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  1. Hallo, gibt es eine Möglichkeit seinen Benutzernamen zu ändern? ***** um Antwort
  2. Addie462

    The game keeps crashing.

    I went to download this on my Samsung Galaxy s7 edge which I found out it is not compatible with my device. (Which I see why it shouldn't work as long as I have a wifi connection.) So I downloaded it onto my iPad. I started the game today and started the tutorial but it keeps crashing. It would completely turn off the game and go back to my homescreen. When I go back into the app I have to start the tutorial all over again!! I tried about 4 times the same tutorial but cant pass it as it keeps crashing.
  3. I was logged in and playing pre 'versus ladder' update moments ago. I logged out to refresh everything and when I went to log back in, I can't. It either freezes at 18% or advances extremely slowly, then fails to connect. I have uninstalled, and reinstalled, and am now trying again, but it keeps failing to connect. Please help?!
  4. I had learned about a re ent promo for a shiny celebi. I checked my account to make sure I was signed up for newsletters. I still was. I go to check my email. Spam. Trash. Primary. Promotions. Nothing. I finally recheck Promotions and type in the email pokemon@email.pokemon.com. Come to find out, for some reason, I had not received a newsletter since September 25, 2017. I had never unsubscribed from it, so why am I not receiving any at all
  5. I don't know if that can be posted as a Game bug, but it's defiitely a technical problem. Since Today, my whole interface changed. Like this: menu (bugged) The same in-game, all commands are like this. If I wouldn't know all relevant cards and buttons well, I couldn't play anymore. Does other players have the same issue? How to solve it?
  6. Whenever I open the game my mac starts to get super hot and the fan is in overdrive the whole time. Any reasons why this is? I have a new macbook pro (2014) - so I really can't believe it's because my mac isn't powerful enough. Would really like this to get fixed because I like playing on my mac more than iPad but it's uncomfortable. Thanks.
  7. The update process is fine, after it's done, I hit play But my problem is that even after it updates, the game will only bring me back to the update tab, and start the whole process again. I can't play until I reinstall the game, it's very annoying that I need to do that all the time the game updates.
  8. After the April 27th update, i am not able to start the game and the system repeats the unpatching of the latest version over and over. Uninstalled/installed again but still the same, pls help
  9. Before patch I was able to get into and play game normally. After the patch I can't even enter the game loading screen but I get quick screen with this mark !, and that's it.Will it also be resolved? My localization is Poland and I play this game on a laptop( windows 10).
  10. did your update and now the pokemon tcg online continue says no internet connection but got a full internet connection a hour ago delete pokemon tcg off my computer and installed it and still no effect .. that update was not very effective
  11. The day the update came out i installed and played as usual. Now my cards are all in the "loading" format. Not just the new ones, but ones that I have had for many years. Many of my deck boxes are blurred with a line through them. I will download the card cache once again to see what happens but I would expect that the patch should have only added the new cards and not messed up the rest of the library right?
  12. Could the MOD help me to change my profile. Someone else could help me to change the country to "Taiwan". If it can be solve, really appreciate!!
  13. KanyeSouthWest

    [MAC] TCGO update failure

    Downloading the new patch on Macbook pro running macOS Catalina but the update fails to go past 50% and just says error installing
  14. Hi Guys! I just would like to check if my app is updated. I am not sure as I can see pack codes and cards for champions path in the trade section as well as pvps but I when I check the in game shop, champions path packs are not available. TIA
  15. After the update, it's still prompting for an update, infinite loop.
  16. Trying to log in is giving multiple problems. Sometimes I get a preload error, in which case I run the application through the Refresher found in it's folder. Sometimes I get to login for three seconds before I am immediately logged out. Attempts to login afterward give this result. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling already. In addition, trying to download the installer from Pokemon.com isn't possible. The webzone takes too long to respond and the page crashes, or the download starts, and then stops three seconds after starting.
  17. When i open the game(on windows) it will load it on the refresher and when i press PLAY it just opens for a brief second then re-opens the refresher to do the very same thing again. (i was told it was fixed)
  18. Well i can do nothing on my pc. I can not play, remove, install or update the game. I have this error. No acces on the networklocatie. Property User_Profile
  19. Every time I open the game It gives an error message that it cannot connect to the server and I am forced to exit
  20. I stopped playing one and half year ago, and i unnistalled. NOW when i want to play again, i reinstall to the last version i log in, and suddenly all is gone, excepts coins. I demand to have all my collection back!. I spent lots of money getting cards and stuff!. PLEASE CONTACT ME AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!
  21. Bonjour, je me suis levé de bon matin et je me suis dis que je vais aller sur le TCG Online. Je n'y étais pas parti depuis longtemps donc logiquement, il y a des mise à jours. Je les installes, et je remarque que au lancement j'ai un message d'erreur de Windows. Voici le message d'erreur dont je parlais : ********************************************************************* . En voyant ça, je le ferme et je relance, mais ça réapparaît toujours. Je **** aucune idée de comment régler ça. Cordialement, aminouxw
  22. Dear Pokemon, After uninstalling PTCGO several months ago, I decided to reinstall it. Yet every time I open up the game, I am immediately prompted with an error message claiming that I "cannot connect to server". I have already tried un- and re-installing the game several times yet my results persist to remain the same.
  23. Hello, support team After the update of the latest version, I have trouble to start the game. It kept showing two windows: One is to connect to the local client server, the second is to show the latest update log, and it formed an infinite loop, therefore, I can't play the PTCGO. I tried to uninstall it. but it showed can't find server USER_PROFILE, so I can't unistall and reinstall it, please help! I want to keep play this facinating game. Best regards
  24. After the new patch update this is now all I can see when clicking on the game. I have uninstalled the game and now cannot reinstall without seeing this message. Any idea how I can fix this?
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