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  1. I had a Zebstrika and a Marshadow on my bench with Stealthy Hood equipped on both of them. My opponent had a Giratina(Lost Thunder) in their discard pile and used its distortion door ability on my two benched pokemon. Although Stealthy Hood says that it prevents all effects of the opponent's pokemon's abilities done to the pokemon it's attached to, the Giratina could still place damage counters on the pokemon with stealthy hood, even though stealthy hood should block those effects. I know that the Stealthy Hood is capable of stopping damage counters being placed on the pokemon because it works correctly with abilities like Weezing's Detention Gas from Unbroken Bonds. Unfortunately, I don't have the game log from this match, but it would be great if this could be fixed.
  2. Hallo ******* und vielen Dank, dass mir jemand versucht zu helfen 😃 Also: "Die Netzwerkverbindung zum Server wurde unterbrochen" kommt jedes mal wenn ich versuche mich einzuloggen, kurz taucht ein ladebalken auf, bleibt bei 0% und bricht anschließend mit dieser meldung ab.. spiele ich als gastspieler ohne account quasi, kommt nur die meldung, dass der account gerade verifiziert und eingeloggt wird.. der account ist neu erstellt und nur paar tage alt, allerdings besteht von anfang an das problem.. bereits versucht: komplette de-installation und neu-installation; repariert; passwort geändert; sicher gegangen, dass der account aktiviert ist mit der meldung, dass online tcg spielen möglich ist; freischaltung der ports 8181, 6967, 39389, sowie der pokemon.exe datei; support ticket bereits verfasst und dxdiag datei verschickt, allerdings bisher ohne erfolg, mir wird eine neu-installation geraten.. log-in in den account auf anderem pc mit anderem internetzugang allerdings möglich (!) online spielen als gastspieler möglich meldung tritt auf, egal ob login daten stimmen oder falsch sind nach 4 maligem versuchen taucht immer der ladebalken bei 0% auf und bleibt stehen, programm lässt sich anschließend nur über task manager schließen imgur(punkt)com/a/edQt9Jd nun stehe ich vor dem traurigen problem, dass ich nicht mehr weiter weiß 😒
  3. hevvychef

    [GAME BUG} Seismetoad-EX

    I was playing in EXP. Quaking punch was in effect - Seismetoad-EX was active, on his bench was a garbotoxin with float stone attached and a Shaymin. the stadium was Virbank city placed by my opponent. I had a Ubb Dugtrio with a choice band in the active and a Jirachi with escape board on the bench although there were no other effects in place, I was locked out of all trainers. I couldn't play either supporters or stadium cards from my hand. I hope i made the post correctly
  4. Greetings Since the last update I can Start the game on my macBook. It stops on 50% and freezes. What can I do? Thanks!
  5. me que en 99% y no carga mas
  6. Desde el día hoy estoy intentando jugar y no me permite, al ingresar al juego me dice que esta cargando una actualización después de uno o dos minutos sale otro mensaje que me marca "error No se puede conectar con el servidor" Ya desintale el juego, borre carpetas y volvi a instalarlo, tienen alguna solución?
  7. ShadowKiin1207

    Simple Effects are always on!!!???

    On Pokemon TCG Online when I go to settings it shows simple effects are on. I want to turn them off but it won't let me. I had this problem for a while and thought the update would fix it but the problem still persists. Thanks in advance to anyone who replies to help.
  8. Heya folks, I'm sure this is asked 100 times and more, but I recently got a new gaming PC. Just over a year ago, I started to play this game and got quickly addicted to it and worked very hard to accrue cards, codes, ect. I recently invested in a brand new Gaming PC and went straight away to download the TCG program on there, logged into my account...and all my cards are gone and I was tossed into the Tutorial run down again. I've' submitted a ticket and awaiting an answer, but mostly just wondering if anyone can give me some confidence that they are not lost forever. Thanks for your time!
  9. When I go to download Pokémon TCG Online, it gives me an error stating "Could not access network location _/." While stuck on "Status: creating shortcuts". I am unsure of what this means and can't find the same issue online, is there any way around this?
  10. Like submit 2 cards to get 1... Even it is not usable/compete ban? 😌
  11. Minmos1992


    Guten Abend, ich habe jetzt schon öfter über dieses Problem gelesen und auch selbst alles versucht, was für mich möglich war. Ich hatte das Spiel vor ca. nem halben Jahr vom Rechner runtergeschmissen mit dem IOBit Uninstaller, weil es damals anders nicht geklappt hat. Nun möchte ich das Spiel seit ca. einer Woche neu installieren und bekomme diesen hier bekannten Fehler. Ich kann nichts refreshen, installieren, deinstallieren oder sonstiges, weil gleich die Meldung kommt. Diese Standard-Prozedur scheint bei mir nicht zu funktionieren 😅 Es sind auch keine Restdateien vorhanden, da ich ja den Uninstaller verwendete. Hat jemand nen anderen Lösungsansatz? Vllt muss ich was in der Registry rauslöschen? Adminrechte hab ich auf all meinen Konten, also kann es auch nicht an so was liegen. Ehrlich gesagt hab ich keine Lust meinen PC wegen nem TCG Platt zu machen. Nutze übrigens Win10 64 Bit Wünsche eine gute Nacht
  12. After installing the latest version of TCGO ( - 04/30/2019) I can't even advance to the title screen. It says "Checking Refresher for Updates" and is followed by an error that reads, "Could not connect to server." I have this issue on multiple PCs and have reinstalled several times with no success.
  13. Hi, I'm running a fairly old PC but it's getting hung up before I can even get into the game. I've signed in with my account but when it sends me to the Terms of Service page it just hangs. No ToS actually shows up within the dialog box, only the Cancel button is lit as if I could choose it, but it is unresponsive. Thanks. CPU: AMD A10-7850K; GPU: AMD Radeon HD 6850; OS Windows 10 Pro x64 fully updated.
  14. Xx_Krokorok_xX

    [GENERAL] Can't log in

    Hey I just started getting into Pokemon tcg online but every time I try to log in in-game it gives me the message "the network connection with the server has been lost". I've completed the tutorial and gotten to the point where I just have to upgrade my account, but every time I do it just tells me it's verifying my account for around half an hour. I have good enough WiFi that I can connect to online games but I just can't log in. I've also completely reinstalled the game and restarted my computer. I would appreciate any support.
  15. Hi all, After installing several times, i have never been able to login in the game, it always gives me the error : "Could not reach Pokemon.com login service. Try Again in a Minute ". I Can login in the website, i already change the DNS and tried to login by WiFi and wired too. Please, could someone help me with this? Thanks a lot.
  16. Whenever i try to open my account on my mac i always get a message saying "the last time you opened pokemon trading card game online, it unexpectedly quit while reopening windows. do you want to try to reopen its windows again? if you choose not to reopen windows, you may have to open and position the windows yourself. dont reopen open" whichever choice i do i always get a problem report being sent to apple. how do i fix this problem without risking to lose everything?
  17. Trying the setup the game so I can add my son as a Friend. I've tried modifying the settings on the Pokemon website to allow his account to add friends. However, the friend tab remains non-highlighted and I can't click it. Trying to set his settings as Limited or Open constantly results in a failure on the submit of those settings. The only options that are successful are Closed and Custom. I've set Custom as "open" as I can and I'm still unable to have him add me as a friend. Help please.
  18. Guten Tag, Ich habe mir mein altes Pokemon HS Unerschrocken - Morgendämmerung Deck (Das mit Psiana) wieder zusammengesucht. Da meines Wissens nach die Codekarten erst ab BW dabei waren, frage ich mich ob es irgendeine Möglichkeit gäbe mein Deck Online zu Aktivieren. Vielleicht über einen Code in der Gebrauchanleitung oder so. Gäbe es da eine Möglichkeit? LG Démo
  19. jasant98

    TCGO Event bug

    Hi, I have tried to join a tournament but it doesn't show that I have entered/added me to the list of players while keeping me on that ********** is possible to go to the versus tab and play regularly however by doing so the game deducts tournament tickets each time. I have tried joining an event/tournament 4-5 times of different kinds but have lost tickets regardless without being able to participate in it. I have also tried logging ********** of the game as well as reinstalling but still encounter this bug, not sure why this has been happening Thanks
  20. Hello, I can't search or even scroll thru my card lists. It crashes every time. I have tried reinstalling the game and nothing. Right now I can't even build a deck. I am on Windows 10 Home Edition.
  21. Papu098

    Fallo al querer jugar

    Hola antes que todo buen día, tengo una inquietud con Pokemon TCGO respecto que al entrar al juego me marca "Los servidores no están disponibles en este momento por favor inténtalo mas tarde", esto me lleva diciendo ya 3 días del 6 al 8 de mayo por lo que no se si es normal o no, ya probé des instalarlo e instalarlo de nuevo ademas de que mi Internet y computadora cumplen con todos los requisitos por favor solicito su apoyo gracias
  22. iBrylee

    [GAME] Client not updating

    The client is not updating after an update, I logged out when the client went offline for 10 minutes on 04/30/2019 and hours later when I try to log back in the client it's stuck at 100% and the button is glitched. Do i seriously need to reinstall after an update?
  23. I just downloaded the launcher, and it opens fine, but when I go to type in my username or password, it won't let me select the text box to type it in. I can select other options, but selecting a language or trying to type my login info doesn't work. I've tried reinstalling the program, but the same issue comes up. Any way to fix this?
  24. A brand new bug appeared with this morning's update (v 2.63), one that I've never seen before. We share devices in my family. As of this morning, only my Avatar appears when playing a game. I think it's funny, and am glad it chose mine as the default, but my son and another family member don't think so much of it. It happens on both our iPad and PC, in all game areas, including the Trainer Challenge. On her account and my son's, the Avatar Creator shows them properly, but it always shows ME when they're playing a game.
  25. Hi, I have just installed the TCG Online application on my Windows Desktop but am unable to login, I keep receiving the error 'Invalid Login or Password'. I have re-installed the application and I am definitely entering the correct details. I've also tried both my screen name and username. Any ideas how to fix? Many Thanks, Aiden
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