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Found 1,702 results

  1. The Giratina and Garchomp tag team card does not work about 50% percent of the time. I have both the sm193 promo, and the unified minds 146/236 print. When I have the full energy cost for any of the attacks I am not able to use them as though I have not paid the energy cost. This happens with basic energy along with special energy. Even when trying to use Linear Attack, you may be unable. This happens without the effects of an opponents attacks, and it is very frustrating. Client: Garchomp & Giratina GXCard Number: Black Star Promo SM193, Unified Minds #146, Unified Minds #228, Unified Minds #247 Expected Action: The attacks should be able to be used when the energy cost is met by unit energy, rainbow energy, basic energy, and other forms of special energy; however, this does not happen always.Actual Action: The card will either not be able to attack at all, or will display any number of combinations of the cards attacks as usable, while others are unusable, such as being able to use Calamitous Slash and not Linear Attack.Steps to Reproduce: I had the most trouble with this card when using it in a deck with Porygon Z (Unbroken Bonds #157) and special energies (rainbow, Unit energy fighting dark fairy, and unit energy lightning psychic metal). I switched my deck list entirely to try and avoid the issue, but it still happens with basic energies.
  2. Game has been working fine for some but now every time i log in i get this message. I cannot for the life if me get around this thanks for the help!
  3. Zygarde's Cellular Companions ability says that as long as it's on your bench, your Zygarde's and Zygarde-GX's attacks do 20 more damage. However, I was just in a game in which I had multiple Zygarde in play, one of which was my active Pokemon. It attacked with its 20-base-power Boost Fang, but it only did 60 damage because of the boost from Martial Arts Dojo. The other two Zygarde on my bench didn't affect it. Attached is the game log up until just after that happened. Card: Zygarde 124/236 UMExpected Action: If one Zygarde is active, and one or more others are benched, the abilities of the benched ones should boost the damage of the active one.Actual Action: Zygarde's Boost Fang attack only does the base 20 damage, plus boosts from anything other than other Zygarde.Steps to Reproduce: Make Zygarde your active Pokemon. Put another one on the bench. Attack, and note the amount of damage.
  4. Desde el día hoy estoy intentando jugar y no me permite, al ingresar al juego me dice que esta cargando una actualización después de uno o dos minutos sale otro mensaje que me marca "error No se puede conectar con el servidor" Ya desintale el juego, borre carpetas y volvi a instalarlo, tienen alguna solución?
  5. Hello, I just achieved the goal of 3 unified packs on the timeline on versus and I received nothing. Seems it's a bug. Could someone please send me the locked packs? Thanks!
  6. ultimateseanboy

    Error! Could Not Connect To Server

    I'm trying to get back into this game after a prolonged absence, but every time I boot up the game, the error box "Error! Could Not Connect To Server" always pops up, and then clicking the ok on the box causes the game to close. Is there any way I can get past this, or do I need to reinstall?
  7. I have an Acer 2 in 1 Touchscreen Laptop. Every time I try to download PTCGO, it does not download. The farthest I have gotten is halfway downloaded until it just stops downloading. Usually it says it will take 2 hours, but then that disappears and it never downloads. Any one know why it won't download?
  8. Gidorkian

    Constant Game Crash

    Dear TCG Support: I downloaded the online game sometime ago, however it seems more often lately it is crashing or simply losing connection to the serve. Now while it might be easy to blame it on my own network connection, I know this not to be the case. No matter where I am, this server often disconnects (ONLY in the middle of a game!). It gets very frustrating to not be able to finish a battle and have it disconnect, especially when the other player likely believes you're rage quitting. This constant disconnection takes the joy out of the game and makes it so I don't truly want to play. Why play a game if you know 5 minutes in, it'll kick you out? If there is a way to fix this on my end, I am all ears! Thanks, Gidorkian!
  9. I just recently installed the pokemon tcg online game and want to play it. When I launch the game it says, "Error! Could not connect to server". So I did some troubleshooting and nothing I've seen has helped. I ran the refresher multiple times, I made sure I have a stable connection, I even tried restarting my computer and nothings helped, it just displays the same message. If anyone could help me fix it, their help would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Hello! I just want to report a bug with Espeon-EX attack Miraculous Shine. The opponent's pokémon devolve but the highest evolution keep on the bench, sharing the same damage with the lowest stage (with eventually dies). EDIT: In the log, the problem occurs at action 150 and ahead.
  11. Hello, Sorry if this is the wrong category to post my question, but I did not know of another suitable place. Also I tried to Google for my answer, but could not find anything. Is their any (legal) way to open multiple boosterpacks at once? For example I have 45 times the Unbroken Bonds Boosterpack of 10 cards each. Do I really need to open them all individually? Please let me know, thanks in advance. Best regards, rbm007
  12. Card: Recycle Energy (Unified Minds 212) Expected Action: If this card is put into your discard pile from play, return it to your hand. Actual Action: This is an odd ******* Whimsicott-GX was knocked out by a Shrine of Punishment. Whimsicott-GX and Cottonee went to the discard pile, but instead of returning to my hand, all 3 Recycle Energies stayed ATTACHED to the Cottonee INSIDE the discard pile. When looking at my cards in my discard pile, I could see the 3 Energies attached to the Cottonee (three circles at the bottom of the ******** if they were still in play). I do have a screenshot of the discard pile that could be very helpful, though I'm pretty sure we can't post those here. Steps to Reproduce: The log should help, there was a lot going on: Spell Tag, Shrine of Punishment, two knock outs... (around lines 325-335 of the game log output), Game log :
  13. Just want to download PTCG on my notebook but find out failing to install. Always "error 110", is there any way to solve the problem?
  14. Hello, I was going to begin the fist game of a Standard Tournament and the game didn't let me choose my starting Pokémon. I don't know if this problem applies to Versus games too, but I played the game with no problem yesterday. Don't know how to add an image, but essentially I wasn't able to select my starting Pokémon and a green button appeared at the bottom right side of the screen that said "End Turn". Thank you in advance.
  15. ShadowKiin1207

    Simple Effects are always on!!!???

    On Pokemon TCG Online when I go to settings it shows simple effects are on. I want to turn them off but it won't let me. I had this problem for a while and thought the update would fix it but the problem still persists. Thanks in advance to anyone who replies to help.
  16. jogo pokémom tcg a pouca mais de um ***, quando eu jogava havia colocado varias cards no game, tinha varios decks, baralhos e etc, joguei um curto periodo de tempo e parei, hoje voltei a jogar com a minha antiga acc e parece que minha conta é nova, não tem nenhuma carta que eu havia antes! preciso que resolvam este problema urgentemente. minha acc: MATEUSERAXP versão do jogador:( não achei onde acessa o *********.1.4419:#1932
  17. During a tournament, I faced off against a player with a Reshiram & Charizard-GX card from the Unbroken Bonds set. The text of the card limits its Flare Strike attack to once every other turn with the text "This Pokémon can't use Flare Strike during your next turn". However, during the match, the opponent was able to use Flare Strike every turn. I don't know if this is a bug related to my opponent's use of Jirachi's Stellar Wish ability and Escape Board item, but the text on card was clearly ignored. The bug contributed to my tournament loss. Below is a copy of the full game log detailing the match, you'll notice the use of Flare Strike on turns 3, 5, and 7 on lines 89, 134, and 182.
  18. Djoshy

    Lancement nouvelle Maj

    Bonjour, depuis l'installation de la nouvelle mise a jour je n'arrive pas a lancer mon jeu, j'ai bien essayé de redemarré l'ordi après la MAJ mais quand je l'ouvre ca me met comme une petite fenêtre de chargement puis plus rien... 🤐🤐😭
  19. Minmos1992


    Guten Abend, ich habe jetzt schon öfter über dieses Problem gelesen und auch selbst alles versucht, was für mich möglich war. Ich hatte das Spiel vor ca. nem halben Jahr vom Rechner runtergeschmissen mit dem IOBit Uninstaller, weil es damals anders nicht geklappt hat. Nun möchte ich das Spiel seit ca. einer Woche neu installieren und bekomme diesen hier bekannten Fehler. Ich kann nichts refreshen, installieren, deinstallieren oder sonstiges, weil gleich die Meldung kommt. Diese Standard-Prozedur scheint bei mir nicht zu funktionieren 😅 Es sind auch keine Restdateien vorhanden, da ich ja den Uninstaller verwendete. Hat jemand nen anderen Lösungsansatz? Vllt muss ich was in der Registry rauslöschen? Adminrechte hab ich auf all meinen Konten, also kann es auch nicht an so was liegen. Ehrlich gesagt hab ich keine Lust meinen PC wegen nem TCG Platt zu machen. Nutze übrigens Win10 64 Bit Wünsche eine gute Nacht
  20. Neykko

    Pas de son de jeu

    Bonjour, J'ai installer le jeu normalement mais impossible d'avoir le son du jeu malgré mes nombreuses tentatives de désinstallent répété. Ps : cela ne peut venir de mon pc car toutes les autres appli fanctionne que me proposer vous svp. Merci d'avance Bonne journée.
  21. Dear Pokémon TCG Online Devs, When ever I try to download Pokémon TCG: Online it loads and then this screen pops up. It has all of the coding of what it is supposed to do. Could you please fix this issue. Also make a specific place to look at your cards on the website. If you already have made this please tell me what it is called. Thanks, ErrorDev1
  22. There have been several times yesterday and today where I am clearly winning. I have one card left on my Prize cards. Right when I am about to defeat the opponents Pokemon and collect the last card on the Prize pile, the "Defeat" screen comes up. I took 5 prize cards and he only took 4. I still lost somehow.
  23. Hello Guys, I installed the Game and it booted Succesfully once. But i couldnt remember my Login Name and closed the game and well, thats it. After i restarted the Game, the Loading Screen hangs by 0%, but you can hear how the Background Music Plays and it changes after a few seconds (i assume the loading reaches the Login screen, but i only see the 0% Screen) I tried Google and did the following: -reinstall the app with the Installer, new downloaded -repair the Installation with a installer -go into appdata and update/refresh the Client manually If i want to deinstall the game with Windows, i get the error log "User Mode" or something like that. here is an 3 year old pinned post that says what i should do, i think it was outdated and already fixed but i tried it and it didnt work. i cant seem to get this working properly, Maybe anyone got an idea? -German Game -PC meets requirements
  24. Whenever i tried to open my game it said i cant acces servers even though the servers are up and my friends didn't seem to have this problem. So i deleted the game and now when i try to open the installer it just keeps saying the same thing 'Geen toegang tot de netwerklocatie Property. USER_PROFILE.' (dutch because its the language i speak, sorry for the bad english btw) so i cant dowload it anymore but ireally want to its on an windows 10 lenovo legion y520 laptop if that is needed information hope you can help
  25. hevvychef

    [GAME BUG} Seismetoad-EX

    I was playing in EXP. Quaking punch was in effect - Seismetoad-EX was active, on his bench was a garbotoxin with float stone attached and a Shaymin. the stadium was Virbank city placed by my opponent. I had a Ubb Dugtrio with a choice band in the active and a Jirachi with escape board on the bench although there were no other effects in place, I was locked out of all trainers. I couldn't play either supporters or stadium cards from my hand. I hope i made the post correctly
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