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Found 1,812 results

  1. UltanPSV

    [GAMEPLAY] Game Freeze

    I logged in, made a change to a deck, went on ladder get paired against someone. They were about to be donked but my game froze before the game finished, or at least the animation never played as I had pressed the button to use Heatran GX's Steaming Stomp attack which was going to end the game. If this is an issue with certain cards, the cards played was Welder, attached 2 Fire Energy, Switch, and attached another fire energy to Heatran GX, I pressed on Heatran GX to give me options of which attacks to use, I selected an attack (Steaming Stomp), and the game froze. By froze I mean the game looks like it got stuck in animation, my timer never goes down (stuck at 24:32 for about 10 minutes until I was kicked off the server), I could only press the buttons to open the settings, the yellow symbol around my username continued to circle indicating who's turn it is. I would prefer to use the other method of reporting a bug but I cannot make sense of the links provided as they are not links to what people say they are. I have screenshots of what my screen looked like, and 2 others that are trying to show that there has been a movement of time that shows the screen should not look like it does (the game has been frozen for several minutes, no actions have been taken, my timer doesn't go down), I can't see how to post images on this forum right now but I will edit this post when/if I see it. I would attach a game log of the game but I never got one.
  2. JJBrownie007

    [PC] Login - Connection glitch

    i dont know how to send a video file for this so here
  3. As the title says, I keep getting that error when trying to install. I deleted the Pokemon Trading Card Game folders from LocalLow and Roaming and yet I'm still not able to install it. It asks me to find a PokemonInstaller.msi file that does not exist on my computer. I've tried uninstalling the game from my PC but it gives me the same error, so that simply isn't an option either. I used to have the game installed on a different user account on my PC, but I deleted that user account so it shouldn't cause any issues. Any help would be appreciated
  4. Max_Pallet

    [GENERAL] Cant get online

    Ive been trying to get onto PTCGO on my laptop for a day or 2 now and i have not been able to get on. Every time i try logging in i get stuck at 90% and it never goes higher(once i got to 100% but it stopped there and i never got into the game). ive tried everything, closing and opening ptcgo, turning my wifi off and on, uninstalling and reinstalling ptcgo, restarting my laptop, ive tried everything imaginable. if anyone could help me that would be greatly appreciated.
  5. I have never really looked into my collection in the list view option and I have noticed Zekrom Promo XY76 in list view is spelled as "ekrom"
  6. one day the TCG app randomly just stopped allowing me to login it says "invalid login or password" and I've even changed it multiple times so i know 100% that I'm typing everything in correctly. Please Help.
  7. Hi. I had reset my PC due to some permissions getting messed up, and when it came to downloading PTCGO, the installer gives me an error message saying "The system cannot open the device or file specified." I've tried installing in different locations, but it gives me the same message, anything I can do about this?
  8. Amiral_K_Lamar

    Progression perdue

    Bonjour, Je suis un ancien joueur ayant beaucoup utilisé le jeu il y a environ 3ans et je souhaite recommencer aujourd'hui. J'ai -miraculeusement- retrouvé mon compte mais le souci c'est qu'il est vide. J'ai du refaire le tuto, et ensuite j'ai eu la surprise de ne plus voir les decks que j'avaient longuement composés et les nombreuses cartes que j'avais réussi à rassembler et dont la grande majorité provenaient des codes inclus dans les boosters. Mes statistiques et mes jetons sont perdues, mon historique d'échanges aussi. Seul subsiste mon personnage et mes poképièces. Ma progression est-elle définitivement perdue ou bien il y a encore un espoir de tout retrouver ? En vous remerciant.
  9. So i found out that i am muted by a moderator and it says to check my email but i don't get any message and i don't know how to get an email i check spam folder and everything but nothing is showing up (as far as i remember i have chatted to my friends maybe something from there got me banned )
  10. If you use Seaking UNB 49's attack Enhanced Horn while Glimwood Tangle is in play, you don't get to chose to flip again using the Stadium and the opponent gets to chose instead. This happens regardless of Seaking having a Tool attached or not. I managed to replicate the situation this happened in. Here's the game log: Game Log Output Begins Here:
  11. Bug is consistent and can be recreated. Evolving Kirlia into this specific Gardevoir freezes the game.
  12. Hello, I'm using a Window's 10 laptop and I'd like to install the game on a USB drive to play. I downloaded and installed the game to the drive. Opened it up and it ran fine for a about 8-10 minutes. Then the game suddenly crashed and I cannot get it to start again. I have uninstalled and reinstalled, restarted, and still does the same. The small loading window pops up, the loading bar gets about a quarter of the way across and then a Red Exclamation Mark ! pops up and it disappears. No error message or anything. Are there special permissions I need to allow on the drive? Is it possible to even run the game from the USB? (its a brand new USB with tons of space.) Thanks for any advice or knowledge!
  13. gongeta111

    help me and my friend

    help look at this [Link removed by Mod_RedDragon]
  14. gongeta111

    help me and my friend

    when i download the update i go to log in and then the game close and his downloading again the update plz help me
  15. Erratic_Owl

    [PC] Other - Can't Type in Game

    I have been having trouble typing in the game, to log in or to redeem codes, etc. I also can't get any of the drop down menus to work. I've tried changing the resolution, changing between fullscreen and windowed, and everything else I could think of to solve the issue on my end. Has anyone else been able to find an issue for the problem?
  16. every time i click log in it load to 90% then just stops and the refresher stops at 50% and every time i try to uninstall it gets user profile error so i have to go in to change and do it that way
  17. Hi, I have a problem with installing the game. When i run the installer i get a message "the network location property.USER_PROFILE could not be reached." I can get pass this by canceling the message but the it pops up in the middlle of the installation again and then it canceles it out. Please help me get pass this problem.
  18. HewoTrainers

    [ACCOUNT] PCTGO Game Data Transfer

    Hello you awesome people of the Pokemon Company, could you transfer my PTCGO data to my new PKMN account The old screenname was PokemonFan91609 The New Screenname is HewoTrainers
  19. Fire Energy attachment went to Cramorant V in discard pile one turn after it was knocked out, but that only happened with the effect of welder and not manual attachment. The possible problem here is that the game didn't fully register Cramorant V in the discard pile.( I guess) I have pictures of the event and the game log
  20. Hello, I'm having this problem since time ago. I have a 4K laptop (Dell XPS 9550), and like it has a 4K resolution (3840x2160) you have a very long list of resolutions to select within the game, hiding the higher resolutions. With a scroll inside this list should be solved. I can't attach a link with a screenshot, but I can provide it if it is needed. Thanks, best regards.
  21. When i open the game(on windows) it will load it on the refresher and when i press PLAY it just opens for a brief second then re-opens the refresher to do the very same thing again. (i was told it was fixed)
  22. ElkeGaming

    [GENERAL] How can i fix this?

    Well i can do nothing on my pc. I can not play, remove, install or update the game. I have this error. No acces on the networklocatie. Property User_Profile
  23. dear pokemon... On my Windows machine that has a AMD Ryzen 3 CPU and a Realtek HD 3 Soundcard the audio at times gets glicthy and crackly like for say attaching energy to your Active PKMN or collecting your prizecards What should I do?, Update my soundcard's driver, reinstall the game or even reinstall the Windows OS? Can somebody help me Sincerely
  24. No dia 24/7/2020 tinha mais de 1700 pokecoin, no dia seguinte elas haviam sumido, chequem meu inventario para ver se tinha comprado alguma coisa e nada, o que posso fazer?
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