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  1. Thedankinator

    Minor bug with Elesa's Sparkle

    I was recently in a ladder match against GenKyu and I noticed it would not let me play Elesa's Sparkle when all 4 of my Fusion Strike energies were in play, in the discard pile, or a combination of both. It isn't necessarily game breaking but, it did hinder the poltergeist match-ups by not letting me use my supporter for the turn to get the card out of my hand. Additionally, this seems a little unfair to the player by letting them know that Elesa's Sparkle will not work in that case allowing them to opt for a different supporter that turn.
  2. Hi there, I just played a match using Decidueye from Darkness Ablaze with the Deep Forest Camo ability which prevents damage from Pokemon V. My opponent had a Rapid Strike Inteleon VMax from Fusion Strike in the active spot and played a Phoebe from Battle Styles, which should remove the effect of Decidueye's ability on the damage from Inteleon VMax's attack. However, when my opponent attacked, the attack did no damage. Here is the game log: Game Log Output Begins Here: *** Debug Current Game State Output Ends Here *** Versions Data: Client Version: Server Version: Bundles Version: 2290 Archetypes Bundle Version: 16054 Localization Bundle Version: 16067 Current Game ID: f1fe7d00-4437-11ec-a38d-06ceb585e129
  3. Hi forum team, I have an issue with my game when using two monitors. I play on a laptop that I ******* to a monitor using HDMI, when I open up Pokemon TCG Online on one monitor, and have *******, discord, or any other app on the other screen it works fine until I click on the other screen. So hypothetically speaking, if I have ******* on my laptop screen and Pokemon TCG Online on the monitor, as soon as I pause the video or click on the other screen whatsoever, Pokemon TCG Online minimizes into my taskbar and I have to Alt + Tab its way back into the monitor or else to closes permentenly and forfeits the match. I have to do this every time I use the other monitor. Is there anything I can do to fix this? Thanks.
  4. Hi! It seems that the ability of this cam erupt doesn't work properly... It says "Once during your turn, you may attach a {fist} or {fire} energy card from your discard pile to this Pokemon." It doesn't specify "basic" energy so you should use it for special energy like burning energy, heat energy, doble magma energy, etc. I believe it should work because if you for example use Typhlosion's massive eruption, if you discard a special fire energy, the game counts it as a fire energy for damage. What do you think?xpe
  5. In a Versus: Theme Deck match with the Vivid Voltage Charizard deck vs someone with the same deck: Both players had 2 prize cards left. My opponent got to their turn. They draw a card, attach an energy to their Magcargo and suddenly the game ends in defeat for me. They did not even attack. They did not take an action to take a prize card, and even if they did, they should have had one last prize card left after taking the second-to-last one. The timer had not run out (and it was my opponent's turn anyways) so that wasn't the loss condition either. Screenshot of the end of the log: [URL removed, please, check on the rules before posting again] Not sure how to submit an entire game log but I have that saved as well in case that is required. Client version is
  6. Card: Single Strike Urshifu VMAX / Duraludon VMAXCard Number: Battle Styles #86, Battle Styles #167, Battle Styles #168 / Evolving Skies #123, Evolving Skies #219, Evolving Skies #220Expected Action: Single Strike Urshifu VMAX shouldn't be able to deal damage to Duraludon VMAX with his attack G-Max One Blow when having special energy attachedActual Action: Single Strike Urshifu VMAX knocks out Duraludon VMAX with his attack G-Max One Blow even when having special energy attachedSteps to Reproduce: Attach 3 Single Strike Energy and 1 basic fighting energy to Single Strike Urshifu VMAX and attack Duraludon VMAX with G-Max One Blow I had this bug happen to me when my opponent used Single Strike Urshifu VMAX's G-Max One Blow against my Duraludon VMAX. My opponent's pokémon had 3 Single Strike Energy cards attached and there were no cards that negate habilities in play. As far as I'm aware, the damage should be resolved first and then the effects of the attack. So the game should see that because of the special energies no damage should have been done to my pokémon and then proceed with discarting my opponent's pokémon energies. Instead it seems that it resolved the effect first, discarding all the energies, and then, because there were no special energy attached anymore, it was able to deal damage and proceeded to knock out my pokémon. *** Debug Current Game State Output Ends Here *** Versions Data: Client Version: Server Version: Bundles Version: 2253 Archetypes Bundle Version: 15759 Localization Bundle Version: 15789 Current Game ID: 0a4b0820-0c4c-11ec-9122-064a50c5c89b
  7. In the Versus mode, Gravdrop of Scroll of the Skies now refers the number of cards of energy attached to your opponent’s pokémon, even though the card text says to refer number of energy, for damage calculation. The total damage differs in the above two cases if Twin Energy, Rapid Strike Energy etc. is attached to your opponent’s pokémon.
  8. At the end of the game this bug occurred, My Corviknight VMAX was the active and my foe had Zamazenta V occurred, here is the game log:-
  9. In expanded battles on Versus, whenever Old Cemetery is in play and I attach an aurora energy to my Active Pokemon and use it to discard a non-psychic Pokemon, PTCGO puts two damage counters on the discarded Pokemon, then freezes so I cannot take any other action - I cannot pass the turn or concede. I have to restart the game.
  10. RaginTyphlosion

    My turn Bug

    Hi, This bug made me mad. Yesterday when I was playing PTCGO, I was at the winning stage where it was my turn and I used Cynthia(Expanded Format) and COrviknight VMAX was my Active Pokemon. After I played it I couldn't click the card to attack and there was no 'Done' option also to give up the turn. And even if I go to the menu and give COncede it didn't work, pls help
  11. PkmnGeekWalker

    Gamebreaking RS Malamar bug

    hey all, I just wanted to report a gamebreaking bug I encountered. it's extremely exploitable and can ruin a game as early as turn 2. when your opponent uses 'rapid strike tentacles', you are prompted with a screen that shows the cards they are discarded and you are prompted to hit done. I waited maybe 5 seconds because I was replying to a private message on another app, and I noticed THEIR timer was counting down. I clicked done and resolved the action and went to my turn. However, IF i chose to not click done, their turn would've gone on until they were timed out. This is a huge issue and it needs to be patched ASAP.
  12. My game just completely froze while the music kept playing even when leaving the app. Both my opponent and me (Vs. mode) said "You have a good deck" at the same time while I played an Ultra Ball. I double-tapped a Pokemon card on my opponents bench right before the Ultra Ball deck search overlay appeared. Then I double-tapped on the bottom right to close the card preview and just as I did that the "Show playmat" (Or whatever it's called in English) button appeared. It felt like my first tap closed the card preview while my second hit "Show playmat". The deck search overlay flickered on and off for a second after which the game became unresponsive. I don't know if this bug is easily repeatable.
  13. I've had this happen to me a few times now. I will get a "defeat" at seemingly random times during versus matches. Here's the game log for when it last happened. Game Log Output Begins Here: *** Debug Current Game State Output Ends Here *** Versions Data: Client Version: Server Version: Bundles Version: 2199 Archetypes Bundle Version: 15293 Localization Bundle Version: 15297 Current Game ID: 3131e620-86d2-11eb-adb7-06431bc2a6d3
  14. Title pretty much sums it up. Playing the Slowbro V with Dark City and sometimes the retreat function does not appear. I can use Slowbro's ability but then I can't retreat him.
  15. NanoSoldierII

    Marshadow GX's ability is bugged

    It's ability says it can use the attacks of basic pokemon in the discard pile, but even with the required energy sometimes it doesn't let me. This has cost me games. Sometimes it only shows one attack but not the rest. Sometimes it doesn't show anything at all. my only possible explanation with this is because I'm playing mad party, and two different types of pokemon have the same name attack but different energy.
  16. Hello, I bought two Zacian theme decks from the store. However, it does not show up in my collection, deck manager, or competitive mode. I lost 1000 tokens for that. I would like you to return the 1000 tokens to me so that I can correctly purchase the Zacian theme deck. thank you.
  17. Во время начало вышел монета и не исчезает, стоит на экране до конца боя. Исправьте.
  18. Topic: Weakness Guard Energy does not act as an "effect" that can be ignored by certain attacks Client: Flygon-GX (CEC-110), Eternatus VMAX (DAA-117), Weakness Guard Energy (213-UNM)Expected Action: With Flygon-GX and Eternatus VMAX both in the active position, Flygon-GX uses its Sonic Edge GX attack. This should ignore the effect of Weakness Guard Energy and hit for weakness. Since a Martial Arts Dojo was in play and the Flygon-GX player had more prize cards remaining, the total damage should have been [220+40]*2 = 520! Actual Action: The Sonic Edge GX attack did 260 damage only. The effect of Weakness Guard Energy was not ignored.Steps to Reproduce: Flygon-GX and Eternatus VMAX both in the active position. Martial Arts Dojo in play. Eternatus VMAX equipped with Weakness Guard Energy. Flygon-GX equipped with 1 Stone Fighting Energy and 1 basic Fighting energy and a Karate Belt to pay for its attack. Attack with Flygon's Sonic Edge GX attack. For reference, the move Sonic Edge GX can hit for weakness on opposing Pokemon with a Fighting weakness. Also, Sonic Edge GX does properly ignore other effects like the increased defense granted to opposing Pokemon by Stone Fighting Energy.
  19. Hello team! I've been playing pikarom alot this week and noticed that probably 1 out of 4 games I'll have at least 1 speed lighting energy not draw 2 cards on attach. I have a game log to show it its fairly close to the end of the match. I have played this deck for weeks without any problems but I noticed this week since I added mewtwo & mew GX the speed lightning is not drawing 2 It's on number 231 in bold sorry its alot Game Log Output Begins Here: *** Debug Current Game State Output Ends Here *** Versions Data: Client Version: Server Version: Bundles Version: 2140 Archetypes Bundle Version: 14956 Localization Bundle Version: 14962 Current Game ID: ecbe33f0-3a68-11eb-a754-06907eba700f
  20. I think the new shedinja has been coded in a way that it is not only restricted from being put on the bench, but also restricted from going back in the deck and discard pile. The bug is that the shedinja will always stay in your hand, when you or your opponent uses marnie, and it will also stay in your hand if you put a Dedenne GX down and use it's ability. As far as i know this isn't supposed to happen. It is pretty game breaking as this puts me in a big disadvantage playing this deck. Because this card is useless in the hand. How to recreate: 1. Have Shedinja in hand. 2. Try to discard it or put it back into the deck using Marnie or Dedenne GX. (other cards have to be tested but same result expected) Greets, IGN: AwakenedPsyduck
  21. Cmeeks561

    Versus Ladder

    Yes ive been playing, grinding everyday and also spending money recently grinding the ladder to find out none of my versus points are being calculated. Tried everything. Any help please! i want to grind for players cup or anything else and im getting zero point for grinding daily
  22. I retreated a Salamence Vmax by discarding two recycle energies, but instead of going back to my hand, the energies stayed in the discard pile. This happened in Turn 10 of the game log below: Game Log Output Begins Here:
  23. When copying Yveltal GX's "Doom Count GX" with Marshadow GX against a Fairy Type Pokémon that has exactly four damage counters on it and has the "Fairy Charm Ability" tool card attached, the GX attack fails. "Doom Count GX" directly knocks out the defending Pokémon if it's condition is met and "Fairy Charm Ability" prevents damage, not a direct knock out.
  24. Someone please tell me why I lost:Game Log Output Begins Here: *** Debug Current Game State Output Ends Here *** Versions Data: Client Version: Server Version: Bundles Version: 2111 Archetypes Bundle Version: 14752 Localization Bundle Version: 14756 Current Game ID: 23d2b2c0-0685-11eb-b2b5-069ec13e38e1
  25. UltanPSV

    [GAMEPLAY] Game Freeze

    I logged in, made a change to a deck, went on ladder get paired against someone. They were about to be donked but my game froze before the game finished, or at least the animation never played as I had pressed the button to use Heatran GX's Steaming Stomp attack which was going to end the game. If this is an issue with certain cards, the cards played was Welder, attached 2 Fire Energy, Switch, and attached another fire energy to Heatran GX, I pressed on Heatran GX to give me options of which attacks to use, I selected an attack (Steaming Stomp), and the game froze. By froze I mean the game looks like it got stuck in animation, my timer never goes down (stuck at 24:32 for about 10 minutes until I was kicked off the server), I could only press the buttons to open the settings, the yellow symbol around my username continued to circle indicating who's turn it is. I would prefer to use the other method of reporting a bug but I cannot make sense of the links provided as they are not links to what people say they are. I have screenshots of what my screen looked like, and 2 others that are trying to show that there has been a movement of time that shows the screen should not look like it does (the game has been frozen for several minutes, no actions have been taken, my timer doesn't go down), I can't see how to post images on this forum right now but I will edit this post when/if I see it. I would attach a game log of the game but I never got one.
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