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  1. In a Versus: Theme Deck match with the Vivid Voltage Charizard deck vs someone with the same deck: Both players had 2 prize cards left. My opponent got to their turn. They draw a card, attach an energy to their Magcargo and suddenly the game ends in defeat for me. They did not even attack. They did not take an action to take a prize card, and even if they did, they should have had one last prize card left after taking the second-to-last one. The timer had not run out (and it was my opponent's turn anyways) so that wasn't the loss condition either. Screenshot of the end of the log: [URL removed, please, check on the rules before posting again] Not sure how to submit an entire game log but I have that saved as well in case that is required. Client version is
  2. As of posting, Exeggcute from the Plasma Freeze pack has stopped working as intended (reference 2013 ruling), only functioning exactly once per turn, rather than working as it has for the last 7 years (where it refreshes the ability if taken from and put back into the discard pile). If this is intended, I would like to be informed, however, again, based on the 2013 ruling, this seems like a bug/error.
  3. Andy4bossorder

    [GAMEPLAY] Automatic Loose?

    So one time, I was battling this deck online, and it was a grass deck. I was using my inteleon deck. The dhelmise vmax use the first attack, which the player chose to attack my bench inteleon vmax, after, that, I somehow was instantly conceded. Bug?
  4. Client: Card: Koga's Trap Card Number: Unbroken Bonds 177, 211 ; Hidden Fates 59 Expected Action: Koga's Trap should play but fail to apply special conditions against opponent with Aromatic Energy attached. Venomoth-GX's attack should then apply increased damage effect from Koga's Trap having been played. Actual Action: Koga's Trap can not be selected to play while opponent has Aromatic Energy attached. Steps to Reproduce: "Opponent" attaches Aromatic Energy to a grass type pokemon, "player" attempts to play Koga's Trap. I was playing a Venomoth-gx deck where Venomoth-gx's attack damage is increased by playing Koga's Trap. My opponent had aromatic energy on and was immune to special conditions. The game would not let me play Koga's Trap at all. Is it a bug? Shouldn't I be able to play Koga's Trap (even though it would be ineffective) just for the damage increase of Venomoth-gx's attack?
  5. logicandpig

    [CARD] Empoleon recall bug

    When you use empoleon‘s recall for Bubble Hold, it doesn’t effects opponent’s basic pokemon.
  6. So as context, I am absolutely aware of Propagation's rulings where I can repeatedly use it multiple times. However, the problems I will list has prevented me from interacting with Exeggcute. - After adding Exeggcute from discard to hand, I am unable to use it for discards (eg. Red&Blue, Guzma&Hala, Quick Ball, Zoroark-GX's Trade In) - Unable to retrieve it from my graveyard (This has happened when I mill 2 Exeggcutes with Battle Compressor. I retrieve 1, but I am unable to interact with the second one in the Discard Pile) NONE of these situations have occurred in the presence of Ability Locks (like Silent Lab and Wobbufett Bide Barricade) This has been an issue ever since Battle Styles was introduced to PTCGO I have not encountered any other similar bugs on any other forum posts, so I am unable to determine the exact reasons. I did not provide game log evidence because... I just cannot perform the actions? how do you even show proof that you can't perform an action lol Just wondering if this is an issue on my side or I am misunderstanding certain rulings.
  7. Client: Ribbon BadgeCard Number: Evolving Skies #155Expected Action: The player who Knocked Out Sylveon V with Ribbon Badge attached should take 2 prize cards if the Knock Out was done through damage counter placement. Actual Action: The player who Knocked Out Sylveon V with Ribbon Badge attached only takes 1 prize card despite Knocking Out Sylveon V through damage counter placement.Steps to Reproduce: Player A has Dragapult VMAX as their active Pokemon with 2 Psychic Energy attached. Player B has Sylveon V with Ribbon Badge attached on their bench. Player A attacks Player B's active Pokemon with Max Phantom and places 5 damage counters on Player B's benched Sylveon V, knocking it out. Player A only takes 1 prize card as a result of that Knock Out. No other effects are in play. Ribbon Badge text says, "If the Pokemon V this card is attached to has 'Sylveon' in its name and is Knocked Out by damage from an attack from your opponent's Pokemon, that player takes 1 fewer Prize card." The effect of placing 5 damage counters through Dragapult VMAX's Max Phantom isn't considered damage, as Mew (Unbroken Bonds #76) cannot block it. Therefore Ribbon Badge should not decrement the number of prizes awarded if the Knock Out was done through damage counter placement. Game Log is pasted below. Game Log Output Begins Here: *** Debug Current Game State Output Ends Here *** Versions Data: Client Version: Server Version: Bundles Version: 2257 Archetypes Bundle Version: 15823 Localization Bundle Version: 15819 Current Game ID: 27011840-15e5-11ec-9c1f-069eac9eaae7
  8. shiko55

    [CARD] Celebi Bug

    Shining celebi ability works while there is silent lab in play
  9. I played my arctozolt(DAB 66/ SHF SV 46) with the Biting Whirlpool ability describe "Whenever your opponent attaches an energy card from their hand to 1 of their pokémon, put 2 damage counters on that pokémon", my opponent attached an energy from hand but the ability didn't worked. Note: nothing was blocking the ability
  10. Mikeyb2273

    [CARD] Spirit Mask Bugged

    When spirit mask is attached to active pokemon, the effect stating your opponent discards a card from their hand works when taking damage without knockout, but does NOT work when said the defending pokemon is knocked out. As clearly stated in the card text, "Even if this pokemon is knocked out", the opponent that dealt damage thereby resulting in a knockout should have to discard a card, however this effect does not occur as tested in multiple games. Please ammend this!
  11. Cards: Marowak XY Fates Collide #37, Zoroark Evolving Skies #103 and Exeggutor BW Plasma Freeze #5 When Marowak is put into play via Zoroark's Phantom Transformation ability, Marowak's Bodyguard ability does not function properly. For example, it does not stop Exeggutor's effect from its Blockade attack, so I could not play supporter cards even after I put Marowak into play. The ability did not seem to start working on new effects either, as during the next turn when Exeggutor used Blockade again, I could still not play any supporter cards even though Marowak was still in play. There was nothing in play during the game stopping Marowak's ability. I also don't know if Marowak's ability stops working completely if used with Zoroark's ability, or if it just doesn't work against Exeggutor specifically. I have the game log recorded where this bug occurred. I could not play any supporter cards after Marowak was put into play:
  12. Garbodor VMAX and Path to the Peak appear to have a bugged interaction with Spirit Mask. When Path to the Peak is in play, Garbodor VMAX in the Active, and Spirit Mask attached to Garbodor, the opponent is not forced to discard a card for dealing damage. The bug goes away when Path to the Peak is removed. Here's a game log:
  13. In the Versus mode, Gravdrop of Scroll of the Skies now refers the number of cards of energy attached to your opponent’s pokémon, even though the card text says to refer number of energy, for damage calculation. The total damage differs in the above two cases if Twin Energy, Rapid Strike Energy etc. is attached to your opponent’s pokémon.
  14. No EVS stamped promos in my collection. Should have been 1 of the 3 birds or flaffy. Did this happen to anyone else? I redeemed them on Thursday around 1:30p
  15. I will not bother you with the full German Game-log, but I just had a game where I attacked an ADP with my Rapid Strike Wulaosu VMax while the opponent had a Zamazenta V on his bench. When I attacked, the ability 'Dauntless Shield' activated and my attack failed, but I still got poisoned from ADP's item Poison Barb. First of all, how can an ability from a benched Pokémon activate, if the ability states that only its holder is affected? Second, how can I get poisoned without dealing damage? Both makes no sense at all, so I guess it is worth checking that problem for future issues thank You (the essential part of the game log) 75. Tmontague22s Arceus & Dialga & Palkia-GX hat seine Attacke Vollendeter Strahl eingesetzt. 76. Tmontague22 hat 1 Metall-Energie an Zamazenta V angelegt. 77. Lohgock-VMAX von Chrolo4 hat 10 Schaden genommen, Grund: Vergiftung. 78. Jetzt ist Chrolo4 am Zug (Turn #6). 79. Chrolo4 hat Nachahmerin gezogen. 80. Chrolo4 hat Wellenfächer gespielt. 81. Chrolo4s Octillery hat die Fähigkeit Fließender-Angriff-Suche eingesetzt. 82. Chrolo4 hat Turm des Wassers gezogen. 83. Chrolo4 hat Turm des Wassers gespielt. 84. Chrolo4 hat 1 Spiral-Energie an Fließender-Angriff-Wulaosu-V angelegt. 85. Chrolo4s Lohgock-VMAX hat sich zurückgezogen. 86. Chrolo4s Lohgock-VMAX ist nicht mehr vom Speziellen Zustand Vergiftung betroffen. 87. Fließender-Angriff-Wulaosu-V wurde zum neuen Aktiven Pokémon von Chrolo4's. 88. Chrolo4 hat Nachahmerin gespielt. 89. Chrolo4 hat Meisterball gezogen. 90. Chrolo4 hat Prof. Platan gezogen. 91. Chrolo4 hat Meisterball gespielt. 92. Chrolo4 hat Fließender-Angriff-Wulaosu-VMAX gezogen. 93. Fließender-Angriff-Wulaosu-VMAX wurde zum neuen Aktiven Pokémon von Chrolo4's. 94. Chrolo4s Fließender-Angriff-Wulaosu-V hat sich zu Fließender-Angriff-Wulaosu-VMAX entwickelt. (clearly my mistake to evolve after switching, but nontheless) 95. Tmontague22s Zamazenta V hat die Fähigkeit Wackerer Schild eingesetzt. 96. Chrolo4s Fließender-Angriff-Wulaosu-VMAX ist jetzt vom Speziellen Zustand Vergiftung betroffen. 97. Fließender-Angriff-Wulaosu-VMAX von Chrolo4 hat 10 Schaden genommen, Grund: Vergiftung.
  16. A little while ago I got the challenge Shroud of Pain, which is one of those knock out 12 Pokemon challenges for the Dark type. I decided to use my Amazing Rare Yveltal deck since it can KO high HP Pokemon easily; but for whatever reason even though attacks from my support Pokemon were adding to the total Pokemon knocked out for the challenge Yveltal's Amazing Destruction attack, which knocks out the opposing Pokemon as its effect, was not. The challenge is just to knock out opposing Pokemon with an attack or ability, not to knock them out with the damage from an attack, so I'm inclined to believe this is a bug right? I would assume this would also affect the more competitive Slowking V's Word of Ruin attack too, though I couldn't test it because I don't have the card. Not game breaking or anything, but I want my one pack dangit!
  17. Hello. I was just recently having a match VS a Mad Party Deck and was quite pleased with myself, thinking that they would be unable to damage me since all of Mad Party's damage is even. Imagine my surprise when I am knocked out in one shot by an attack that does exactly 260 damage, directly at "odds" with my ability that says I should be immune to attack damage numbering exactly 260. The game log even shows it using its Magic Odds ability, right before I am knocked out. I have attached the game log ending at this exact turn. There were no ability negating effects in play, at any point during this match. Game Log Output Begins Here: *** Debug Current Game State Output Ends Here *** Versions Data: Client Version: Server Version: Bundles Version: 2242 Archetypes Bundle Version: 15630 Localization Bundle Version: 15643 Current Game ID: 0841bb00-f4dc-11eb-bb03-066008612e91
  18. Other player had silent lab in play and it took away my ability to select my card to retreat. I couldn't even select my card.
  19. Just updated my game to Version I believe there's a bug with Lanturn's energy grounding ability where you no longer get a prompt/option to transfer an energy of a pokemon that has been knocked out.
  20. sabotenbutyo

    [CARD] Bronzong BREAK

    Client : Card : Bronzong BREAK Card Number : Fates Collide 62 Wrong Action : When Bronzong BREAK use Metal Rain, Counter Energy provides only 1 energy if I have more Prize cards remaining than my opponent. Correct Action : When Bronzong BREAK use Metal Rain, Counter Energy provides only 2 energy if I have more Prize cards remaining than my opponent.
  21. Xaimill

    Card art not showing

    I downloaded the app today (ipad pro gen 2), and most cards in my deck (and opponent deck when playing the campaign), show black rectangles with an exclamation mark near the top fo each rd. Im attaching a picture for reference. Is this a known bug or is there something i have to di myself?
  22. Card: KingdraCard Number: Battle Styles #33Wrong Action: (Deep Sea King)When your Active Pokémon is Knocked Out by damage from an attack from your opponent’s Pokémon, you may move a Water Energy from that Pokémon to this Pokémon. (In the case of Special energy) Action: (Deep Sea King)When your Active Pokémon is Knocked Out by damage from an attack from your opponent’s Pokémon, you may move any amount of Water Energy from that Pokémon to this Pokémon. On turn #26 my kingdra that had multiple water type special energies attached fainted. When I selected the super boost prism star energy it immediately ends the effect when there's other water energies that could be selected
  23. Client: Flygon and SerperiorCard Numbers: Boundaries Cross #99 (Flygon), Black & White Promo #53 (Flygon), Black & White Promo #20 (Serperior), Black & White #6 (Serperior), Dragons Exalted #25 (Serperior)Expected Action: Flygon's Sand Slammer ability should activate before Serperior's Royal Heal ability between turns.Actual Action: Serperior's Royal Heal ability activates before Flygon's Sand Slammer ability between turns, even if there are more than one Serperior in play.Steps to Reproduce: Player A has Flygon in play, Player B has a Serperior in play. If Player B's Pokemon has any damage on them, 10 damage is healed from each Pokemon and then Flygon's Sand Slammer places 1 damage counter on each of them. However, if Player B's Pokemon do not have any damage on them, Flygon's Sand Slammer places 1 damage counter on each of Player B's Pokemon and Royal Heal does not remove any of them (likely because it was checked before Flygon's ability). Both Sand Slammer and Royal Heal say "At any time between turns". However, the PTCG Rulings Compendium says "In this situation, the player whose Pokemon are being affected gets to choose the order in which the abilities take place." The Serperior player's Pokemon are the ones that are being affected, so it makes sense to default the programming so that Serperior's ability activates after Flygon's. This is really important in a popular Legacy deck involving Crustle (Boundaries Crossed #85) with the Sturdy ability, Reuniclus (Dragons Exalted #126) and Serperior, where you can fully heal off any amount of damage done to Crustle on your turn to always have sturdy activated. This bug allows Flygon to bypass Crustle's sturdy ability even when Serperior is in play.
  24. WilliamHague

    [CARD] Raichu is broken

    The never give up attack on raichu says that you can attach all lighting energy cards, in any way you like but only let's you attach basic from your discard
  25. Players are not allowed to use underworld door while under the effect of horror house gx. you cannot play a card from your hand. Here is the reference from official Japan ptcg website. https://www.pokemon-card.com/rules/faq/search.php?freeword=%E3%83%9B%E3%83%A9%E3%83%BC%E3%83%8F%E3%82%A6%E3%82%B9GX&regulation_faq_main_item1=XY
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