat doing the select thing like when you select fire energies for welder, but when I selected anything, there was no "done" button so I was stuck and couldn't do anything until I timed out. I copied the gamelog but I don't think it'll be helpful. Thanks for any help, I lost the game because of that.
  12. There seem to be a wrongful interaction between the cards "Galarian Chestplate" (CRE-141) and "Galarian Moltres V" (CRE-97)'s attack effect. The cards read: Galarian Chestplate: Galarian Moltres V's attack "Aura Burn": Behaviour: The 30 damage inflicted onto the Galarian Moltres V by Aura Burn gets reduced to 0 damage if the Galarian Moltres V has Galarian Chestplate attached. Expected behaviour: Since Galarian Chestplate explicitly have the wording "(...) 30 less damage from attacks from your opponent’s Pokémon (...)", the damage
  13. I was playing a game against an opponent and I had knocked out there opposing Grubbin who had an Ear Ringing Bell Attached. During my opponents turn all they played was a rough sea, a Faba, and evolved mareep into flaffy, and had no ability lock on the field. During my turn, while still confused, I attached a Capture Energy Onto my confused Blissey V, and I was not cured of my Confusion. I think this may have to do with a glitch from searching a pokemon from the capture energy and healing the status effect. Here is the list of actions that occured. 19. Yoshiiizoid attached a Ear-Ringing
  14. I had Mimikyu from Darkness Ablaze (81/189) on the field with the Heal Jamming ability, my opponent played Cheryl and healed all damage from their evolved Pokemon, including those on the bench.
  15. Client: Card: Koga's Trap Card Number: Unbroken Bonds 177, 211 ; Hidden Fates 59 Expected Action: Koga's Trap should play but fail to apply special conditions against opponent with Aromatic Energy attached. Venomoth-GX's attack should then apply increased damage effect from Koga's Trap having been played. Actual Action: Koga's Trap can not be selected to play while opponent has Aromatic Energy attached. Steps to Reproduce: "Opponent" attaches Aromatic Energy to a grass type pokemon, "player" attempts to play Koga's Trap. I was playing a Venomoth-gx deck where Ven
  16. This morning I redeemed 60 codes I purchased (10 battle style, 25 rapid strike urshifu, 25 single strike urshifu). After redeeming and logging into TCG Online, only the 10 battle styles were in my packs. I restarted the game several times, but the other 50 packs are still missing. Went to redeem the codes again however it said the codes were already redeemed. Had no problems redeeming codes yesterday but today I'm missing 50 packs. What can I do to get them?
  17. So I was playing the trainer challenges, going through each one. For the starter deck or them deck called, "Hidden Depths", I ran into a bug when fighting against Kendal who has and electric/dark deck. During the match, I set up a Lapras who is supposed to be weak to only Metal types, according to the card. However, it took double damage, as if it was weak too, her Raichu who was and is an Electric type. I'm guessing its a simple coding bug, marking Lapras as weak to electric types instead of the Metal weakness. I attached a link to a pic ingame showing the card set up. ***********
  18. I was playing Shining Celebi in a Medicham deck, the one that can hit twice, I was going vs a Centiscorck VMax and I benched 2 Celebis, I picked up one of them with Scoop Up Cyclone and I couldn't use Medicham pre-evolution's attack, I made sure I didn't have any kind of de-buff, my rival wasn't playing anything to cancel my abbilities and I evolved Medicham from Meditite, I also was paying the correct energy cost and there still was 1 out of the 2 Celebis on my bench. The next turn it worked back as usual.
  19. Radruby317

    Ordinary rod

    You can not use both effects of ordinary rod at the same time. I might be wrong
  20. Hello! Client: Urshifu VMAX, mew, scoop up net Card Number: swsh battle styles 170/163 + mew black star promo SM215 + scoop up net Rebel Clash 165/192 Expected Action: Urshifu VMAX gale thrust attack 150 dmg to the opponents active gengar & mimikyu GXActual Action: Gale thrust attack did 10 dmg as opposed to 150 (-20 for resistance) after i scoop uped the mew from active spot and my urshifu vmax became new active pokemon and as it states in urshifu vmax attack: If this pokemon moved from your bench to the Active Spot this turn, this attack does 120 more damage.St
  21. Dear Pokemon TCGO gurus, The Wobbuffet Phantom Forces 036 card seems to be broken right now in PTCGO. It’s ability Bide Barricade should only work when its Active, but it works even from the bench. This card: https://www.pokemon.com/us/pokemon-tcg/pokemon-cards/xy-series/xy4/36/ Alternately, it’s possible a copy of this card set a game state while Active while erroneously persisted after it was KO’d. Hard to know. I’ll paste a full game log below for anybody who wants to try to figure out what’s going on or reproduce, if they have the cards. S
  22. Hello! I experienced a weird interaction between Marshadow/Machamp-GX and SS Urshifu. During the game, Marshchamp got its GX move "Acme of Heroism" up along with the bonus attack passive. Upon taking my turn, I used G-Max one blow with the intent of bypassing my opponent's attack effect. Despite this, Marshchamp proceeded to revive after the attack leading to getting a counter-knockout. There was no other ability in play to prevent the knockout besides Marschamp's GX effect. I'm wondering if this is an exception to the interaction, since I would assume the GX effect wou
  23. Client: ExeggcuteCard Number: Plasma Freeze #4, Plasma Blast #5 Card: Empoleon VCard Number: Battle Styles #40, Battle Styles #145, Battle Styles #146Expected Action: Propagation should be able to be used if Exeggcute is in the discard pile while Empoleon V's Emporor's Eyes is turned on and Empoleon V is in the active, as long as there are no additional affects which turns Exeggcute's ability off. Actual Action: Propagation was not usable when Empoleon V was in the active, and when there were no additional effects which turns Exeggcute's ability off.Steps to Reproduce: Di
  24. I had won a pack of Furious fist in the tournament, at the moment of opening it the load took a long time, after that I disconnected from the game and when I re-entered the packet it was no longer there, I thought I had exchanged it and I had forgotten it but in my history of exchanges there was nothing, so it disappeared out of nowhere
  25. Struggle Gloves still gives 30 additional damage even if the attacking pokémon also has a Weakness Guard Energy attached. The special energy effect removes the weakness, which should negate the effect of the Struggle Gloves tool card. The correct interaction was confirmed by Mia Violet of The Pokémon Company, Intl.'s TCG design team. 
 The relevant game starts at 04:18:14 into the vod. A weakness guard attached at 04:25:48
, struggle gloves are attached at 04:26:34, and an attack with damage increased at 04:27:27.
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