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Found 80 results

  1. Hello, I am playing on Windows 10 and I have a Logitech C920 Webcam that is not being detected as a QR scanner. I have around 200+ cards that I want to redeem and I do not have time to type in every code. Please Help!
  2. Kenn367

    [GENERAL] Other - Game lag

    when I downlod PTCGO I cant hold the intense laggynes
  3. DjTaco1785

    [GENERAL] Asset Download Error

    Hi, I just got a new laptop, Surface Laptop 2, and whenever I try to play the game everything load fine but I can't see the card art, deck art, avatars etc. and it keeps saying "asset download error" on the cards. Is this a problem with the computer, the game or a completely different issue. Any insight would be appreciated.
  4. Ever since the update at the end of March the Simple Battle animations have been automatically turned on and the option to turn them off is not avalible to be clicked, it’s starting to annoy me since I’ve always played with the awesome Battle Animations, If anyone knows how to get them back on again thanks
  5. ShadowKiin1207

    [GAME] Can't disable simple effects!?

    Hello I have a problem. Recently I installed the update for Pokemon TCG Online that included the detective pikachu stuff. Ever since then Simple effects have been enabled and I can't disable them to get the regular attack animations back. Can someone please help me. Thanks in advance.
  6. Alguém me ajuda não sei explicar como isso aconteceu, não instalei nada, jogo todos os dias e quando fui jogar ontem ficou assim, conforme a imagem. Já não bastar tbm, não posso jogar mais no celular rs... Triste, Alguém ae pra me ajudar? PS: Atualizei o driver do vídeo. Alguém pode me ajudar. [Edited - Posting links to websites other than official Pokémon sites]
  7. Hey, So i have an issue with the QR reader feature, i have a logitech c920 connected to the pc which works like a charm. But when i try the qr reader function, i see a black screen in the little window and the webcam does not seems to be activated/recognized. in case if you wondering, yes i have the latest driver for the webcam and as i said above the webcam works well and is recognized when i use another game/program. Thanks in advance,
  8. I try play minigames in Pokemon website. Puzzle Zorua and Zoroark Sableye gem jorney I try 3 different browser. Web page load but the screen of the game stay always Loading and can't start the game. Start button not appears. It's always the loading bar forever. This are games with Flash but I have updated flash player and I played many times before. Is any other people happening the same? If not, what browser do you use? Grazie
  9. Hey trainers, For some reason I can't find where I can change my in-game language. It is set to Dutch, probably because I live in the Netherlands, but I always play my games in English and can't figure out how to change it. Thanks in advance
  10. PokéMAD420

    Pokémon copyright images?

    I got my awnser somewhere else how do i remove this topic???
  11. UncleWinston

    Cannot fullscreen (2560x1440) PC

    Hello everyone, Unable to fullscreen the app at my monitor's native resolution (2560x1440).1920x1080 DOES do fullscreen; however, running a non-native resolution lower like this looks pretty poorly as expected. Any insight on a fix or confirmation that this is a known bug would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  12. Eu fui dá uma olhada no ranking no site do pokémon TCG, e fui procurar a minha classificação no modo versus, formado expandido, não achei minha classificação de forma alguma, eu tenho834 ponto e não acho por lá, já coloquei em várias estações mas não aparece nada. Como faço para meu nome aparecer lá?
  13. Hello, i have a issue when i open the game: When i click to open the PTCGO, it open a very small screen, i can't see anything, but it open. I think it is a screen resolution problem. Can i change the game resolution without opening it? when i open the game: ********************** when the game is opened and i press alt+enter: **********************
  14. sirensoul

    Pantalla negra

    Hola! Desde la semana pasada que al iniciar el juego me sale la pantalla negra pero el juego se sigue ejecutando y hasta puedo hacer click en botones. He probado de todo para solucionar el problema, pero aún así persiste. Mi pc cumple con los requisitos minimos para el juego. Agradeceria mucho su ayuda
  15. Hi there, Recently I`ve had some issues with my ptcgo client (not account as my account works on other computers). When I boot ptgo, the game window is extremely small. Not minimum resolution small, like the size of an icon small. and the info in the window hasn`t been compressed, more like the window has been cropped to a very small section; I cannot see the log in boxes, cannot click the settings wheel, and cannot do anything. This happened recently; no drivers were changed, the program has been unsintalled and re-installed in two different drives and nothing helps. I tried forcing it to full screen but this is the result...](didn`t know you can`t post links) As you can see, it doesn`t stretch the image at all, only adds a black border. Wondering if anyone has any fixes to the issue. URL Removed by Mod_RedDragon
  16. Can't login. Tells me servers are still down. Forgive me first time using the forum. Just really wish I could play. It's currently 5.24 central time.
  17. Hello, Here is the issue I am having, I am able to start and load PTCGO, however, after a few minutes of being online and doing anything (looking at cards, battling, etc.) the game completely freezes. The video does not change even waiting for several minutes but I can hear the game sounds if I move my mouse or click on anything the video froze on. I have tried uninstalling and installing twice with no success. Any help much appreciated.
  18. Hi, all. I tried installing the game on my MacBook Air. The installation was quick and the game loads up right away. However the text (on the tutorial) is blocky and my hand is not displaying; the screen cuts off at the bench row. I've tried every video resolution the game offers. I have a screen shot, but I don't know how to/if I can attach it here. Thanks for any help you can provide.
  19. Hi. I'm Brazilian and I'm sorry for mistakes in words. I played the game a lot in my Windows 7 for a long time. But today when I entered the game updated and became all pink. Updated drivers. Windows 7 Ultimate x64 Can someone help me?
  20. The resolution looks terrible on my macbook pro. Tried every resolution setting available. I'm on the latest MacOS. Just started after the latest update to the pokemon client.
  21. unoiser

    Stuck in game ? Help!

    Hey how's it going? So I'll just go right into it, I started a match and when I was about to drag my first pokemon of the match, and the game froze completly, I thaught it was just some dumb crash or something but when i oppened it again, after the loading screen got to 100%, this grey screen appeared with no options to click in. I tried unistalling the game and also deleting all the files left manually in case i had corrupted files, i tried turning my pc off and on a couple of times, but nothing seems to work. Somehow I think I'm stuck in game ? Can you perhaps help me ? Thank you, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
  22. MaxxC23

    Game Continuously Freezes

    I'm using Windows 10 to play PTCGO on my laptop, and about 70% of the time when I'm in a game, whether its during the trainer challenge or a versus match, the game will randomly freeze after 5-8 minutes. I still hear the music running in the background and I can still click on things to make sounds, but the screen will freeze at a certain point. It occurs randomly if I look at a card or attack or use a trainer from my hand. I even updated my video drivers and downloaded the card cache to try and fix this but it's just not improving. Is this a bug that will be fixed or is there a way I can fix it myself? Edit: The game just froze during a coin flip. This is seriously irritating me.
  23. Most all the text works, but when first logging in my daily bonus description, or when looking at my collection it won't show what number of cards I have, only blocks. Any ideas how to fix this? I've already uninstalled the game and checked to see if I can update my graphics card but everything seems good. This only started happening in the most recent update.
  24. If you enter full-screen on the Mac client, you cannot hide the application (via command-H), nor can you "tab" away from it (command-tab). This is really weird behavior and I've never seen another Mac application act like that. Of course, if you're in windowed mode, you cannot see a small percentage of the game screen because the title bar pushes the game window down beyond the boundary of the screen. Since the game window cannot be dynamically resized, there's no easy solution to this issue. Can you please make the Mac client behave correctly in that it can be hidden or tabbed away from while in full-screen mode? Thank you!
  25. Since that update a few days ago, I can't login into the game. I already uninstalled it, re-downloaded it from the website again, removed all folders in appdata roaming etc, installed the game again, the update went fine, BUT I can't login! This happens: I input username and p-a- ss word, and the game starts, but it stucks at 8%, then after like 20 seconds it closes itself, and an error message appears "could not reach pokemon server, please try again in a minute" I've been trying to login over and over, for like 3 days, and I can't login! Please help!
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