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Found 211 results

  1. Hello, I was going to begin the fist game of a Standard Tournament and the game didn't let me choose my starting Pokémon. I don't know if this problem applies to Versus games too, but I played the game with no problem yesterday. Don't know how to add an image, but essentially I wasn't able to select my starting Pokémon and a green button appeared at the bottom right side of the screen that said "End Turn". Thank you in advance.
  2. jasant98

    TCGO Event bug

    Hi, I have tried to join a tournament but it doesn't show that I have entered/added me to the list of players while keeping me on that ********** is possible to go to the versus tab and play regularly however by doing so the game deducts tournament tickets each time. I have tried joining an event/tournament 4-5 times of different kinds but have lost tickets regardless without being able to participate in it. I have also tried logging ********** of the game as well as reinstalling but still encounter this bug, not sure why this has been happening Thanks
  3. Lose in the second fight of tournament, and then I left, didn't get my rewards (3th-4th price) after the tournament is ended.
  4. You are able to use Alolan Diglett's LOT #122 Call for family attack when your bench is full. The game will not allow you to add to your bench when full but since it is public knowledge that you have a full bench you should not be able to use the attack at all.
  5. During a tournament, on the first match, I triggered the 15 second timer on one turn. On the next, the only thing I needed to win was to choose an attack, but the timer meant I wasn't able to select the attack in time. It continued off from were it left off the previous turn, with like 3 seconds remaining. This is really frustrating. Also, instead of a loss of a turn, I was just given a straight game loss. Something wouldn't let me paste the log directly here, so I pasted it to hastebin. *********************************** It only registered me drawing a card that last turn. This is an image of the end of the log: ******************************* At a minimum, I would want the 4 tickets refunded. OK, my links were hidden. If any moderator wants them, I can send them via PM or something. Is there such a function?
  6. To Whom it may concern, I came across a game breaking bug in the game during one of my streams on May 29th, 2018 at approx. 9:15pm Pacific Time zone. This is in regards to having Wobbuffett (XY-Phantom Forces 36/119) in play as your active pokemon and Malamar (Sun/Moon - Forbidden Light 51/131) on your bench. Wobbuffet's Ability reads as follows: "As long as this Pokémon is your Active Pokémon, each Pokémon in play, in each player's hand, and in each player's discard pile has no Abilities (except for Psychic Pokemon)". As it reads, every pokemon in play, hand, or discard pile have no abilities except for psychic pokemon. Malamar is a psychic pokemon. which by the card rules, means you should be able to use malamar's abiilty: "Once during your turn (before your attack), you may attach a Psychic Energy card from your discard pile to 1 of your Benched Pokémon." I activated Malamar's Ability, was able to select a Psychic energy and then went to apply it to a Mimikyu on the bench. But when i clicked on Mimikyu to apply the energy, the game blocked the energy attachment and wasted my Malamar's ability. i tried one more time with another Malamar on my bench and the ability fizzled out when trying to attach the energy. Please look into this as many player's are using Malamar right now. By my judgement and by the rules of both cards, the energy should have been attached. If Wobbuffet did not allow Malamar's ability, I shouldn't have been able to activate it. Thank you for your time, D. Lyne
  7. I entered a tournament, when I was prepared to play the game goes back to the log in screen. When I finally managed to get back in it went back to the home page no tickets, no play. I need help, is this a bug?
  8. M Glalie Ex had more than 10 damage on it but it's attack would only do 100 damage to the defending pokemon This has happened multiple times already. Game Log Output: 189. SteContiero played Parallel City. ***. SteContiero played Professor's Letter. 191. SteContiero drew Psychic Energy. 192. SteContiero attached a Psychic Energy to Trevenant. 193. SteContiero played Professor Sycamore. 194. SteContiero drew a card. 195. SteContiero drew a card. 196. SteContiero drew a card. 197. SteContiero drew a card. 198. SteContiero drew a card. 199. SteContiero drew a card. 200. SteContiero drew a card. 201. SteContiero played Evosoda. 202. SteContiero's Trevenant evolved into Trevenant BREAK. 203. SteContiero played Level Ball. 204. SteContiero drew Phantump. 205. SteContiero put Phantump onto the Bench. 206. SteContiero played Super Rod. 207. SteContiero's Trevenant BREAK used Energy Press and did 100 damage to ChrisFont's M Glalie-EX. 208. SteContiero took a Prize card. 209. SteContiero took a Prize card. 210. M Glalie-EX became ChrisFont's new Active Pokémon. 211. ChrisFont's M Glalie-EX was Knocked Out. 212. It is now ChrisFont's turn (Turn #12). 213. ChrisFont drew VS Seeker. 214. ChrisFon********** a Double Colorless Energy to Glalie-EX. 215. ChrisFont put M Glalie-EX onto the Bench. 216. ChrisFon********** a Glalie Spirit Link to M Glalie-EX. 217. ChrisFont's Glalie-EX evolved into M Glalie-EX. 218. ChrisFont played Mega Turbo. 219. ChrisFon********** a Water Energy to M Glalie-EX. 220. ChrisFont's M Glalie-EX used Cryo Mouth and did 80 damage to SteContiero's Trevenant BREAK. 221. It is now SteContiero's turn (Turn #13). 222. SteContiero drew a card. 223. SteContiero attached a Psychic Energy to Phantump. 224. SteContiero put Trevenant onto the Bench. 225. SteContiero's Phantump evolved into Trevenant. 226. ChrisFont's M Glalie-EX had 3 damage counters put on it from Silent Fear. 227. ChrisFont's Octillery had 3 damage counters put on it from Silent Fear. 228. ChrisFont's Manaphy-EX had 3 damage counters put on it from Silent Fear. 229. ChrisFont's M Glalie-EX had 3 damage counters put on it from Silent Fear. 230. ChrisFont's Glalie-EX had 3 damage counters put on it from Silent Fear. 231. SteContiero's Trevenant BREAK used its Silent Fear attack. 232. SteContiero took a Prize card. 233. ChrisFont's Octillery was Knocked Out. 234. It is now ChrisFont's turn (Turn #14). 235. ChrisFont drew Professor Sycamore. 236. ChrisFon********** a Water Energy to Glalie-EX. 237. ChrisFont played Super Rod. 238. ChrisFont played Professor Sycamore. 239. ChrisFont drew VS Seeker. 240. ChrisFont drew Glalie Spirit Link. 241. ChrisFont drew Water Energy. 242. ChrisFont drew Lysandre. 243. ChrisFont drew Water Energy. 244. ChrisFont drew Water Energy. 245. ChrisFont drew Octillery. 246. ChrisFon********** a Glalie Spirit Link to Glalie-EX. 247. ChrisFont's M Glalie-EX used Cryo Mouth and did 80 damage to SteContiero's Trevenant BREAK. 248. ChrisFont took a Prize card. 249. Trevenant became SteContiero's new Active Pokémon. 250. SteContiero's Trevenant BREAK was Knocked Out. 251. It is now SteContiero's turn (Turn #15). 252. SteContiero drew a card. 253. SteContiero put Alakazam-EX onto the Bench. 254. SteContiero attached a Double Colorless Energy to Trevenant. 255. SteContiero attached a Alakazam Spirit Link to Alakazam-EX. 256. SteContiero played Shrine of Memories. 257. SteContiero played Trainers' Mail. 258. SteContiero drew Bursting Balloon. 259. SteContiero attached a Bursting Balloon to Trevenant. 260. SteContiero's Trevenant used Energy Press and did 100 damage to ChrisFont's M Glalie-EX. 261. It is now ChrisFont's turn (Turn #16). 262. ChrisFont drew Remoraid. 263. SteContiero's Trevenant retreated. 264. ChrisFont played Lysandre. 265. Alakazam-EX became SteContiero's new Active Pokémon. 266. ChrisFont's M Glalie-EX used Cryo Mouth and did 250 damage to SteContiero's Alakazam-EX. **********Font took a Prize card. 268. ChrisFont took a Prize card. 269. SteContiero's Alakazam-EX was Knocked Out. Game Log Output Ends Here *** Debug Game Log Output Begins Here ***
  9. Today I was playing a tournament and I just reached the final, waiting for it to begin. Weather is really bad today and connection went off for a couple minutes. When I was back online, tournament was over and my final match was declared lost. What? I clearly remember TCGO waiting up to 5 minutes if a player goes offline! It had happened to both me and my opponents in the past, and when someone was offline for just a bit, the game just paused for some minutes waiting for the player to come back! Why now I haven't been waited, even if it was just a couple minutes? The final match hadn't even started before my connection fell! I have not disconnected DURING the match, but before! Why not to wait 5 minutes? This isn't right to me, I have lost a potential 9 potential booster packs that I could gain with my strenght, because the game does not wait for me just 2 minutes. Is that a bug or you have removed that (useful) thing? It's not fair. Connections can go down for a bit, it's right to wait.
  10. I can't play in tourneys due to the 3-week(or in today's terms, the two Fridays after) rule, despite the fact that my cards are past 3 weeks after their respective set's release date. Is it because of the fact that I cloned it from a deck containing cards that are from a set that's not tourney-legal yet because of such rules? Or is it a glitch from some other source? Tried re-logging, restarting app, problem not solved... In case you need to see some proof, relevant pics in sig, as I understand that you can't see links, even if they lead to pics that show the proof, in post w/o censors... But since I found you can still see them in sig, is it ok if you take a look to see what I'm implying, and take action accordingly???
  11. I just got kicked out of a event tournament, and i didnt receive any prizes . I won 3rd place of the Theme tournament and I waited until the tournament was over and i went to my collections of packs and i didnt see any random booster packs! There must have been a bug that might have kicked me out.
  12. Is this enough proof of an individual card bug to warrant a new entry to the bug list? Has anyone else experienced this? Normally, I would go file a ticket, but in this simple case, a simple post could be all that is necessary, or is it? This possible bug arose during a tournament match, and was the match's difference: Client: Card: Swellow Card Number: Guardians Rising #104 Expected Action: Effect of Agility triggering boosted damage from Swallow Dive reset once returned to the bench after Escape Rope(BUS #114), despite its replacement bench pokemon getting KO'd on same turn as escape rope use. Actual Action: Effect of Agility triggering boosted damage from Swallow Dive did not reset after escape rope forced it to Bench Steps to Reproduce: Attach one energy to Swellow, use Agility, have opposing player use Escape Rope to force it out and KO its replacement, then try Swallow Dive. ^ Anyone want to chime in?
  13. I was just playing a tournament now it was the finals and just when I set everything up and was on the verge of winning....server maintenance and couldn't login suddenly....u may check it up if u dont..Believe me
  14. Ummm where are Standard Tournament coin events?
  15. CatLady1313

    Bugged out Tournaments

    Recently during a tournament I started me and the opponent and I could not see our game screen. It said "Waiting on opponent to load the game." After waiting 6 minutes I closed the game and reloaded it and only then when we both had 6 minutes left did the game load. The game creators really need to fix this bug, I lost the tournament because I had no time left. It wasted my tickets. Anyone else having this problem?
  16. As we know from the Devs, Vileplume UD 24 has a bug at the moment that not only blocks players from playing items, but also any Supporter and Stadium cards. This is actually a major problem, as there are players who are disrupting this week's legacy tournament using decks that explicitly use this card bug to score cheap wins. This would not be such a urgent big problem if this week's prizes is not Triumphant, which to many Legacy Players like myself look forward to intently. I urge the Developers to put on a temporary ban on Vileplume UD 24 until a hotfix is issued.
  17. I got knocked out of a legacy tournament about twenty minutes ago now and left the tournament soon after. I checked my collection just now and since I came 3rd/4th I should have 1 triumphant pack and 1 noble victories pack but nothing is appearing. Is it because I left the tournament and therefore am not rewarded?
  18. A couple days after s/m came out, i played in a tournament, after i finished it, cards in my collection are gone, as well as any packs/ prize support i got from my match. I dont know if this is happening to anyone else, but its very upsetting because i can not update any decks, make trades, or get s/m packs on my account to open.
  19. When playing the parallel city stadium and attacking with "Mega Charizard Y" I have both the attack and the damage effect
  20. JayD37

    Tournament Bug

    I've played in several tournament matches the last two days and have had 3 times where the opponent, and my own timer randomly stop. I really don't think its my internet connection, as I have played for hours without issue, before and after these matches. When I would notice the timer stop, I tried to wait it out the first time, and I ended up waiting for over 45 mins, which is way over the time limit. The second time this happened I quickly closed and restarted the app, and I had miraculously moved onto the next round of the tournament, hinting that my opponent left, which I find odd, as he was in the lead and would be unlikely to quit. The third and final time this has happened was several minutes ago, where I tried closing and restarting again, and instead of having me reappear in the game, I wasn't even in the tournament any more which irritated me as it was 40 second at most and I should have still been in the game as it was to early for my opponent to end it even if it skipped my turn after a minute. I really don't know whats causing this, as if it was just my internet connection on my last game I easily should have been able to rejoin, rather than be kicked from the tournament all together. It hasn't bothered me to much as I have a lot of tickets and can afford to burn through them, however I know there are players who don't have that luxury and if this bug effects them, it could take them a while to save up the tickets for another tournament.
  21. Titchpunk

    Bug Regice vs Mewtwo EX

    Hello, I was playing in a tournament and my opponent was figthing with a mewtwo EX against my Regice. I was attacking with "Resistance Blizzard" so he couldn't do me any damage. He was attacking with "Damage change" and this attack was just reseting his HP as long as my Regice was immune. But after several attacks, Regice took the damages while he was immune and took a KO ! What happened ? I don't understand at all Is it a bug ? A cheat ? Thank you in advance
  22. Sbreddragon

    [Game] Tournament Bug

    There wasn't really a format for this so I apologize in advance. -I'm in a 4 ticket theme deck tourney in the TCG launcher and i've made it to the last round, it reads there is 0 time left to the next round and i've waited for about 15 minutes and the next match hasn't started. I also have not gotten any reward from the tourney. What do I do? P.S. I have photo proof if you do need it.
  23. Mr_Green

    bug report prizes

    Hey guys, I got a bug when I was playing an event. When I knocked the opponent's pokemon out, I had trouble to get my prize card, they didn`t show up, and after my time went out they show up and I could`t close. I couldn,t play anymore. :S
  24. Some minutes ago I was in a 24 tickets tournament, my Mega Tyranitar EX had two special dark energies, and when my rival attacked my pokemon with their Mewtwo EX (Breakthrough #62), using Shatter Shot, Mewtwo didn't receive damage. This ocurred two times, and the only "weird" thing is that Mewtwo held a Fighting Fury Belt, but it shouldn't affect the effect of my dark energies... I checked the abilities of the pokemon, only one of them had ability, I don't remember the ability now, but it was one ability that shouldn't affect to the damage either... And the stadium card, "Chaos Tower" shouldn't affect either...
  25. Goldlarvitar

    Error in Tournament

    Hello. I've just had a problem in the final round in a tournament. It was my rival's turn, but after some actions, the game seemed to stop, as well as his time counter. But I could check the cards in both benches, the active pokemon and the discard piles... I thought that it was a problem with my conexion, but I tried looking something quicky in internet and it worked fine, so I don't know how it happened. As I saw that I could not continue the match, I tried to surrender, but the option was disabled... so I had to close the game and open it again. After opening, I had lost, as I expected after such a long time. I saved a game log, if it helps. It stops just after my rival joined a double energy to his Glalie. Thanks for you help!!
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