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  1. Magma_tea

    Can't type in the box

    No matter what I do I cant type in the username or password box. I click it and the word username disappears but then returns at FTL speed. I uninstalled the game and reinstalled the game and even did the same to the wizard installer as well but it made no difference. Restarted my PC, still no difference.
  2. 16RedGunner

    Loading issue 2.93.0 for Android 12 - RESOLVED :)

    Unable to log in on Android device, scree is stuck on loading screen. Which has not changed for hours.
  3. Drockah86

    Loading issue 2.93.0 for Android 12 - RESOLVED :)

    I am not able to access the game on my mobile device after the update. Is this a known issue?
  4. Fez1271999

    Banned Account

    I have a question, so I was banned for misconduct, its a bit of a story but in my defense I think I was stopping an online personal invader. So to start off, I was in the trading online chat, and I got a message from a GodIsGood, I believe his In game name was. I made sure this user knew I reported them and now in so I am banned as well. Is there anything to do besides the support ticket? Like I said, I felt like I was defending the community from an online personal invader. I do have an early photo of the conversation as well. It said "rp?". I responded with "rp? what does that mean?". He said "role playing" I went ahead and mentioned this is a child's online game... He went ahead and called me B**** and I responded with a quirky misconduct name of course.
  5. Vaangard

    Server Unavailable

    Whether I try and sign in on Mac or iPad, I keep getting the server unavailable error message saying they cannot connect or my internet isn’t working… which, my internet is working so…unsure what’s going on.. can anyone help?
  6. Hello Pokemon Support, On running it goes through checks for updates, gets to log on screen but stalls at loading from server. I have not played for a while; but would love to get going again. I have run DNS refresh, I have done a DX refresh, my wireless connectivity is sound with a strong ****** and good internet speed. PC is not running anything other than McAfee, Windows 7 Please... any ideas? Many thanks
  7. roothegamer1234

    Pls let me skip the tutorial

    pls let me skip the tutorial it’s to hard
  8. i have had this issue for a few days now. I even tried reseting my password multiple times but it keeps saying that my password is wrong. any way to fix this?
  9. My girlfriend and I both decided to install and play this Pokemon TCG online recently. We both went on the official site, and downloaded the game. My install wizard launched properly and I had the game installed and running within minutes. However, whenever my girlfriend tries to run the .ede for the installer, the installer window pops up, and immediately gets covered by an error message saying that "There is already an instance of this program being installed, please wait for the install to finish before starting this one." And when we click "Ok" or X it out, the whole installer closes. This happened on the very first instance of her attempting to run the installer. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  10. I have an account that I was making progress on and wanted to link my trainer ID to get all features. Upon trying to log in with upgrade, kicks me out of the app and crashes it, I force close the app and try to log in with the trainer ID to test and it works, I then log into the account I was using originally and it says it somehow now is linked to an account already even though it was just the start of the tutorial. I would like to unlink my account from this unneeded account so I can properly link it the account I was trying to use in the first place.
  11. Hey so this has been going on for about 2 months now where I can't play the game on PC but it works fine on my iPad Air. I've tried reinstalling the game after uninstalling it multiple times and it still doesn't let me log in. I log in and it'll say "The network connection with server has been lost" Is there a way to fix this issue??
  12. TheStealthKing

    [ACCOUNT] Login not working

    Whenever I login, it says that my password is wrong, even though I've done the same thing with resetting my password many times. Does anyone know how to help?
  13. Hi! I have two accounts in pokemon TCGO but i can't login, and i try too many times to reset my passwords and never works. If someone help me to recover my accounts I aprecciate it. I had the email and Username in one of the accounts and only the email in the other one.
  14. python52008

    game crashes when logging in

    i recently downloaded ptcgo, (like yesterday or so i guess) it worked fine the first time. but when i tried to join today, the game just freezes and than crashes when i press "login" it has the error " pokemon trading card game online.exe has stopped working" i tried uninstalling and reinstalling,repairing,launching with refresher, everything..... it actually worked once,, but all the buttons were wierdly named,, like the login button was named "login.logindialog.login" or something like that,,, when i tried again, it again crashed.. what should i do?
  15. Não consigo jogar mais, pelo fato de não acessar mais a plataforma. Segue o link com a print: [Editado Mod_PãodeQueijo, apenas URLs oficiais Pokémon são permitidos] preciso entender o que está acontecendo se é problema no meu computador ou no meu provedor. 01.Já desativei Antivírus 02.Reinstalei o jogo 03.Apliquei meu IP fixo interno do DMZ 04.Apliquei as portas.
  16. Não Estou Conseguindo Logar Na Minha Conta Pokémon Trainer Club De Jeito Nenhum, Já Verifiquei Se Não Era ******* Ou O Nome De Usuário E Não É, Por Favor Peço Ajuda Urgente Caso Contrário Irei Perder Minha Conta.
  17. I received an error saying my username or password was incorrect last night. i left it overnight and tried again this morning, same issue. I reset my password, and used the new one to the same error. I reinstalled the client and still have the issue. Is there any other way to resolve this? I am on an M1 Macbook Pro and have not had this issue before.
  18. I was logged in and playing pre 'versus ladder' update moments ago. I logged out to refresh everything and when I went to log back in, I can't. It either freezes at 18% or advances extremely slowly, then fails to connect. I have uninstalled, and reinstalled, and am now trying again, but it keeps failing to connect. Please help?!
  19. Since after the latest update patch was released and the game updated itself I found myself unable to login to the game. After I input my username and password an error message shows up after half a second saying "The network connection with the server has been lost." and I am unable to login at all. I initially thought that it may be a temporary error, but several weeks have passed and I am still unable to play. I have already tried uninstalling and then reinstalling the game using the latest installer, but the error still appears. I am using Windows 11 btw
  20. My data was erased !, I stopped playing like 2 years ago and now that I want to come back my data is gone I already sent a ticket for support but they never answer, its been like 3 or 4 days since I wrote and sent the ticket can anybody else help me please?
  21. joetwon266

    cant log in

    getting message "your username or password is incorrect. you have X attempts left before you will be locked out for 15 minutes." however my log in information is 100% correct i can log in to the the pokemon website and this forum fine but not into the actual game.
  22. Five days when I try to log in I throw out the following "Servers is curently offline or your network is not active" what is problem, when i go to pokemon.com it says that the servers are online
  23. Super_BMO

    Account Suspension inquiry

    My account was suspended due to what I believe to be swearing (which I was not warned about in the slightest) I was wondering if there is a way I can inquire as to how long my suspension will last. I have already sent a support ticket but it has been 2 days and I haven't received any word. Thanks
  24. I was randomly suspended on my Pokemon TCGO acc. I played two days ago with no issues. I was chat muted once for messing around in chat with my friend while we were battling, only using a few curse words. I understood that chat ban and moved on, being more thoughtful. I go to log on today after installing the update and after loading on the progress bar I got an "This account has been suspended" message. I don't understand where this came from and would appreciate support. I see no reason for a ban as I have just been playing versus and grinding to try to get some good cards out of the new set. I tried logging on first on my mac then on my Windows 10 computer. I tried making a new account and logging in on that worked. Any help would be appreciated.
  25. My pokemon tcgo is stucking on 90%
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