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  1. I have Use tooltip check in the settings but they're not coming up. Help?
  2. Hello, I don't know if here is the right place to seek for help, but I didn't found a better topic. I'm sorry if I am doing it wrong. I just received a in-game notification warning me I have been reported for using innapropriate language at the chat (or something close to that). The problem is: I only use the pre-programmed sentences at the chat, so this is obviously a mistake. The message also said to contact the site if it was a mistake. How should I proceed to clarify that? Thank you!
  3. As per the update, we now receive those little pulsing, green exclamation points when an opponents "says" something in a match. However, the exclamation point is currently activated when you yourself make a comment as well. This is just a minor annoyance, but it is something that should be fixed.
  4. Still can't add a friend to my child's account because I can't click the friend tab. I've tried about a 2 dozen times to set his settings to allow friends in the child settings in my account options. However, it NEVER saves the settings for friends. I can change his trade options just fine, but without the ability to add friends, it is pretty much useless. When is this going to get fixed?
  5. Client: 1152 At the beginning of a recent Versus Theme match, after the intro screen, when the playmat came up, the notification "Please wait for your opponent to load the game" came up, then after a minute or so... DEFEAT! The recap of the game said I had lost because I had run out of time. I'm guessing it must have been my turn to call the coin toss to see who goes first. Though the coin and choice of Heads or Tails never was displayed. This has happened once or twice in the past, in other builds, so hopefully it is a known issue. It doesn't show up in the list for known bugs for the latest build, though. My biggest concern about this happening, is that it seems like something that a sneaky unscrupulous player might intentionally take advantage of, as an exploit. If a player hasn't downloaded the entire Card Cache, and could intentionally control the bandwidth the game is allowed to use, they could cause it to take so long to download data for each match, that it caused whichever player was to call the coin toss to lose. If so, they would win half the games without ever playing a match. I figure if done right, they might play 30 to 40 games per hour this way. For this reason, the programmers should change it so the time-out timer doesn't start until both players have loaded the game data. Also, if unable to download the game data within a few minutes, the player with poor connection should be assigned the loss.
  6. Badde00

    Wrong language at timer

    Whenever I dont have any basic cards on my first turn, the notification says something in (what i assume is) finnish. It has a lot of ä for examle. Im using the swedish client.
  7. GAmethyst

    Updating problems.

    Hi, every time I try to start up TCGO, it defaults to the update screen. It says it's finished updating, but when it trys to go back to the main TCGO program, it closes and starts back at the update screen. Help?
  8. After i evolve my Mewtwo-EX, my coward opponent instantly made me finish my turn because he was about to lose, I'm pretty sure it wasn't an accident because i was putting the energy needed, i wasn't even near the button. I don't have any idea on how he did that, and also I can't prove it because all the moves were too fast and he closed the game to avoid me to see his name, just want you to know that it seems to be possible and I feel frustrated, not because the glitch but how coward people can be. All that i can say is the game occured in 22:10 approximately (Washington DC) against me (Maria-Joaquina) and the guy had a dark-type deck with Yveltal-EX line as attacker, I kept myself respectfully playing, we didn't talk in any moment, he had no reason like lack of fairplay, disrespect or anything else, I was just smashing him in a way that he saw himself in a position that the only way was to use this dirty trick since he is a coward and can't admit he was about to lose. Please, I ask you to fix this glitch, it's a really bad glitch.
  9. GunterQueck

    Busy servers

    It has been at least 3 days since the last time I could log into the tcgo. A notification keeps telling me that servers are busy. Is it normal?
  10. bilisios

    Flip a coin

    I dont know if it's a bug but I have found that the tails in the coin happen many more times than the head. For example, at the beginning of the game when I choose tails instead head by 90% I'll win.
  11. Seems the 15-hour maintenance solved nothing.
  12. Is anyone else noticing this? When a friend on PTCGO messages me and the scrolling chat "window" on the right side is minimized (let's say I'm looking at public offers for example) I do not get a notification with an exclamation mark that there is a new message waiting for me, anymore. I know, not the biggest bug in the world, lol, but just wondering if others are noticing this as well? Des PS, I looked through the known bugs log Mathis and didn't see this one, but I could be completely blind. If I am, apologies. EDIT: Seems to work when people message you, but it does not work when you initiate a conversation with a friend and then when that friend responds to you and you have the chat minimized there is no notification that a new chat message is there for you. So there is bug there in that way at least.
  13. I'm trying to submit a support ticket (since generations codes still aren't granting properly) and I get the message below: We're sorry, an unexpected error has occurredThe service you are trying to reach is currently unavailable. Please refresh the page and try again. If this error continues, please contact Parature Support and reference the Error ID # listed below. 11a3dd2d-f387-4f10-a96a-13effe8aaea7 Go back to the page you were previously viewing or click the Back button on your browser. I'm just trying to get what I paid for, Mods - no one responded to my last post, please take the time to respond to this one.
  14. You cannot deal damage to them with ex/basic pokemons even if you use escape rope and lysandre They take no damage on the bench as well.
  15. Hi. When you win a tournament and then win versus battle you see results of last tournament instead contents of giftbox (everytime). Please fix it.
  16. noetnalP

    Please give us a warning!

    This is not a game bug per se, rather a bug in the way that the game is being administered... (Please feel free to move this to the proper forum part, if there is one) I’ve now lost count of how many 9-hour maintenance sessions we’ve gone through during the last few days. These are all described as “planned”, but we’ve not got any prior notice and there is no banner on the homepage. Please keep us informed! If you have scheduled maintenance, then let us know! And please rotate the hours you shut down, some parts of the world are being unfairly affected by this.
  17. Whenever I get a new notification due to pop up on the screen, or at least finished tournaments and reward boxes from the prize wheel it's putting up with the results from the first tournament I completed today instead of the contents of the boxes or what I received from participating in the tournament. While it is nice to know I won a tournament (it was more annoying yesterday when I only came second in my first tournament of the day), I'd actually like to see what I've currently received without the extra two clicks going into notification history to open up what was meant to have popped up there.
  18. Some of these will have already been reported. Some of these may only impact me and not anyone else, although I have heard others experience each of these issues at least once; even if they are not a general issue. Hopefully we will see some kind of response/recognition to look into these issues . If you have seen any of these or can provide any more information that may be useful (if you have an entirely new issue- probably best to post in a different thread). Notifications: >Often trade notifications are delayed, or sometimes do not appear at all, after a trade has been accepted. >After completing a tournament you do not always get the correct 'Tournament Completed' screen- the tournament that automatically appears is always the first one you have finished after you have logged in, not necessarily the tournament that has just been completed. >Sometimes a number 1 [possibly a greater number, depending on how many are supposed to be visible] (signalling a notification is there) appears at the notification list, but when you check it there is nothing there. You can only see the 'hidden' notification when moving from the Trading Zone to the Collection area. >Sometimes the active Daily Challenge screen randomly appears when changing from one area of the game to another, not only when you open the client. Trading: >Sometimes the filtering system doesn't work properly. Or the trade system won't refresh when the refresh button is pressed (works most, but not all the time). In Game: >Skyarrow Bridge doesn't always work; unclear currently as to the causes of it's failure to activate. It effects both players/
  19. there is something wrong with Mega Sceptile effect , when someone uses their poekmon ability on Mega Sceptile like Malamar ex , hypno , victreebel , bat's . it comes thru the effect , and i lost to a tournament round cus my opponent malamar ex all of sudden put my mega sceptile alseep when it not suppose too go thru the effect of mega sceptile , but the other time , mega sceptile didnt had no problem like that , now it does, it suppose to prevent it from the opponent ability , can you please check it out for your self , play a couple games of it and glitches out of no where try fixing it please
  20. daily challenge claim now button isnt working.i cant have daily challenge please :/
  21. When trying to add a new friend I get an error saying that I can't have more than 250 friends. I currently have 44 friends. Not sure why this is happening. Please help.
  22. i don't actually consider this as a glitch but i think you should be aware of it anyway. There are a few texts that appear in English in the Portuguese version in the beginning of the game I have some pictures but I don't know how to put it, anyway, the "yes" and "no" button to choose if you want to start playing after flipping the coin were supposed to be in portuguese: "sim" ou "não". The text about if the player wants to start is ok. Another phrase in english: "Your opening hand has no Basic Pokémon. Select Done to redraw." this was supposed to be "Sua mão inicial não tem Pokémon Básico. Selecione Finalizado para recomprar". The text about the opponent's hand with no Basic Pokémon is in english too. There might be more sentences in need to be translated, I can update this tread when I see more cases.
  23. sometimes my deck needs to redraw several times this time it took about one minute to draw a basic card to play and start the total time of the match was 00:01:33 I did not delay in any of the game prompts, from the start of the match I did not idle at all even for a second my mouse was moving a clicking constantly, yet the game ended because "I was inactive for too long" despite there being no prompt warning me of this
  24. I'm starting to get frustrated with this, but the "time out" timer that comes up from inactivity is freezing every single time once it hits zero. Every. Single. Time. My last several opponents had their timers run out, thus freezing the game, this issue can hopefully be fixed because it is impossible to earn any points when on the ladder if the thing keeps locking up.
  25. hobbesteroo

    Do I have to press a button......

    every time someone ( including me) doesn't draw a Pokemon on their first turn? it slows the game down and its annoying. If I have the option as don't need training off; that button shouldn't even be there. Thanks
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