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  1. does not enter the game?
  2. When I open the Pokémon TCG app it lets me log in like normal and as soon as it’s done loading, my daily challenge comes on to the screen. The problem is, I CANT CONTINUE! The green “OK” button at the bottom of the screen is a dark green, as if it is being pushed down and there are no other ways to close the daily challenge notification, making it impossible to play the game. This was on my PC, so I opened the Pokémon TCG on my iPad to see if this problem only occurred on PC, but the exact same thing happened on my iPad. I can’t play the game until this problem is fixed, so I hope it is fixed
  3. Drogoroth


    My game keeps telling me it is down for maintenence but I can't find any info on this. Where would I find this information or is it down right now? Thank you.
  4. Cela fait une heure que j'essaie de lancer le jeu en France et que j'ai chargement des données du serveur veuillez patienter qui bloque entre 70 % et 84 % j'ai redémarrer mon ordinateur j'ai relancé une centaine de fois le jeu rien à faire
  5. bonjour, je jouais au JCCO pokémon tranquilou bilou, et tout a coup, quand j'essaie de communiquer avec mon adversaire, on me dit que j'ai été réduit au silence par un modo. je suis désolé d'avoir insulté quelqu'un de trou du c*l, mais il l'a mérité, mais je m'égare, j'ai été réduis au silence et je n'ai rien eu comme info dans mes e-mail, que ce soit dans les spams ou autre part, il n'y a rien. svp pouvez vous lever la sanction? 😢😢
  6. Wesidius

    PC problem

    Every time I try to download the pokemon tcg online download the file is not the installer but a Unconfirmed random number. crdownload. How do I fix this I would really like to play. Thanks W
  7. El juego se inicia así y no lo he conseguido arreglar Aquí la imagen
  8. When I start game it say could not connect to server. Please help.
  9. Hello, I'm having this problem since time ago. I have a 4K laptop (Dell XPS 9550), and like it has a 4K resolution (3840x2160) you have a very long list of resolutions to select within the game, hiding the higher resolutions. With a scroll inside this list should be solved. I can't attach a link with a screenshot, but I can provide it if it is needed. Thanks, best regards.
  10. In expanded battles on Versus, whenever Old Cemetery is in play and I attach an aurora energy to my Active Pokemon and use it to discard a non-psychic Pokemon, PTCGO puts two damage counters on the discarded Pokemon, then freezes so I cannot take any other action - I cannot pass the turn or concede. I have to restart the game.
  11. When I try to login, my game stop responding and show the mensage of the title
  12. I just started having this issue. When I press login it takes me to a screen that says "loading data from server. please wait." It instantly loads to 18% then very, very slowly crawls all the way up to 80-85% (~5min). Then it crashes and brings me back to the login screen with the error message "The network connection with the server has been lost". I have no idea what is going on as I was logged in and playing last night and even this morning! I am on PC and I have restarted my computer. I have restarted my router even though I am plugged in via ethernet and no on wifi (~94 Mbps u
  13. bryce1057

    Traded Cards Missing

    I just made 2 separate trades for 2 Aegislash V's the first trade I gave a chilling reign booster pack and I got the Aegislash V, the second trade I gave a coin with lycenrock for the Aegislash V. In both cases the game took the item I gave but I never received either Aegislash V. What do I do?
  14. Estou tentando baixar o jogo mas aparece isso durando a instalação : Não foi possível remover a versão anterior do pokemon tcgo. Entre em contato com suporte técnico. Eu não tinha instalado o jogo nesse pc. Dei uma conferida no pc e realmente não tem nada de pokemon, há não ser o instalador do jogo.
  15. my screen keeps flashing black when I play versus and it's annoying can you help please
  16. skruff1804

    [GENERAL] Typing Issue

    hi i have a issue by typing in when you log in to your acount, name on decks, typing for trades and adding friends on ptcgo is it any way that this issue can be solved or fix/patched. this is on pc by the way. tnx
  17. Hi, I've tried to run the setup quite a few times now, and every time, it has the error of "Could not access network location Property.USER_PROFILE." and I have no idea how to deal with this. I'm sure you have had issues like this multiple times before, but I really don't know how to fix it. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you!
  18. Whenever I open the game my mac starts to get super hot and the fan is in overdrive the whole time. Any reasons why this is? I have a new macbook pro (2014) - so I really can't believe it's because my mac isn't powerful enough. Would really like this to get fixed because I like playing on my mac more than iPad but it's uncomfortable. Thanks.
  19. I downloaded TCGO some weeks ago. At that time I was using a wifi connection with 2 GB per day. The game ate about 1 GB in just 40 minutes. After that I tried once more but the data usage was not reduced. That's why I am unable to play. I have a limited data plan and such a usage in just 40 minutes is too much! I can't even complete the tutorial and NPC matches because of that.
  20. I just updated to the newest version, but the application does not open for me. After updating it acts like it will open, but does so unsuccessfully.
  21. Nathissouf

    compte suspendu?

    Bonjour, Mon compte a été suspendu pour une raison dont laquelle j'ignore étant donner que j'ai déjà étais mute pour une raison dont laquelle j ignore aussi il étais écrit que je devais recevoir un mail pour m'expliquer la raison or je **** pas reçu de mail pouvez vous m aidez s il vous plait😪 Cordialement, Nathissouf
  22. When i click on the Start QR Reader button all i see is an orange screen. The app says that it is Scanning for QR code... I am on PC. Has anyone else had this issue or have a fix? I have no other apps running that are using the webcam.
  23. Trainer760526

    how do i report someone

    so i wanted to trade but then i canceled it then the preson called me a peasant and other stuff so i was wondering how do i report him. i have a picture of the messages to.
  24. So I was playing the trainer challenges, going through each one. For the starter deck or them deck called, "Hidden Depths", I ran into a bug when fighting against Kendal who has and electric/dark deck. During the match, I set up a Lapras who is supposed to be weak to only Metal types, according to the card. However, it took double damage, as if it was weak too, her Raichu who was and is an Electric type. I'm guessing its a simple coding bug, marking Lapras as weak to electric types instead of the Metal weakness. I attached a link to a pic ingame showing the card set up. ***********
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