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  1. Hi. When I used Kyogre's Aqua Storm and knocked out Radiant Jirachi on the opponents bench, somehow its Entrusted Wishes worked. It's supposed to work only when it's in the Active Spot and Knocked Out by damage from an attack. right? Thanks.
  2. I was battling Alolan Vulpix V Star by Kleavor's Timber Cleave (flipping 2 coins with head, the opponent will be knocked out) and seems Alolan Vulpix is immuned from my attack. Kleavor has no ability, and also its attack is not a damage; And opponent's Vulpix is attaching "Tool Jammer" so there is no effect from tool to prevent my Kleavor's attack. Please help to check whether it is a bug or I have any misunderstanding on Alolan Vulpix's power. Thanks.
  3. Hi. It looks like to me that Sylveon VMAX’s Max Harmony attack doesn't count +30 for every different type of Pokémon on my Bench and maxes out at 100 damage (instead of 220). ( 5 unique Pokemon * 30 )+ 70 https://www.pokemon.com/us/pokemon-tcg/pokemon-cards/ss-series/swsh7/75/ TCG version is 2.93.0. Thanks
  4. thepurifyer

    Slowking V "Word of Ruin"

    Hello, Slowking V's "Word of Ruin" seems to not be programmed correctly into the versus mode. When using his "Word of Ruin", there are times the opposing player makes a move and the system "forgets" that the defending Pokémon is supposed to be knocked out at the end of the turn. For example, if a player evolves the Pokemon, takes out Slowking, or retreats, the defending Pokémon is not knocked out at the end of the turn. Card: Slowking VExpected Action: The defending Pokemon should be knocked out at the end of opponent's turn.Actual Action: If certain action is taken by opponent, the action is not executed.Steps to Reproduce: Use "Word of Ruin", then have the opposing player retreat, evolve, or knock out Slowking. Thank you.
  5. The game state is a pokemon with no damage counters on it in the active spot, and a pokemon with two damage counters in the benched spot (no other pokemon in play). Whenever damage pump is played to move only one damage counter from the benched pokemon to the active pokemon, ptcgo will automatically select both damage counters to be moved, and you can't choose to move only one damage counter (even though damage pump specifically says Up to two. This bug has been in the game since the 9th of September at least and still hasn't been fixed, with this bug making my deck much worse and near unplayable.
  6. khiuzg1

    Bug with Greninja-VUnion

    I encountered a bug with presumably Greninja-VUnion. I was playing against a Palkia Deck featuring Greninja-VUnion, I had a deck featuring Raichu V. When my opponent got the Greninja into play, i examined the card while the assembly animation hapened. After closing the close-up card via clicking on the board, the "Done" button and the "stacked view" icon didn't disappear. I tried to re-examine the card, close the tab, click on other cards, ... I could not get rid of the button and tick box. I wasn't able to look into my discard pile, but could still interact with other cards (Flaafy Dynamotor) and get energy into play. When trying to attack with Raichu V (Dynamic Spark), I could choose the energy but not execute the attack (there was only the "done" button at the bottom of close-up cards, not the button in the bottom right corner for the attack. The time ran out and i could not attack. The buttons still didn't disappear. I conceded right after. I was playing on the standard Versus ladder, PC client version, updated 26.07.2022.
  7. Hey, The ruling regarding Roadblock and Power of Alchemy is not enforeced correctly. On the official Pokemon Rulings Compendium, it states that: When you remove your Active Pokemon after resolving all effects that caused it to be KO'd, you must replace it immediately before resolving any other new effects that take place. This is not the case on ptcgo, as it forced me to discard a benched pokemon before promoting.
  8. Apologies if I have it wrong. Note: No idea how to post screenshots I recently purchased the "Mewtwo V Battle Deck". I attempted to redeem the deck within the game itself (QR scan) it did semi-succeed. The deck however seems to have registered as a player-created deck. This does affect where/how it can be used and some items/cards are also affected. Further codes were redeemed through the pokemon.com site, these have not shown erros. Please assist in correction. ************************************************* ************************************************* *************************************************
  9. Regarding the card Pokégear 3.0 (which has been the subject of a different bug a few years ago) I have found that, when the language is set to German, the HGSS printing of that card cannot be searched out in the collection with „Pokécom“, though its later reprints could. After clearing the cache and loading back into the game to see the text “beneath” the card before the image loaded, I discovered that the card actually had the name „Pokéausrüstung3.0“, which is seemingly a translation of the English name rather than the official German name. (an error that I later also found on the official website).
  10. Client: V-Union cards, for example: any Greninja V-Union Card Number: Any V-Union card, for example: Sword and Shield Promo 155Expected Action: Individual V-Union pokemon cards should have no retreat cost. These cards don't share the attributes of its combined form , similar to how Legend cards from HS sets work. Quoting the rules as they were announced on the official site: Pokémon V-UNION Arrive in the Pokémon TCG | Pokemon.com These rules say that each V-Union piece is a pokémon with no retreat cost. So they should be searchable by Feather Ball (Astral Radiance 141) : "Search your deck for a Pokémon with no Retreat Cost, reveal it, and put it into your hand. Then, shuffle your deck." Actual Action: Individual V-Union pokemon are treated as if they had a retreat cost before being combined and played and can't be searched by Feather Ball.Steps to Reproduce: a) On a match, play Feather Ball (Astral Radiance 141) and it won't be able to search for V-Union cards. b) On Collection, search for V-Union cards with a retreat cost of 2, all of them will be shown. Note how searching on Collection for V-Union pokemon by other attributes works fine. Example 1: Searching for a V-Union Pokemon with Ability yields no results (V-Union pokemon have abilities only when they are in play) Example 2: Searching for a V-Union Pokemon with an attack of any cost (0, 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5+) yields no results (V-Union pokemon have attacks only when they are in play).
  11. Client: (LIVE)Card: V-Union cards, for example Greninja V-Union Card Number: Any V-Union card, for example Sword and Shield Promo 155Expected Action: Individual V-Union pokemon cards have no retreat cost until combined and played. Individual V-Union cards shouldn't share the attributes of its combined form , similar to how Legend cards from HS worked.Actual Action: Individual V-Union pokemon are treated as if they had a retreat cost before played.Steps to Reproduce: a) On a match, play Feather Ball (Astral Radiance 141) and it won't be able to search for V-Union cards. b) On Collection, search for V-Union cards with no retreat cost. No results will be shown. c) On Collection, search for V-Union cards with a retreat cost of 2, all of them will be shown. Note how also searching on Collection for V-Union cards by (the absence of) other attributes work correctly: Searching V-Union cards with any attack cost (0, 1, 2, 3 ,4 or 5+) yields no results, . Searching V-Union cards with an Ability yields no results. This is because V-Union individual cards only have a Name and Type. Even if they have an attack cost, ability or retreat cost printed on them, they belong to their combined form, and not to each individual card.
  12. As the title explains, I just used the gutsy pickaxe, got a Strong Energy topdeck, and it didn't let me attach the energy to my benched Pokémon
  13. Client: Cynthia's Ambition Card Number: Brilliant Stars 138 Expected Action: My active pokémon was knocked out by poison during the opponent's last turn. I expected using Cynthia's Ambition should draw until 8 card in the next turn . Actual Action: I used Cynthia's Ambition and only draw until 5 card in the nest turn. I'm sorry that I forgot to save the log.
  14. I'm playing the pokémon tcg live beta on a Galaxy S9+ My issue is, I attempting to exchange credits for 3 copies of the secret rare switch from sun and moon and was given a failed screen each time. I didn't recieve and copies but my credits were deducted each time.
  15. Hey all, I just wanted to give a quick suggestion to the PTCGL exchange system. Right now, there is an exchange button on the card and you press it, where it tells you the cost and to confirm the order. I personally wanted to check the of a Vmax card so I clicked on "exchange" to see it. I checked a few cards like this to compare for my friend. Once by accident I pressed the giant confirm button, and it didn't even ask me to confirm it. It would be good to have the price displayed under the exchange button. This way, there are two clicks required to confirm (which is typical in all games). I accidentally unlocked the meowth vmax card, and it's haunting me! Please don't make this a possibility for others. Kindly, dysmania
  16. I got a bug today when I got credited way less credit than what I opened in packs. For exemple I opened approximately 9600 credits from 10 packs and only around 4000 got credited on my account... Is it happening to anyone else?
  17. Hello! In a match today, my oppponent used Whimsicott V's attack "Fluff Gets in the Way: If the Defending Pokémon is a Basic Pokémon, it can't attack during your opponent's next turn.". I waited until the right time to use Pokémon Ranger and attack, however the game don't allowed the Ranger use from my hand. Dunno if this is a real bug but I think the Ranger would nullify the effect of the attack or did I miss something?
  18. Fusion strike pokemon like GenesectV can retreat when Snorlax is the active pokemon(ability: as long as this pokemon is your active pockmon ,your opponents active pokemon can not retreat)
  19. My opponent played the stadium card Dyna Tree Hill, which prevents any pokemon from healing. I, stupidly, tried to Cheryl off some damage they did to my Jolteon, and Cheryl predictably had no effect. However, you are not allowed to play a trainer card when it it public knowledge (as in this case) that it will have no effect.* Bug: I played Cheryl for no effect because Dyna Tree Hill was in play. Expectation: I should not have been allowed to play Cheryl at all. *Some exceptions apply, such as Lysandre+Omega Barrier, but I don't believe this interaction is the same. I would love some official clarification if that's the case.
  20. Hello, currently I did some playtesting with my friend and turned out that the Altered Creation-GX is bugged as it won't give you additional prize card when the K.O results in taking any dmg back (placed counters on the attacker) I will insert logs with a question, could it be fixed? actually that might be game breaking bug in expandedGame Log Output Begins Here: conclusion? If you played Altered Creation-GX with water + metal energy, and then your attack into opponent active pokemon results in K.O + any dmg counter placed on your attacker, the additional 30 dmg will be applied but you won't get bonus prize card for K.O
  21. So idk if its a bug or not but when I used altarias tempting tune ability on ptcgo it would show me a layout of my deck for me to select a supporter from there to stack onto my deck. However, when i failed to select a supporter and resolve altarias ability, there isn’t an animation of the deck being shuffled. Is that how altarias ability works if u fail to select anything? It gives u a chance to look through your deck and it doesn’t shuffle afterwards.
  22. Cards involved: Marowak (Fates Collide 37) and Cursed Shovel (Rebel Clash 157) When Marowak's Bodyguard ability is in play, cursed shovel won't discard 2 cards from the top of your opponent's deck when attached to a Pokémon getting knocked out. I'm pretty sure this is a bug as Marowak should not prevent effects on your opponent's deck. Game log of this interaction can be found here:
  23. Hey! This bug made me mad. See the Grimmsnarl VMAX's attack to Mewtwo & Mew GX. It did no damage and went like an ability:- (The bug is from no. 152) Game Log Output Begins Here:
  24. I think its bug because I`m sure I didn`t miss something Look 157 my breloom take damage 140 damage and just do 40 damage with counter 181 my breloom take damage 140 damage and just do 40 damage with counter again Game Log Output Begins Here:
  25. Client Version: Decidueye ability reads: "Prevent all damages done to this Pokémon by attacks from your opponents Pokemon V and Pokemon GX" . Decidueye had a Vitality Band (SW085) attached. I had three Horry Energies attached to my attacking Pokemon but whenever Decidueye would attack it would take zero damage from the Horror Energy. I did not see any Pokemon on the other player's bench so I see no reason why the Horror Energy should not have put 60 damage counters on the attacking Pokemon after each attack.
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