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Found 173 results

  1. When sorting Public Trades by rarity, Eternatus VMAX does not show up. To test this, I set the filters to Darkness Ablaze 117. I find matching trades only when no rarity option is selected. When I select any option (I tried them all), I find no matching trades. I tested this on Lapras VMAX as well and I found the same issue: It doesn't show up in public trades when the rarity option is selected. Interestingly, the rainbow rare DOES show up under orange star rarity, but not the regular art.
  2. In collection section, I note that silver eternatus coin is tradable. However, when I want to create a public trade or private trade, this coin cannot be found.
  3. god please ive watched the videos ive looked at the how to's my cards dont have a for trade button none of them do somebody please help me im gonna start sobbing i just want to give my friend some poipoles please god please
  4. After this most recent update (with Darkness Ablaze) I can no longer use these trade filters (For Want & I'm getting). Before I used to be able to select both of those filters and within seconds I would receive all the offers for cards I want. Now it just stays on "Loading Trades" screen until I turn off the filters again. I haven't found anyone reporting the same bug happening to them but it is quite annoying when I'm trying to find the cards that I want to trade for. I know for a fact that the cards I have marked "For Want" are still being offered in trades because if I mark a card from one of the trades that first loads upon entering the public trades as "For Want" and then refresh with filters it doesn't show up.
  5. When I send a friend request to someone, then attempt to send a trade offer, I can't find their name in either Public or Private usernames. I still can before sending the fr, or after they've accepted it. I suppose it has to do with the fact that when you send a fr, the user is on the line between friend and not friend. Small issue, but would be satisfied with a fix.
  6. i know its about child safety but you can filter it i want open chat so i can trade cards with my daughter and do Pokemon card battles with her i tried tried tried wont go off of closed not even to limited chat it needs fixing even if theirs a verse and trade family part i cant find them let alone battle with them why have a faily account if you cant play together
  7. Problem #1: Trades are loaded into RAM. When in Public Trades RAM usage spikes. Refreshing Public Trades does not release memory that was used to load Public Trades, but rather, more memory is used (In my case PTCGO's RAM usage went up to 1,815 MB :/) I use a RAM releaser to make the not crash. This also happens during login / logout - please release unneeded RAM and stop loading Trades to RAM. Problem #2: Trades do not load unless scroll bar is at bottom. Problem #3: PTCGO is 32-bit. Please use 64-bit and offer 32-bit on downloads page for systems that use 32-bit. (Most companies use this better method). This would help encourage people to play the game if it worked without crashing.
  8. Ways to reproduce: Create a private trade. Go to public trades. Get your private trade accepted or rejected. Public trades reloads. or Go to public trades. Get sent a private trade. The creator of the private trade cancels it. Public trades reloads. or Get sent a private trade. Go to public trades. The creator of the private trade cancels it. Public trades reloads. This is annoying at it refreshed public trades. Also it is super easy to annoy people who are trading, send and cancel offers; this is why this is annoying.
  9. Client Version: Steps to reproduce: Go to collection / view a player's collection for trade in private trade Go to a tab that is either Trainer or Packs (bug works with both) Sort by: 'Expansion (Newest-Oldest)' Go to Trade Create Private Trade Go to the tab that you previously sorted Result: (I think) Items are sorted by 'Alphabetical (A-Z)' Expected Result: Items are sorted by 'Expansion (Newest-Oldest)' How to prevent this: Change sort to something else then change back to 'Expansion (Newest-Oldest)' or Don't leave Trainer / Packs tab sorted by 'Expansion (Newest-Oldest)' I am unsure if this also happens if different tab / sort combinations are used but I am positive that this happens in this case. Please tell me if this also happens on your devices, thanks !
  10. I have cards/packs that I no longer own largely from being traded, but they are still marked as for trade in my collection. The biggest concern is that I can not unmark them for trade. It, unfortunately, makes it a bit more difficult to trade with people when they see cards you don't own marked as for trade. Is there anything I can do to get these unmarked? Thank you for your time, and if you need any other information I am happy to provide it.
  11. Hi! I recently installed the game for my 6 year old son to play, but because I didn't quite understand what I was doing I redeemed/unlocked two of his physical decks (using codes) on my account instead of his "Child" account. As far as I've been able to research, it isn't possible to swap/trade a whole theme deck between accounts, although if anybody knows whether this has changed I'd be interested to know how to do it. But I was wondering, is it possible to roll back a code redemption, that is take a deck/code off your account, so that it's available to use again on someone else's? It seems like if this was possible it'd be somewhere obvious but I thought it was worth asking.
  12. I just noticed some coins of gameplay doesn't appear to add to a trade even if you have it in collection. Go to Trade section > Create trade > Public Gameplay > [I'm getting] Look for "Plasma", (**) will appear 3 coins: Blue, Silver dark and Silver blue with names: 'Blue rainbow Team Plasma coin', 'Silver rainbow Team Plasma coin', and 'Silver Team Plasma blue coin'. I have 1unlocked+2 locked of Blue, 0 of Silver rainbow, 1 locked+1 unlocked of Silver. They are from Plasma Storm Theme decks: Plasma claw and Plasma Shadow. On the other side, I only have one copy of each of this Theme and even though I could have gotten the unlocked coins from trades, this doesn't fit with having 2 locked of Blue. Don't know where is the Rainbow from or if obtainable (and this is a different matter but, would be awesome if we could know where the Gameplay stuff is from (which tin, box, etc) and if it's an obtainable item). Back to the bug, go to I'm giving > Gameplay, side. Search for "Plasma" or "Silver" words. No Team Plasma coins appearing. Checked collection and shows as above (**), locked and unlocked ones. So I can't offer my Plasma spare coins to make trades. Sure it happens with more stuff, needs to be widely checked (and if possible, improve the information of gameplay)
  13. Hello, I think have found a minor game bug when filtering trades to look for a specific card. If I miss the "Collection Number" box with my cursor and accidentally click the dark blue space surrounding it, the box greys out (as if I had selected multiple sets). If I deselect the set I originally chose (so no set is selected) the box unlocks and I can enter a collection number. Clicking "Reset" also clears this behavior, but it also clears all the other filters. I did some further testing, and it looks like only the regions above the text box or to the right of the text box actually do anything. Clicking below or to the left won't lock it up. Thank you. Server: Client: EDIT: I originally tried to include a screenshot of the area in question, but the forum does not allow for it.
  14. LegendofZapdos5

    Trading Cards

    I did not see anyone post anything on this subject but I have encountered a bug for private trades. When I go to set up a private trade with a friend-some of his/her cards would be missing (Even though they got it marked for trade). When I go to my selection to choose cards I want to trade to them-almost all mine (Or sometimes a few) are not showing up for trade. I have tried to mess with the filters but when I leave a trade and come back-the same problem is there again. I checked to make sure my cards are marked for trade and they are. Also different cards are missing for different friends I try to trade with. It also has the same affect if I try to counter-trade them as well. If someone else has reported this already-then please delete this post. EDIT: This bug does not affect public trades. It only affects private ones. My public trade I want to set up-the cards I got marked for trade show up just fine.
  15. Solgaleoleo

    Glitched pack

    I accepted public offer giving Celestial Storm pack for Honchkrow-GX 5 days ago, but nothing happened. I didn't get Honchrow-GX. Then that offer was somehow "translated" to me as private offer. It was like the player who posted public offer actually send me a private offer. I rejected that offer and now I have a glitched trade locked pack which cannot be opened. It says: "There was an issue while trying to open your pack: This item is currently being offered for trade and cannot be opened." There is nothing in trade offers. I tried to reinstall the game but that didn't solve my problem. I even traded for another Celestial Storm pack and I could open that pack but I still have 1 glitched Celestial Storm pack in my collection. How to solve this problem? (I am playing on PC)
  16. After new patch release posting a new trade takes much more time than usual. It's not a small amount, it's like 4 times longer. It considers: 1. Waiting for public/private trade window. 2. Waiting for cards to load. 3. Resetting card name in the search bar. This problem did NOT occur before the new patch release.
  17. I traded a xeneas GX for a UNF card pack and I didn't get the card back or a UNF pack.
  18. Aalbiorix

    Trading Glitch

    I found this bug and I have no idea how to get rid of it. It only happens when creating a trade offer. So I finish the offer, and I go to the create offer button, and it gives me the screen that asks me how long I want the offer up for. I press 48 hours, it doesn't charge me and the offer isn't made. It's a simple offer, so I make the offer again but put it on 24 hours. Closes the screen and doesn't charge me. At this point I'm annoyed and I don't bother to try 8 hours, which probably would've broken too. Is this a bug or a feature, if it's a bug, is there a way I can fix it? If it's a feature, is there a way I can turn it off?
  19. Pretty simple really. I didn't screenshot the mail I got, clearly showing it as unlocked, but I can screenshot the pack from the login reward: [Link removed by Mod_RedDragon] As you can see the Sun & Moon base set pack is not unlocked, it's locked: [Link removed by Mod_RedDragon] And I'm level 21. The mail changed from locked to unlocked at around level 17, 18? But the pack didn't actually became unlocked.
  20. I was asking myself how to check and find the Yellow alternate cards in the Filters when you're going to search a card in Trading section. You know, you enter Trades, Public offers, then choose Cards and in Card filters, how to find that Yellow alternates? I've just realized myself you can search for the exact card entering the card number. I just thought letters were not allowed, but yes, you can search for Set + Card+a (like BKT 146a). So I went to try to find Yveltal EX: XY Black star promo 150a. Mmm no, the text in the box becomes red = doesn't exist. Ok, let's try with another, Jirachi XY Black star promo 67a. Oh, text in red. You can go ahead and Intro that red text, but it searches for the 150, or the 67. All of them. Mixed. The 150 and the 150a so you need to check trade by trade and in some it's the 150 and other trades it's the 150a. Filter doesn't filters. Same with Jirachi, both appear in trades, 67 and 67a. Mixed. This doesn't happens when you search for a set Yellow alternate promo. Darkrai GX BUS 88a? There it goes, only the exact Yellow alternate card in trades. Delinquent BKP 98b. There goes, perfect. Only the exact card when you search in the sets. Try with S&M Black star promos, just in case it's an old thing of XY Black star: Tapu koko S&M Black star promo 30a. Mixed again, SM30 and SM30a it seems Black star promo Yellow alternate cards are not added to the list of existing cards themselves so filter doesn't recognize the Alternate Yellow cards as unique or different than the regular Black star promo. Am I right? Thanks
  21. Applejockel

    Binder not updating

    Hey guys, My binder is not updating itself. Actually it has never updated. It shows cards I do not own since I traded them away like a year ago. I dont like receiving offers I cant accept because my binder shows the wrong cards. I hope you are able to help me or can tell me what I am doing wrong. Yours sincerely Applejockel
  22. For some reason the game wont let me do public trades despite the fact that I am set on open. If anyone can help me that would be great
  23. ok i have a screen shot as proof...i started a public trade using the 2 ultra prism packs i have. i then went and redeemed the newsletter pack. after opening the newsletter pack it now shows that i only own 1 pack.
  24. when I push to trade it says post trade for 8, 24, 48 hours but none are clickable forcing me to cancel the trade and re make that trade differently
  25. So I have an iPad Mini 2 and I have no problem using it to play or do anything else in Pokémon TCG Online. However the only thing I cannot do is look at Public Offers in Trades. I want to look and trade cards but in the many months of playing I've never been able to see the section. It just goes in a constant loop saying "Loading Trades from server, please wait." And whether you wait 5 mins or an hour, it always shows that loop. I have put several customer service tickets in and I never got a resolution out of it. Anyone else experiencing this or am I just the only one?
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