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  1. The app has been continually crashing the moment I click to start the QR reader and start reading my codes. I've tried uninstalling the app, deleting the unity folder, emptying the bin, restarting, and then re-installing TCGO, but it makes no difference. As soon as I click "Start QR Reader" the app crashes. Any suggestions for a different fix so I can redeem these codes? Running a Macbook Air, 10.15.3, OS Catalina. Newest version of TCGO straight from the site because I've had to delete and install it twice. Thanks,
  2. Vaangard

    Server Unavailable

    Whether I try and sign in on Mac or iPad, I keep getting the server unavailable error message saying they cannot connect or my internet isn’t working… which, my internet is working so…unsure what’s going on.. can anyone help?
  3. jmo565

    Stuck at the tutorial

    Hi, we are trying to get into the online game and redeem codes/play but it is stuck in the tutorial and won't let us get past the Eevee card right at the start. HELP! please.
  4. Immediately after pressing the QR reader button on MacOS Monterey v 12.2.1 the game is crashing. Anyone else having this issue?
  5. Since the new update the QR scanner stopped working on macOS. Every time I try to start it the game crashes und gets closed. Please fix!
  6. Hello! I've been back and forth with Support on this, and have taken all recommended actions (uninstalling, using terminal, etc), but I cannot scan codes in. Is there an update as to when this will be fixed? I have an obscene amount of codes to scan in.
  7. I received an error saying my username or password was incorrect last night. i left it overnight and tried again this morning, same issue. I reset my password, and used the new one to the same error. I reinstalled the client and still have the issue. Is there any other way to resolve this? I am on an M1 Macbook Pro and have not had this issue before.
  8. Hello, I recently made an account on Pokemon TCG and redeemed 10 codes from various packs that I bought. After all 10 were successfully redeemed, I got a message to go to my collections to review the rewards. I have been trying for hours to find this as I can not seem to locate. I am on a MAC and a step by step process would be extremely helpful! Any help or guidance would be appreciated. As of right now this is what I see: When I login it has across the top: Home/Pokedex/Video Games & Apps/Trading Card Game/Pokemon TV/Play Pokemon Events/News On the lefthand side: Edit Profile: Going Top-Down: My Profile/Nintendo Account Link/Authorized Apps/Pokemon TCG Online Settings/Pokemon Go Setting/Pokemon Pass Settings/Play Pokemon Settings/Log Out Am I missing something? What do I have to click on to find this "Collections"?
  9. joetwon266

    cant log in

    getting message "your username or password is incorrect. you have X attempts left before you will be locked out for 15 minutes." however my log in information is 100% correct i can log in to the the pokemon website and this forum fine but not into the actual game.
  10. I was randomly suspended on my Pokemon TCGO acc. I played two days ago with no issues. I was chat muted once for messing around in chat with my friend while we were battling, only using a few curse words. I understood that chat ban and moved on, being more thoughtful. I go to log on today after installing the update and after loading on the progress bar I got an "This account has been suspended" message. I don't understand where this came from and would appreciate support. I see no reason for a ban as I have just been playing versus and grinding to try to get some good cards out of the new set. I tried logging on first on my mac then on my Windows 10 computer. I tried making a new account and logging in on that worked. Any help would be appreciated.
  11. I had learned about a re ent promo for a shiny celebi. I checked my account to make sure I was signed up for newsletters. I still was. I go to check my email. Spam. Trash. Primary. Promotions. Nothing. I finally recheck Promotions and type in the email pokemon@email.pokemon.com. Come to find out, for some reason, I had not received a newsletter since September 25, 2017. I had never unsubscribed from it, so why am I not receiving any at all
  12. As of the update to version 2.77 earlier today, my laptop running MacOS Big Sur with a display resolution of 2560x1600 can no longer play the game at that resolution like I could before. This causes noticeable blurring and makes text difficult to read. In resolution settings I only have the options: 1280x720 1280x800 1440x900 1600x900 1680x1050 1920x1080
  13. Whenever I open the game my mac starts to get super hot and the fan is in overdrive the whole time. Any reasons why this is? I have a new macbook pro (2014) - so I really can't believe it's because my mac isn't powerful enough. Would really like this to get fixed because I like playing on my mac more than iPad but it's uncomfortable. Thanks.
  14. I am trying to install pokemon TCGO on my Mac, when I try to install it is says " This site can’t be reached Check if there is a typo in *******************************. DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN " I don't know what to do. If anyone knows anything please help im im very eager to play the game.
  15. Client Version: Operating System: macOS Catalina 10.15.7 Behavior: Clicking anywhere on the deck select row, even on the chrome space outside the viewport, will quietly change the deck selection causing you to queue up for ladder with a different deck than you thought you had. Steps to Reproduce: In this three frame mock-up, I have my third deck selected in the top frame and then I click where the pointer is on the right (say, to refocus the window after tabbing out of the game). Now in the middle frame I see that my third deck is no longer selected. So what is? Well if I scroll right, I'll find that my sixth deck (that I actually clicked in the top frame, even though I couldn't see it) is now selected. If I had pressed "Play!" after the first click, I would've queued ladder with my sixth deck without ever having seen it.
  16. KanyeSouthWest

    [MAC] Unplayable on macOS Big Sur

    The game is still unplayable even after the recent patch. The game still freezes after every match and always crashes when trying to do trades.
  17. Teh-Static

    How do I change my picture?

    May be the wrong place to ask but after over 5 years of being here think its time I change my pic, anyone know how?
  18. Game won't start. When I sign in the game it starts loading, as it does always, but, instead of entering it gets stuck in 94% and there it stays
  19. Hey guys, since day one I've noticed that my MacBook Pro overheats in a matter of minutes after I launch the application. I've always thought that it was very strange, but now I'm actually shocked. Last week I installed the app on my old Android tablet and to my surprise it ran faster than on my laptop! We're talking about a 7-year-old tablet vs a 3-year-old MacBook. I mean, something must be going on. Does anyone know what could it be? Thanks!
  20. whompers98

    [GENERAL] Game Bootup Error

    So i've played this game in the past on my macbook air just fine, but recently within the last few months i have had an error message pop up when i boot up the game. It says: "An error occurred when downloading preload data. Please Check your Internet connection and try again. The app will now quit." and below it has an "Exit" button. but can someone please help me fix my issue, i know that i have played the game before on my macbook air.
  21. Whan i open TCGO the game doesn't let me write anything unless i keep lciking many times in username and password for the writting line to appear and it keeps flickering and not letting me write right away, how do i fix this?
  22. It doesn't let me in, preload error apparently. help? MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2017, Two Thunderbolt 3 ports) 2.3 GHz Intel Core i5
  23. So I download it fine but when i try and load it it says "Pokemon trading card game has been damaged and cannot load" But I didn't touch it at all and I'm on Mac btw
  24. Hi, The last few times I have played TCGO on my MacBook, I have had the game hang during versus matches to the extend that I have had to force quit the game. Both times, I have opened Activity Monitor to discover that the game is using a lot of system memory (22,07GB the first time, 39,92GB the second time). This bug is present on the most recent patch (2.73). I'm running macOS 10.15.6 on a 16" MacBook Pro with 32GB of RAM.
  25. I've noticed this for a while and I'm not sure what's causing the game to use such a large amount of CPU but it's now nearing the point I can't even have the game open for more than 10 minutes before my computer goes into overdrive and nearly overheats. I'm using a 2015 macbook pro, and while it's not new anymore, this game shouldn't be using anything that it can't handle. I'm not sure when it exactly started doing this but I know its been like this for a while, and I'm sure there are other mac users out there with similar issues.
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