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  1. Client Version: Steps to reproduce: Go to collection / view a player's collection for trade in private trade Go to a tab that is either Trainer or Packs (bug works with both) Sort by: 'Expansion (Newest-Oldest)' Go to Trade Create Private Trade Go to the tab that you previously sorted Result: (I think) Items are sorted by 'Alphabetical (A-Z)' Expected Result: Items are sorted by 'Expansion (Newest-Oldest)' How to prevent this: Change sort to something else then change back to 'Expansion (Newest-Oldest)' or Don't leave Trainer / Packs tab sorted by 'Expansion (Newest-Oldest)' I am unsure if this also happens if different tab / sort combinations are used but I am positive that this happens in this case. Please tell me if this also happens on your devices, thanks !
  2. Hi at all :) I'm so poor that I can't afford codes :( is there any kind soul that can post them in this topic? I would be very grateful. P.S. (some decks would be very welcome;)
  3. HardcorePenguin

    [PC] Game bugged out during tournament

    Hi, I'm stuck in the last game of a tournament final and the game has bugged out. I'm close to winning and the game has bugged and frozen. Can anyone help? Thanks
  4. Hi I am running my game under win10 in Traditional Chinese but game in English. I start the game today but fail to direct to login page, it keeps direct me to the window about patch update. When it is updated, I click play but it all run again. I tried to install/uninstall the game again but is shows error message"property.USER_PROFILE not found" Please check how it could be fixed
  5. Client: Card: Guzzlord-GX, Shiftry-GX Card Number: Crimson Invasion #105, Celestial Storm #169 Expected Action: Opposing Shiftry-GX confused my Guzzlord-GX. I then proceeded to flip coins on subsequent turns for a 50% chance to attack. Actual Action: When flipping heads to attack through the confusion, the attack animation played, but no attack actually occurred, and no damage was dealt. Steps to Reproduce: Exact steps not known. Likely: Use Shiftry-GX to confuse Guzzlord-GX, then attempt to attack through confusion with Guzzlord-GX. ============================================ Game Log Included Below ============================================
  6. Hello, buyed a new PC and cant install the game. Whats the fix of this problem? Issu in the Topic Title Thank you.
  7. Can not connect and can barely login to website. I am new and just trying to figure it out and thought it would be interesting but it is really hard to do anything. I have deleted and reinstalled and reset password and took firewall off. Have no clue what is going on.
  8. SpAz3n

    [GAME] Standard event bug

    There seems to be a bug where if you select expanded in the ladder and then back out to main menu and try and join a tournament with a decklist that has standard legal cards but are banned in expanded it wont let you play that deck in a standard tournament but if you go back to ladder select standard and then try to join the tournament again it works no problem not sure if you guys are aware or not thought I would bring it up here
  9. so i have an account i made years ago and i use the same password for everything, but since the garbage system make you add a symbol, i have no idea what my password is. i have been looking for hours and i still cannot get in. i put a false date of birth so i cant reset my password. so basically the system is too secure lol.
  10. Kez13

    [CARD] PlusPower not working (no additional damage)

    PlusPower doesn't work on any pokemon, have tested on other pokemon, the "10 more damage" doesn't have any effect at all. Log here Game Log Output Begins Here: *** Debug Current Game State Output Ends Here *** Versions Data: Client Version: Server Version: Bundles Version: 2003 Archetypes Bundle Version: 13811 Localization Bundle Version: 13890 Current Game ID: e6a4e000-33ba-11ea-8069-22000abd9952 It is my first time on forum but i hope it gets fixed any soon, thanks
  11. Delta107

    [GENERAL] Other - Restart

    Is there possible to reset your game to start over? Or at least delet your accout to make username free again? It would be really helpfull because I made some bad deccissions and I would like to play again with same username. Regards
  12. I was casually playing the trainer challenge with some of the default decks, namely the match with Juji in the gold cup, when she seemed to get stuck in a never-ending loop of deciding what move to use with her active Mienshao. It's also worth noting that choosing to concede didn't work, despite pressing it multiple times. I believe I've added all the relevant information I could, but I'm attaching the game log to this post just in case on the other hand, it seems impossible to add a file attachment to a post, so a basic copy and paste below the line will have to suffice for now. Game Log Output Begins Here: *** Debug Current Game State Output Ends Here *** Versions Data: Client Version: Server Version: Bundles Version: 2003 Archetypes Bundle Version: 13811 Localization Bundle Version: 13890 Current Game ID: 48643210-3059-11ea-ab20-22000abe3e42
  13. Merecal_Magical

    [PC] Crashing - Crashing after update

    I updated my laptop recently and have been having frequent crashes. I uninstalled the game and reinstalled, if I can get it started it runs fine, but it usually crashes at 90%. any advice?
  14. I recently bought a theme deck online in the game, but I didn't receive the item that I purchased. I logged off and logged back on to see if that would help, but it didn't. I did, however, lose the 500 coins that it cost to buy the deck. Could someone help?
  15. I just noticed some coins of gameplay doesn't appear to add to a trade even if you have it in collection. Go to Trade section > Create trade > Public Gameplay > [I'm getting] Look for "Plasma", (**) will appear 3 coins: Blue, Silver dark and Silver blue with names: 'Blue rainbow Team Plasma coin', 'Silver rainbow Team Plasma coin', and 'Silver Team Plasma blue coin'. I have 1unlocked+2 locked of Blue, 0 of Silver rainbow, 1 locked+1 unlocked of Silver. They are from Plasma Storm Theme decks: Plasma claw and Plasma Shadow. On the other side, I only have one copy of each of this Theme and even though I could have gotten the unlocked coins from trades, this doesn't fit with having 2 locked of Blue. Don't know where is the Rainbow from or if obtainable (and this is a different matter but, would be awesome if we could know where the Gameplay stuff is from (which tin, box, etc) and if it's an obtainable item). Back to the bug, go to I'm giving > Gameplay, side. Search for "Plasma" or "Silver" words. No Team Plasma coins appearing. Checked collection and shows as above (**), locked and unlocked ones. So I can't offer my Plasma spare coins to make trades. Sure it happens with more stuff, needs to be widely checked (and if possible, improve the information of gameplay)
  16. TheoryG

    [GENERAL] Game Not Loading

    Hello. Recently a new pokemon tcgo update came out and i was hyped to install it. The refresher downloaded it and once it was done it just made me re-do the whole thing. Its been an hour and i have started over the update million times because of this. Any help?
  17. So I installed PTCGO for first time yesterday , it worked and I played for sometime. Today when i opened it , a popup came "Pokemon.exe has stopped working" and the game closes. I tried reinstalling it(after removing it completely) but still same message. Also I played tutorial yesterday without logging in as a guest, today whenever i try to play as a guest or login to my PTC account, the message pops up.
  18. Hi! I have two accounts in pokemon TCGO but i can't login, and i try too many times to reset my passwords and never works. If someone help me to recover my accounts I aprecciate it. I had the email and Username in one of the accounts and only the email in the other one.
  19. So something strange first ever happened to me, currently my game don't crash but it seems stuck... I'm playing Expanded event and this is the 3rd match I realized that my time has gone to 00.00, but it was still about 2 minutes before i ended my turn by attacking my opponent's. I'm then waiting for the opponent's turn, I didn't leave my screen at all, I know my time was over 2 minutes. Suddenly that '15 secs remaining' showed up and I checked, but my opponent hasn't made any turn at all. When this 15 secs remaining showed up, i realized that my opponent's time is frozen and i looked at my time and it's zero as well. I have been waiting for over 10 minutes by now but the game stuck here. I can still operate the screen now, like showing up card details and opening settings and etc. It's strange because should my time ran out, I should be losing immediately. Any suggestion? EDIT: So I exited and I lost the game, reported the player of cheating tho. LOL
  20. On PC, the behavior of the Wishful Baton is pretty awkward in general (pick energy, pick a benched Pokémon target, pick an active Pokémon, THEN Wishful Baton resolves), but I've discovered what I think is a bug in that behavior: if you can get the Prize Card prompt to come up before the Wishful Baton resolves, the game seems to think the Prize Cards are the only valid targets for the Wishful Baton. Hopefully I remember this clearly so it can be replicated, because I can't figure out how to pull the game logs. Turn 3. I had a Stufful as my active Pokémon with 1 damage counter, 1 energy and the Wishful Baton attached. My opponent had Gible with full HP and 1 energy as their active Pokémon, and a Tympole on their bench. Turn 3: I attach an energy to Stufful, play Professor Kukui, and use Flop for 50. Turn 4: My opponent retreats Gible and makes Tympole their active Pokémon. They evolve Tympole into Palpitoad. They attach an energy and use Mini Earthquake. Stufful takes 60 damage, it is knocked out. Gible takes 10 damage, it is knocked out. Wishful Baton triggers, and I'm prompted to pick up to 3 energy. I choose both Dark Energy. My opponent draws a prize card. I'm prompted to pick a prize card with the Wishful Baton dialog still open. The prize cards behave like I'm picking the target for Wishful Baton, but none of them are valid. If I I look at the board, I can't pick a target for Wishful Baton either. Here's a screenshot. I couldn't proceed from here, so I wound up conceding the game.
  21. Why does this game doesn't have a re-connection chance when you suddenly loose your internet connection just for a brief moment, then the game suddenly logs you out resulting in a lost. Can the devs put a reconnection chance so that I or other players can continue the battle in versus mode?
  22. Client: MienshaoCard Number: Furious Fists #57Expected Action: After Mienshao's Aero Turn attack is used and all cards attached to it are returned to the AI opponent's hand, they should choose a card to replace it as the active pokemon.Actual Action: After Mienshao's Aero Turn attack is used and all cards attached to it are returned to the AI opponent's hand, the AI does nothing. Because the match is against an AI opponent, there is no idle timer, leading to an infinite wait. Because it is the opponent's turn, conceding does not work, forcing the player to manually close the game window. Steps to Reproduce: Play against Juji in her first battle in the gold league of the trainer challenge, then allow the game to progress to a point where she uses Mienshao's Aero Turn attack.
  23. SparksJolteon

    How do I change my forum avatar?

    I've lately been searching for the answer as to why I cant change my profile pic, as I come across the same broken link that leads to a features retired page. Is there any possible way to change it now, and why does the link lead to this page?
  24. MagicBaltazar

    [GAME] General - Bug subtitles

    hello guys will you help me. i wanted to return to ptcgo near a logng break. look a subtitles HEELP ME
  25. I am trying to open the game but only the game bar appears, I press alt + enter and the game is full screen but the resolution is still tiny in the center of the screen. An alternative was to create a new user where you opened the game normally but would like to solve this problem so you don't have to change users always. *******************************
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