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  1. Darkally1248


    I have been suspended for 3 days, I tried to appeal to my case, nothing happened. I didn't receive anything in my Email regarding this situation. I sincerely apologize if I committed a error on my own will. 😔
  2. I was just playing with my friend online and their computer said I was offline when they tried to challenge me and I clearly wasn't-- we were in the same room. I was able to challenge him no problem, and we were able to play with no issues. How can I fix my offline status so it says I'm online?
  3. gongeta111

    help me and my friend

    help look at this [Link removed by Mod_RedDragon]
  4. PTCGO is giving me connection errors way to often, I have other programs/games that are continuously using the internet and do NOT lose connection at all, my firewall or antivirus is not stopping the connection to PTCGO. I get this error and this is a new hard drive on a fresh install of Windows 10 and a new network card etc, nothing is wrong with my computer. The problem i think is on PTCGO side of things. For months it worked fine without problems now it's to the point of disconnecting on almost every match. PCTGO is UNPLAYABLE for me almost! Reinstalling shouldn't have to be done, this sh
  5. (English isn’t my first language, so please excuse any mistakes.) 2014/2015 have same problem (look like other deck box it became like this a few months ago plz fix it and charizard deck box (it have some black piece but venusaur is correct
  6. hey everyone Yesterday I started the game and I found that the words of all buttons, quests and settingg became complicated. For example, the Play button become the hub.buttons.play.tooltip button. I reinstalled the game for many times but it was not helpful. In fact I can play the game but this problem is very very annoying. Please help me.
  7. I've just recently downloaded the app yesterday and was playing fine with a logged in account. I skipped the tutorial when I first logged in and I was playing the trainer challenges. When I logged in today it automatically sends me into the tutorial. I believe it is the second tutorial (they say I know the basics and want to show me advanced moves). From what I can gather the second tutorial is using the incorrect text from the 1st tutorial but the cards from the 2nd tutorial. It's also showing Zach when I think it should be Ella? It works correctly as a guest but not when I log in. It get
  8. i had "evolve 10 fairy type pokemon" challenge and after a battle of evolving my score of 4 went down to 2? i have also noticed connection losses that are frequently happening as of late.
  9. Ypsion_123

    non riesco a scaricare TCG

  10. Peter-Klimczak

    Win/Loss statistics broken

    There are statistics kept for games played, games won on per-deck basis. However only the last game before logging out seems to get recorded. If the player logs out and back in after every game, the stats seem to get updated correctly. But if a player played 3 games, lost the first 2 and won the last, then log out and back in, the stats will show one more game played and won.
  11. Dear Pokémon TCG Online Devs, When ever I try to download Pokémon TCG: Online it loads and then this screen pops up. It has all of the coding of what it is supposed to do. Could you please fix this issue. Also make a specific place to look at your cards on the website. If you already have made this please tell me what it is called. Thanks, ErrorDev1
  12. Using my new Samsung tab A... Logged into site just fine, "Invalid password" in the game... Changed password, still no help... Not sure if I need a ticket for this... Can anyone else log in to site and game fine? If site's ok, but not the game, then can anyone help me in terms of ensuring that everyone can log into the game like normal?
  13. shiko55

    Report time waist bug

    Dear kindly check this photo *************************** i have waited this player for entire match to end her turn and in the end she didn't and i lost my win streak
  14. You are able to use Alolan Diglett's LOT #122 Call for family attack when your bench is full. The game will not allow you to add to your bench when full but since it is public knowledge that you have a full bench you should not be able to use the attack at all.
  15. Hey, I'm not sure how to describe this, but during one of my duels, something really weird, and scary happened. It was after my opponent ended his turn, that when my turn started, my opponent was still going up, like his turn never ended. I see energy cards keep getting added to my opponent's pokemon, cards being drawn from the deck, basically like he got possess or something. And for some reason, all I can do is click a card, which was an energy, and for some reason, I can't place on my destined card. Unless the game was hacked, it seemed like the game took over on my opponent's side, and
  16. I just played a game where i was up against a Zoroark/gardevoir deck with my Zeraora/koko deck. The opposing gardevoir had a fairy energy and a super boost energy attached to it, and i used koko's ability to come in with three lightning energy. the super boost and fairy combined should make for 5 energy, thus mean a 250 damage on tapu koko's GX attack. But when i used the attack, only 100 damage was applied to the opposing Gardevoir. is there something i dont understand about this situation, or is this (as i expect it is) in fact a bug, just like it was with swampert in combination with th
  17. Ola pessoal tive agora de pouco uma missao completada de abater 16 pokemons com o tipo dragao com recompensa de 01 booster quando finalizei a missao apareceu o booster que eu teria ganho porém quando fui na colecao abrir o mesmo nao foi creditado na conta o que fazer neste caso ?
  18. my game practically does not open, there is only a mini window that can not see literally anything. I wanted it to be possible to create a topic with an image to show. help me please, this happened shortly after I have uploaded the game folder on google drive for my friend to download, I do not know if it has anything to do with this
  19. To Whom it may concern, I came across a game breaking bug in the game during one of my streams on May 29th, 2018 at approx. 9:15pm Pacific Time zone. This is in regards to having Wobbuffett (XY-Phantom Forces 36/119) in play as your active pokemon and Malamar (Sun/Moon - Forbidden Light 51/131) on your bench. Wobbuffet's Ability reads as follows: "As long as this Pokémon is your Active Pokémon, each Pokémon in play, in each player's hand, and in each player's discard pile has no Abilities (except for Psychic Pokemon)". As it reads, every pokemon in play, hand, or discard pile have
  20. My game just doesn't respond whenever i try to import a decklist.
  21. lucario57

    [Jeu] mac - mise a jour

    Bonjour, voila depuis ce matin j'essaye de faire la nouvelle mise à jour et la mise à jour reste bloquer a 50% Est ce que c'est arrivé à quelqu'un d'autres? que dois je faire? PS je suis sur mac book pro
  22. Hi, So the title speaks for itself. Armor Press should give the ability to Type: Null to take 30 less damage from attacks during opponent's next turn, yet it doesn't do anything like that right now.
  23. M Glalie Ex had more than 10 damage on it but it's attack would only do 100 damage to the defending pokemon This has happened multiple times already. Game Log Output: 189. SteContiero played Parallel City. ***. SteContiero played Professor's Letter. 191. SteContiero drew Psychic Energy. 192. SteContiero attached a Psychic Energy to Trevenant. 193. SteContiero played Professor Sycamore. 194. SteContiero drew a card. 195. SteContiero drew a card. 196. SteContiero drew a card. 197. SteContiero drew a card. 198. SteContiero drew a card. 199. SteContiero drew a card. 200. SteContie
  24. In the BreakThrough Theme Decks, there are two coins. A Mega Mewtwo X Coin and a Mega Mewtwo Y Coin. The Mega Mewtwo X Coin, is a light blue color, so it's correctly titled "Light Blue Mega Mewtwo X Coin" But the Mega Mewtwo Y Coin, is a light pink color. The bug I'm reporting, is that the Pink Colored Mega Mewtwo Y Coin, is incorrectly named "Light Blue Mega Mewtwo Y Coin".
  25. Magearna-EX only attacks 120 on the first attack. The other attacks, the card detects that an "60 damage attack".
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