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  1. Hello I received today the daily challenge (Dangerous Spores). I have tried to complete the challenge several times in trainer challenge with the rillaboom theme deck (using rillaboom attacks) - after 4 matches only attacking with rillaboom does the damage done meter not move / register it, hence not able to complete the challenge.
  2. I have a Problem with Tyson on Gold. i loose all the time although i didnt loose a single price card.
  3. I have encountered a bug while playing in trainer's challange, the card Wally ROS 94, was at first working normally then at one game it had ban symbol on it. The oppornent played wally twice and both time it had ban symbol but before that match it had no ban symbol.
  4. Hello. I am currently at player level 6 and I cannot complete more than one challenge per day. Currently I have the choice of one of two possible challenges. When I click on one it is chosen for the day and the second one is no longer available. I was under the impression that at level 5 you can complete two challenges per day. Is there something on the UI I am missing? Thank you.
  5. I was casually playing the trainer challenge with some of the default decks, namely the match with Juji in the gold cup, when she seemed to get stuck in a never-ending loop of deciding what move to use with her active Mienshao. It's also worth noting that choosing to concede didn't work, despite pressing it multiple times. I believe I've added all the relevant information I could, but I'm attaching the game log to this post just in case on the other hand, it seems impossible to add a file attachment to a post, so a basic copy and paste below the line will have to suffice for now. Game Log Output Begins Here: *** Debug Current Game State Output Ends Here *** Versions Data: Client Version: Server Version: Bundles Version: 2003 Archetypes Bundle Version: 13811 Localization Bundle Version: 13890 Current Game ID: 48643210-3059-11ea-ab20-22000abe3e42
  6. Client: MienshaoCard Number: Furious Fists #57Expected Action: After Mienshao's Aero Turn attack is used and all cards attached to it are returned to the AI opponent's hand, they should choose a card to replace it as the active pokemon.Actual Action: After Mienshao's Aero Turn attack is used and all cards attached to it are returned to the AI opponent's hand, the AI does nothing. Because the match is against an AI opponent, there is no idle timer, leading to an infinite wait. Because it is the opponent's turn, conceding does not work, forcing the player to manually close the game window. Steps to Reproduce: Play against Juji in her first battle in the gold league of the trainer challenge, then allow the game to progress to a point where she uses Mienshao's Aero Turn attack.
  7. Good day! While I was playing a Versus challenge against my friend, the client hanged once they defeated my active Pokemon (Versus). Then, while going on a Trainer Challenge, I also encountered the same problem (Trainer Challenge). The only way I was able to play the game was to close the game and open it once again. I tried "Conceding" the match but it did not let me exit the match.
  8. In the game, these two cards are triggered even when the improper Pokemon is active. I didn’t check Nita, because I don’t use it in the game, but maybe it is also are faulty. P. S. I apologize in advance for errors; my native language is Russian.
  9. Gidorkian

    Constant Game Crash

    Dear TCG Support: I downloaded the online game sometime ago, however it seems more often lately it is crashing or simply losing connection to the serve. Now while it might be easy to blame it on my own network connection, I know this not to be the case. No matter where I am, this server often disconnects (ONLY in the middle of a game!). It gets very frustrating to not be able to finish a battle and have it disconnect, especially when the other player likely believes you're rage quitting. This constant disconnection takes the joy out of the game and makes it so I don't truly want to play. Why play a game if you know 5 minutes in, it'll kick you out? If there is a way to fix this on my end, I am all ears! Thanks, Gidorkian!
  10. Alright so I just faced Tyson and I had one card left in my prize pool... however... Tyson ran out of cards to draw. Should be fine right? I mean it's another win condition so what's the problem? The game was stuck in a weird place for some reason. The log showed that it registered how Tyson was out of cards to draw, but it didn't end the duel and go to the menu like normal. So I became stuck there, unable to make a move and unable to "give up" because the option was greyed out. :I I had no choice but to close the game entirely to escape the match. Thankfully when I logged back in and returned to the trainer challenge menu, the next trainer was unlocked so I didn't need to re-do Tyson's duel again. >_>; I was a little worried this glitch had cost me the win... If needed I did save a screenshot from Tyson's duel, as well as a copy of the game log and can post them for the mods if they need any of that stuff.
  11. After last update game, today - i see following errors: 1. Tropical Shake attack in deck tropical takedown not work before add 1-8 energy card. Attack only deals 20 damage for opponent card - in any game modes Card which is not work attack in game: https://www.pokemon.com/us/pokemon-tcg/pokemon-cards/sm-series/sm6/2/ 2. In any match type aftere my victories - instead of the victory screen, the defeat screen is shown and I do not get any rewards for the match Please test and correct this bugs
  12. I have duplicated the glitch several times. Randomly ever time I use Blazing Energy ability from Typhlosion when in a trainer challenge, I cannot proceed to attack and I have to exit the game. I am also not able to concede.
  13. I just today built a deck for Unlimited which uses greedy dice, Jirachi prism star, and rotom UnL- all of which are supposed to access the prize cards without shuffling them. Some cards, such as Beast Ball, require shuffling, but these do not. However, using the "test deck" feature in deck builder, I discovered that cards placed in a specific prize slot did not stay there. This bug likely affects the prize pool itself rather than individual cards, and likely extends to the vs ladder, events, and friend matches. However, those are not things I can test. That is inconsequential for virtually all decks. However, this specific one relies on controlling prizes to try to take 2-5 on a single KO, so it's kinda floundering. (I like weird decks.)
  14. When I tried to do a Circle Circuit attack using Raichu with a DCE attached, it worked fine for 4 or 5 benched Pokemon. When I expanded the bench to 8 via Stadium, and populated it, it would only let me retreat not attack. Client = latest iOS, iPad Air2 Trainer Challenge
  15. In the Platinum trainer challenge level, I cannot seem to get (trying all four of my decks) the fourth star for challenging Nathan (AI). I went through the decks again, and I do not get any further. Bug? Dumb operator error?
  16. Client: (Run through **** on Fedora 25) When I click on my second prize card it glows yellow and stops pulsing but does not take the card and I cannot continue the game.
  17. I have been working through the 4 levels of the trainer challenge mode in the City Championship Tier and it is hit or miss each time I win whether or not I will receive credit signified with a gold star. Right now I am trying to get a 3rd star from the final npc on this level and I am contemplating giving up the reward for completion because this glitch comes up so frequently that I have likely won enough trainer challenges to complete all 3 tiers of rewards at 4 stars.
  18. Hi, I'm quite new to the digital version of the TCG, but have been enjoying it this far. This may not be a bug, but perhaps myself who doesn't fully understand the rules of "Amnesia". So feel free to correct me. I was playing a Trainer Challenge against Penelope with my Mewtwo Mayhem deck. She had put Whiscash into play and I was playing with Mewtwo. She made Whiscash use its Amnesia attack. The description of the attack says: "Choose 1 of your opponent's Active Pokémon's attacks. That Pokémon can't use that attack during your opponent's next turn". Still, Mewtwo couldn't use any of it's attacks (Psychic or Barrier). This happened during the first time Whiscash used Amnesia and for the other times aswell. Has this happened to anyone else?
  19. adansorola333

    Fighting trainers

    For some reason when I challenge trainers after one star I can't get anymore accomplished after I beat them ? Plz fix ASAP
  20. I completed 12 wins with Midnight Surfer (SM Trainer Kit) in the TC last week. Afterward, I'm pretty sure I received a locked ROS pack. I asked support about this and they "confirmed" that all TC rewards, even for "unlocked" decks, are supposed to be locked. This is the first time I've heard of this and have personally experienced the contrary--12 wins with unlocked decks award an unlocked pack. I also confirmed with other users that the TC is still giving unlocked packs, even for Midnight Surfer. Can one of the devs clarify the situation for me? Support has been useless.
  21. 3:45 est i played quad lapras vs a zygarde ex deck.... it seemed to gain additional effects such as extra ability, reduced damage, and effects that prevent energy removal..... unless im mistaken i dont know how this was possible. i didnt see any card or ability that would produce the results. please check my game log and see if the results are similar. basically he would attack and gain a new effect. my team flare grunt wouldnt remove his energy, same with crushing hammer. also damage that i did to him was reduced for no particular reason.
  22. I'm unable to receive credit for winning with the "Swift Current" theme deck. After winning 11 times and receiving credit normally, I'm unable to receive credit for my twelfth win. I've won against various opponents previously unbeaten with the deck in all three leagues multiple times, but the reward tab is is greyed out and not clickable. However: After beating a new, previously unbeaten, opponent in a league and failing to receive one of the four stars, I am able to challenge the next opponent in the league.
  23. LordKieta

    Bright Tide Theme Deck

    Hello, I've entered a total of two Bright Tide Theme Deck codes into my game. I know the first one is supposed to open automatically so you get the deck to be playable in Trainer Challenge, but if memory serves me correct, the second time you get a theme deck, it should stay sealed so you can trade it. I put in the first Bright Tide Theme Deck code last week, and the deck opened like it should. I put in a second Bright Tide Theme Deck code just now so I could have a tradable copy of the deck, but it also opened. Is this a bug that the second copy opened, or do they all open now. I would really like to have the theme deck itself as collection, but if this is no longer how it works, I'll accept this and move on. If this is a bug however, I'll refrain from trading anything I just opened so there is a possibility that I can get a regular tradable copy of the theme deck. Thank you.
  24. Good day everyone! I am new to this game,currently at level 0. I am trying to clear the first challenge,which is "win 1 match with a theme deck that contains water Pokemon." I created a deck with full water pokemons,and enter "versus" and win players. However,there is totally no progression at all,showing 0/1. Tried win one more match,and its still the same. Can i know what's the problem with this? Save me!
  25. Title says it all, The theme decks that you can unlock cards for ingame through the Trainer challenge have had their unlockable cards reset. e.g. porygon is back in the Hidden Depths deck instead of the Ancient Trait Gyarados.
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