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Found 141 results

  1. ElkeGaming

    [GENERAL] How can i fix this?

    Well i can do nothing on my pc. I can not play, remove, install or update the game. I have this error. No acces on the networklocatie. Property User_Profile
  2. PoisonInsect

    [GENERAL] Cannot connect to server

    Every time I open the game It gives an error message that it cannot connect to the server and I am forced to exit
  3. I stopped playing one and half year ago, and i unnistalled. NOW when i want to play again, i reinstall to the last version i log in, and suddenly all is gone, excepts coins. I demand to have all my collection back!. I spent lots of money getting cards and stuff!. PLEASE CONTACT ME AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!
  4. Bonjour, je me suis levé de bon matin et je me suis dis que je vais aller sur le TCG Online. Je n'y étais pas parti depuis longtemps donc logiquement, il y a des mise à jours. Je les installes, et je remarque que au lancement j'ai un message d'erreur de Windows. Voici le message d'erreur dont je parlais : ********************************************************************* . En voyant ça, je le ferme et je relance, mais ça réapparaît toujours. Je **** aucune idée de comment régler ça. Cordialement, aminouxw
  5. Dear Pokemon, After uninstalling PTCGO several months ago, I decided to reinstall it. Yet every time I open up the game, I am immediately prompted with an error message claiming that I "cannot connect to server". I have already tried un- and re-installing the game several times yet my results persist to remain the same.
  6. Hello, support team After the update of the latest version, I have trouble to start the game. It kept showing two windows: One is to connect to the local client server, the second is to show the latest update log, and it formed an infinite loop, therefore, I can't play the PTCGO. I tried to uninstall it. but it showed can't find server USER_PROFILE, so I can't unistall and reinstall it, please help! I want to keep play this facinating game. Best regards
  7. After the new patch update this is now all I can see when clicking on the game. I have uninstalled the game and now cannot reinstall without seeing this message. Any idea how I can fix this?
  9. when i try to start the game it turn of and open refresher and when the refresher down to download i click play and it return me to the refresher edit: i fixed the bug go to %appdata% and Pokémon Trading Card Game Online then PokemonTradingCardGameOnline and click the folder callde Refresher and press the Refresher program
  10. I kept getting "could not connect to the server" errors, so i tried uninstalling the game. to then get another error. i followed the trouble shoot to fix that issue. managed to uninstall the game. i did a patch after 3 attempts, kept failing at first. And now, when i am trying to load the game,, it has been stuck at 10% for at least half an hour now. how do i fix this? i have spent over an hour just trying to play the game. and nothing
  11. hi ive tried to update my pokemon tcg online and it keeps crashing at 50% and says error during update this has happened a couple of times now and i dont know whats going on with it. Can anybody let me know why it wont work please
  12. Hey there, As I wasn't able to load the game, I deleted it and tried to download the new client as instructed in the announcement post. I'm trying to download the new version of the client, but my download just won't go past 1 kb/s, if it even downloads at all. Does anyone have a mirror of the client? Would love to play the game on my day off.
  13. Самого начало открывает окно на весь экран и начинает проверять обновления клиента " Please wait, checking for apdete" после чего, за пару секунд заканчивает и перекидывает в окно Refresher, где как я и понимаю происходит установка обновлений. После установки нажимая на играть весь процесс повторяется снова, от на весь экран окна с проверкой обновлений, до снова установки этих же обновлений и так постоянно. Помогите с проблемой пожалуйста!
  14. my pokemon TCG online app on my windows is getting stuck at 50% update/patching and its stops there forever :( please help
  15. Hello, after yesterday's update 2 tradable deck boxes (Raichu GX and Gyarados GX) vanished from my collection. I know it is not big of a deal but i would be happy if you could resolve this issue. Thanks a lot.
  16. Whenever I open the game my mac starts to get super hot and the fan is in overdrive the whole time. Any reasons why this is? I have a new macbook pro (2014) - so I really can't believe it's because my mac isn't powerful enough. Would really like this to get fixed because I like playing on my mac more than iPad but it's uncomfortable. Thanks.
  17. After the latest update when i tried to start the game it showed me an error saying "Data folder not found" followed by this text "There should be 'Refresher_Data' folder next to the executable" and it wont let me open the game
  18. Rabreon

    [PC] Refresher.exe with old patch

    Hi Im new in the game and for couple weeks I played Ptcg online whithout any problems. I had already unified minds packs and cards on my game but recently (today) I got from the "Refresher.exe" a patch from september ( which implement that set/pack) when I oppen my game. Im just asking if it's normal to get an old patch which add some contents that already were installed on my game. My anti-virus software does'nt know if it was an official patch or anything else (I downloaded the game from the official website by the way). It's my first post I wish that will not bother you. Thanks to anyone who read or/and answer to my topic 😃 .
  19. Okamikazi

    [GENERAL] Refresher Looping

    Game worked just fine yesterday. This morning the refresher would load and finish and the play button would com on. When i press the play button it goes to a black screen then back to desktop and the refresher comes back on to reload. I have already tried loading the game from its own folder by running the refresher.exe . My system is a windows 8 pc. Tried downloading the latest installer from website but it just takes me to the "What is the Pokemon TCG Online?" page and nothing downloads.
  20. Guten Tag, Ich habe mir mein altes Pokemon HS Unerschrocken - Morgendämmerung Deck (Das mit Psiana) wieder zusammengesucht. Da meines Wissens nach die Codekarten erst ab BW dabei waren, frage ich mich ob es irgendeine Möglichkeit gäbe mein Deck Online zu Aktivieren. Vielleicht über einen Code in der Gebrauchanleitung oder so. Gäbe es da eine Möglichkeit? LG Démo
  21. I tried to play TCG today after yesterdays patch update. The patch seems to download properly at first, however when I click on the play button the patch downloading part starts again. I have tried to uninstall my game but I get an error saying that Windows cannot access the file and I might not have permission to access myself? My PC runs Windows 10 if this is of any assistance. Thanks in advance for your help!
  22. This morning the game don't opened. It just appeared like a small 2 inches wide, narrow bar, so clearly was not working as intended. Since yesterday, everything was good and I have had little to no problems with the game more than a couple times since 2015 or so. As it was not working, I tried to reinstall, uninstall and repair. Nothing to do. I just removed the game manually, including all the Thepokemoncardgame folder in C:/users/appdata (which worked last time I had to reinstall, years ago) I just searched for any single file and cleaned even the registry, reboot once and a again. Nothing to do. When I choose to Install, I can wait forever in the welcome screen for the client let me push the Continue button (which is greyed). When I try to Repare or Uninstall, User_profile appears. This is absurd. We deserve something better. First, the game not dying one day to another for no reason. But if happens, anything easier to reinstall without having to do voodoo to computer and pray all the Nordic Gods in addition. Actually, I made everything I read here and in pokémon Support site. Now I have no more ideas. And please Mods, don't tell me to check if computer meets the requirements of the game, yesterday it was all just right. Aside, I could update the game in an old Mac I have after failing also several times, but any text of the game is a blurry dark mark (I don't mean text of the cards, these are images). Not an issue I'm worried now as I don't plan to use it actually to play, but come on, can't this game just work fine?
  23. So, in the last 2 or 3 game updates as soon as the patcher is done and the game opens it crashes and then starts the patching again in an infinite loop, the only way ive been able to update is to re-download the game, but isnt there a permanent way to fix this? i dont wanna have to download the game again every time a new update comes in
  24. Addie462

    The game keeps crashing.

    I went to download this on my Samsung Galaxy s7 edge which I found out it is not compatible with my device. (Which I see why it shouldn't work as long as I have a wifi connection.) So I downloaded it onto my iPad. I started the game today and started the tutorial but it keeps crashing. It would completely turn off the game and go back to my homescreen. When I go back into the app I have to start the tutorial all over again!! I tried about 4 times the same tutorial but cant pass it as it keeps crashing.
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