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  1. I was playing Mewtwo & Mew GX and used Clear Vision GX (from Latios GX) while opponent has a Keldeo GX as his active. However, he was still able to use Keldeo's GX attack later in that game. Keldeo GX's ability: Prevent all effects of attacks, including damage, done to this Pokémon by your opponent's Pokémon-GX or Pokémon-EX. Clear Vision GX: For the rest of this game, your opponent can't use any GX attacks. My point of view is that Clear Vision GX should be a debuff targeted to the player instead of opponent's pokemons, so Keldeo's ability should not be able to block the effect from Clear Vision GX. Below is the game log (please note no. 97 and no. 130) Game Log Output Begins Here:
  2. I didn't save the game logs..will try to if it happens again. I think this is.a bug Opponent had Mewtwo and New Tag Team GX (UNB 71) He had Latios GX UNB 223 on bench or in discard He used Latios Tag Purge attack. I had Reahiram & Charizard as my active. I used Welder and attached energy so it had 6. I used the double Blaze GX attack. With the extra 3 energy, I believe the opponents active is knocked out because the extra 3 energy makes this attacks damage not affected by any effects...
  3. Hi! I'm playing TCGO after the last update and I noticed that the triple acceleration energy is no long going to my deck after the Downburst attack of Unfezant. Anybody knows if this is right or am I missing something? The energy goes to my discard pile either selecting yes or no in the effect window. My opponents get their energies and attached cards to their decks tho. Client: Cards: Unfezant from Unified Minds 176/236, Triple Acceleration Energy from Unbroken Bonds 190/214.
  4. Here I have put a game log where Alreded Creation GX has been used, my pokémon (which has a focus sash on it) gets hit by an attack and survives with 10 hp, but gets knocked out by poison. The problem is that my opponent still takes multiple prize cards even though Altered Creation only should count if they knock out a pokémon with an attack, which they didn't because the poison knocked out my pokémon. The event happens two times during the game log, one of them being at the very end. Note that my opponent takes 4 prize cards, but that bug has already been reported a few times on this forum and is not the main point of this post.
  5. How does Keldeo GX manage to damage fairy pokemon with the fairy charm attached? This attachment should prevent all attacks of GX cards that have abilities.
  6. Today while playing a game I noticed an unexpected interaction between Altered Creation, the GX attack of Arceus & Dialga & Palkia-GX; when I KO'd an Eevee by devolving an Espeon-GX that had 13 damage counters on it, with my Marshadow-GX using the Miraculous Shine attack provided by an Espeon-EX in my discard. When Eevee was KO'd I did not take 1+1 prize cards, rather only 1, as if Altered Creation prize buff was not in effect. Which it was, as you can see from the game log, where later in the game I KO'd a Nihilego-GX and took 3 prizes to win. This is a complex game state to reproduce. The gremlin is presumably in the explicit math/coding to handle KOs by involuntary devolution. I suspect when the programmers coded that, they "hardcoded" the prize resolution to look ONLY at the prize value of the previous evolution that is KO'd by the devolution. Thus, it is ignoring the ADP buff now. We should fix that. There are other ways to devolve or be devolved, and note that only KO's caused by damage (and more specifically, opponent attacks) should trigger ADP's buff. Not, for example, damage from counter placement or other self-induced damaging effects. In this case, I feel strongly I should have received the +1 card buff because Eevee was KO'd by damage from my attacks. That said, I wonder if the gremlin could be caused/confounded by the fact that SOME of the damage counters on Eveee/Espeon at the moment of KO pre-dated the Altered Creation attack-effect? It does say "for the rest of the game" and "damage from those attacks" in the card text... so I wonder if perhaps the prize buff is (rightly or wrongly) trying to ignore damage counters that pre-date the GX attack? That would be way too complicated for humans to manage IRL, but perhaps the game is doing that online? Thoughts? Am I missing something obvious? Wouldn't be the first time. Ha!
  7. My opponent used Goomy (Forbidden Light 91) as Active Pokémon. My Active Pokémon's attacks still cost one more energy even though it attached Stealthy Hood (Unbroken Bonds 186).
  8. Recently, I lost a game because I was unable to discard a card with the effect of giant hearth when I no cards in deck. According to the compendium, I should be able to do this: Q. Can I use Giant Hearth if I have no cards left in my deck, and just discard a card from my hand? A. Yes, you can. The first sentence of Giant Hearth says to discard a card from your hand. Then if you can do that, you do as much of the rest of the card as you can, which in this case is draw no cards. (Aug 1, 2019 TPCi Rules Team) This bug may also affect similar cards like Viridian Forest.
  9. The title says it all. From my experience, when a pokemon with free retreat (I use munchlax from unified minds) receives a stealthy hood after absol from Team Up has been put into play, the stealthy hood should give the munchlax free retreat again, however, the munchlax still requires energy to retreat. If the stealthy hood is attached before the absol is put into play, then it seems to ignore absol's ability and work as it should. I would be happy to get an example in the form of a screenshot! Thanks.
  10. Hello, Recently I've noticed an unexpected interaction between Sawk 72/47 (Quick Guard, Brick Break attacks) when used by Marshadow-GX from the discard. The text on Sawk reads: "Prevent all damage done to this Pokemon by attacks from Basic Pokemon during your opponent's next turn. This pokemon can't use Quick Guard during your next turn." The problem I'm experiencing is that when multiple Marshadow-GX are in play on my side, with one Sawk in the discard providing the Quick Guard attack... ALL the Marshadow-GXes in play are prevented from using Quick Guard more than one turn in a row. That is not the expected behavior, given the card text. Has there been a ruling governing this interaction that is overriding the card text? This has cost me prize cards and at least one game. Unfortunately there is no way to see this dynamic in the game logs* (or know ahead of time in the game itself) until you move a new Marshadow-GX into the active and it doesn't have the expected attack available. * The game logs don't show which cards are moved into the discard via say Battle Compressor or other mechanisms (Porygon-Z-GX GX attack) so there is no record that I'm aware of what attacks were actually available to a player on a turn-by-turn basis. Obviously, what I'd like to do is be able to retreat one Marshadow-GX into another (or follow an unwanted Guzma by opponent moving one of my low/no-energy attackers into the Active) with a Quick Guard block, to buy time to attach more energy before using a more-powerful attack the next turn. In roughly the same way two Raichu & Alolan Raichu-GX TTs (or two Marshadow-GXes using their attacks) can alternate in the Active each turn and spam the paralyze/buff secondary effect of the Tandem Shock attack. (For example, when TWO Marshadow-GX can alternate who is in the Active and attack each turn with the same Tandem Shock attack from the discard, the secondary effect buffs activates each turn, due to the now-Active Marshadow-GX having been on the Bench before moving into the Active. It is NOT the case the source Raichu & Alolan Raichu-GX TT providing the attack from the discard is turning off the secondary buff just because he isn't on the bench. The Pokemons in play control the logic of how the attacks provided by the Pokemons in the discard are applied.) Given the Sawk card text says "THIS POKEMON" (i.e. the one in the Active now, "can't use Quick Guard next turn") it seems obvious the secondary effect applies only to the Active Pokemon who uses the attack the previous turn. If that Pokemon is no longer in the Active, then as with special conditions or other blocking/immunity effects, they drop off when cycled onto the bench. To reproduce: Put a Sawk in the Discard and try to use Quick Guard two turns in a row via two different Marshadows. The one to whom the nerf applies on the Bench; the one in the Active not being "this Pokemon" to whom the nerf from last turn applies. To fix: At a minimum two copies of Marshadow-GX ought to be able to both use the same Sawk Quick Guard attack two turns in a row. More aggro and optimistic, the SAME Pokemon ought to lose that secondary effect (of not being able to use Quick Guard again next turn) IF it is double-switched from the Active onto the Bench back into Active on the same turn. Is that not Pokemon 101? ps. If I'm wrong that there is useful info to be had from a game log, let me know, and I'll capture one. Otherwise I will avoid recreating this situation as it gets you KO'd. Ha!
  11. Client: MienshaoCard Number: Furious Fists #57Expected Action: After Mienshao's Aero Turn attack is used and all cards attached to it are returned to the AI opponent's hand, they should choose a card to replace it as the active pokemon.Actual Action: After Mienshao's Aero Turn attack is used and all cards attached to it are returned to the AI opponent's hand, the AI does nothing. Because the match is against an AI opponent, there is no idle timer, leading to an infinite wait. Because it is the opponent's turn, conceding does not work, forcing the player to manually close the game window. Steps to Reproduce: Play against Juji in her first battle in the gold league of the trainer challenge, then allow the game to progress to a point where she uses Mienshao's Aero Turn attack.
  12. DarthPrytz

    Altered Creation & Focus Sash

    When you knock out a pokemon twice due to it having a Focus Sash the ADP GX attack Altered Creation triggers twice and you draw 2 extra price cards.
  13. The card Exeggcute with the propagation ability clearly states "Once during your turn (before your attack) if this pokemon is in your discard pile, you may put this pokemon into your hand" when playing against an opponent it is actually able to be used multiple times within a single turn. Long story short, i lost a game because of this. Please fix
  14. Hello! I'm played in expanded, using an single prize deck, against an ADP and my oponnet used his GX. He's took his first's two prizes but when he's killed my second pokémon, he's took 3 prizes at once. I really don't understanded this situation and I thing MAYBE it can be some sort of bug. (I'm used Focus Sash and my Hitmonchan survived an attack before the final turn). Here's the log, the final turn is at 78 before I concede:
  15. My opponent took 3 prizes while knocking out my single prize pokémon Excadrill, as seen on action 218 in the game log listed below. They had used the altered creation GX attack so they should have taken 2 prizes, but it is still one prize too much. I think it has something to do with focus sash. I believe the Excadrill took one hit earlier in the game but survived due to focus sash, but since it got knocked out twice, the game might have calculated the extra prize card twice.
  16. In all of my experiences with the card Beastite, it adds 10 less damage to any attack that I use with it attached than would be expected. Here is an example where I have taken 3 prize cards, and it should be adding 30 damage to my Blacephalon GX's attack, equalling 280, but instead only adds 20 and I come up 10 damage short.
  17. Eevee GX (SM175)'s ability, Ascension DNA, seems to have a couple of bugs. 1. If abilities are disabled by any card effect such as a stadium or Pokemon, you are unable to evolve the Eevee GX card. From what I can tell, the ability is just supposed to heal the Pokemon once it is evolved, however without the ability, the card just can't evolve in general. I cannot place a Vaporeon card on it, for example, because abilities are disabled. 2. Using Leafeon GX (13/156)'s GX attack, Grand Bloom GX, cannot evolve Eevee GX cards. If there is an Eevee GX card on the bench, it will simply say that there are no valid Pokemon to select, even if there is an Eevee evolution in the deck to use. This GX attack works fine on normal, basic Eevees that aren't GX. I have a deck built around Eevee cards, and I've been playing around this, but it is a frustrating bug. Due to the rarity of getting ability locked in versus, I was only able to get a log of the second bug with Leafeon GX, since a friend could versus me just for me to set up and replicate the glitch. He didn't have any ability locking cards, so I wasn't able to do the same for bug one. Here's the log, though. Let me know if the game log for the first bug is absolutely necessary and I'll grind versus until I can get a log. Thank you!
  18. card bugs I was playing another player with Groudon who had just used Trembling Ground. The card showed "Can't use Trembling Ground this turn" on the current effects. The opposing player switched the Groudon card out and switched it back in and the player was able activate Trembling Ground a second time in a row. Not cool.
  19. The last update added a "new" or another Rayquaza GX (177a/168 from Celestial Storm) card to the game. Now there are two exact same Versions of this card in the game. One of them I own, the other new one I miss. I think it is an issue and I wanted to draw attention to it. But shame on my head when everything is right with the second Rayquaza GX 177a/168 Card.
  20. When Blacephalon GX uses it's Mind Blown attack with a Beast Energy Prism Star attached choosing to put the Beast energy in the lost zone it doesn't add the 30 damage provided by Beast Energy Prism Star. However it is supposed to add this damage. A quote from the rulings compendium black and white updated at September 12, 2019, 7:25 pm: Mind Blown (Blacephalon GX - Lost Thunder) Q. If Blacephalon GX uses its "Mind Blown" attack to discard a Beast Energy as one of the Fire Energy discarded, does it still get the +30 damage bonus from Beast Energy? A. Yes, it does. The energy cards are chosen, then Damage is calculated before the cards are sent to the Lost Zone. (Nov 1, 2018 TPCi Rules Team) This issue has many times cost me games or advantageous situations and disables me from properly testing and playing my deck versus other people I am unable to get eye-to-eye with. This issue also has been reported before but so far hasn't even been added to the known bugs list, please at least add it there and treat it with the appropriate urge afterwards. Thank you very much.
  21. Energy Recycle System, game crash bug Tested again today, 20 times. The game crashed 11 out of 20 attempts after using Energy Recycle System. I took 1 energy to hand 20 times during this testing. This is a game breaking bug and needs to be patched in the next maintenance before the release of Cosmic Eclipse. Please people upvote this post, make sure to devs know about the bug. Needs fixing urgently.
  22. No_Name_AC

    Tag switch bug?

    Hi, I have tried a few times that after I played tag switch, and I can't do any actions, and the time goes on, which makes me lose because of this. Is this a kind of bug? Thank you.
  23. Client: Shining Ho-ohCard Number: Promo SM70Expected Action: Shining Ho-oh's ability Golden Wing when it is knocked out by damage from an opponent's attack, while it is your active pokemon, you're able to move up to 2 basic energy cards to your benched pokemon in any way you like Actual Action: You are only provided the option to move 1 basic energy card to 1 pokemon and the other energies are discardedSteps to Reproduce: Have preferably 2 benched pokemon to properly test and have shining Ho-oh be your active pokemon with 2+ energy cards. Then have it knocked out by damage from an opponents attack
  24. I just played a match where I had discarded my Altaria gx to allow my Mewtwo/Mew to use the Bright Tone attack. My opponent had a Keldeo gx in the active which prevented the damage from Bright Tone as it should, however I would still take damage from the Keldeo gx attacks. My understanding of the Pure Heart ability and Bright Tone attack is that these would cancel each other out resulting in neither of us taking damage.
  25. In the game, these two cards are triggered even when the improper Pokemon is active. I didn’t check Nita, because I don’t use it in the game, but maybe it is also are faulty. P. S. I apologize in advance for errors; my native language is Russian.
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