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Found 512 results

  1. When i open up the game, the eula rules are blank and i cant accept it
  2. SchockEVAz

    [GENERAL] Stuck at Tutorial

    So I think it's a recurrent issue with the game but... I got stuck in the tutorial, specifically on the 4th battle (the one with poison Pokemon). I left my mac for a couple of minutes so it went to sleep mode, after I came back to wake it up and continue, the game prompted me to log on and tried to load my match, which it failed to do. The only thing I get now is the game screen with no cards neither on my side or the enemy trainer; I'm unable to skip the tutorial and reinstalling the game didn't solve the problem for me
  3. [Edited by Mod_Turtle: Posting links to websites other than official Pokémon sites is not permitted.] please help
  4. ScandoCommando

    Sleep status and confusion

    I was using a combo putting the opponents active asleep, then retreating to attack with a pokemon that puts confusion on the opponent. After confusion was applied, sleep status was removed without my opponent flipping any coins.
  5. Hello, I was going to begin the fist game of a Standard Tournament and the game didn't let me choose my starting Pokémon. I don't know if this problem applies to Versus games too, but I played the game with no problem yesterday. Don't know how to add an image, but essentially I wasn't able to select my starting Pokémon and a green button appeared at the bottom right side of the screen that said "End Turn". Thank you in advance.
  6. ShadowKiin1207

    Simple Effects are always on!!!???

    On Pokemon TCG Online when I go to settings it shows simple effects are on. I want to turn them off but it won't let me. I had this problem for a while and thought the update would fix it but the problem still persists. Thanks in advance to anyone who replies to help.
  7. This game is being bad to me. I get half way through the match and it just freezes. I am forced to quit. very frustrated trainer here!
  8. I've come across a hacker [Edited by Mod_Elderberry - Removed user by name to keep conversation constructive and friendly]. I've encountered him twice. He was taking a very long time to decide his moves and everything which I found a little funny but I did not pay much attention to. And then he was making his time for his choices go up, which I thought might've been a bug. And then he put out a Repeat Ball and it didn't show me the card. That's when I realized that he was probably hacking. With my first encounter with him, he had in his deck, a whole bunch of Lucario EX (I'm pretty sure it was over 4) and on my second encounter, he only pulled out a Lucario EX. I don't know how to report a hacker, can somebody please tell me? (If he was not a hacker and it was just a bug, then can somebody please tell me?) Thanks!
  9. GuitaristMatt

    Escape Rope broke match

    I had a celebi & venusaur gx out. Opponent played escape rope on their turn. I immediately selected my benched celebi & venusaur gx. The highlights went away implying I had properly selected, but nothing happened. The AFK (away from keyboard) countdown started and reached 0, but nothing occurred. Total play time timer went down from 22 minutes to 0 minutes and still nothing has happened. The game is stuck and not proceeding to allow the opponent to change their pokemon out. Emotes do not appear to be working though, and I have not seen any emotes from the opponent. Game log in spoilers below:
  10. This occurred on client When using Lanturn and an exp share on my Oranguru, my Treeko died with a grass and electric energy attached to it. I selected the grass energy to go onto my Oranguru, and the electric energy to go onto the Lanturn. What should have happened is I have a Treeko in discard, a grass energy on my Oranguru and an electric energy on my Lanturn. What actually happened is, the treeko and grass energy got discarded, while the electric energy went onto my Lanturn. While I have not tested this thoroughly, this has happened to me twice while using the Leaf Charge deck and could easily happen to anybody playing the strategy deck.
  11. Had to put 370 damage on muk and Muk gx. I have a screenshot with 320 on Muk muk gx. No gamelog available Edit: Actually looks like Admin aware of the issue but couldnt get the bug to appear again. I was playing weezing spread and im not sure if its mr. mimes ability, acerola being used to no effect, weezings ability, or something bugged with using spell tag on something with buff padding [edited out by Mod_GuruLot - keep your links official]
  12. Trying the setup the game so I can add my son as a Friend. I've tried modifying the settings on the Pokemon website to allow his account to add friends. However, the friend tab remains non-highlighted and I can't click it. Trying to set his settings as Limited or Open constantly results in a failure on the submit of those settings. The only options that are successful are Closed and Custom. I've set Custom as "open" as I can and I'm still unable to have him add me as a friend. Help please.
  13. jasant98

    TCGO Event bug

    Hi, I have tried to join a tournament but it doesn't show that I have entered/added me to the list of players while keeping me on that ********** is possible to go to the versus tab and play regularly however by doing so the game deducts tournament tickets each time. I have tried joining an event/tournament 4-5 times of different kinds but have lost tickets regardless without being able to participate in it. I have also tried logging ********** of the game as well as reinstalling but still encounter this bug, not sure why this has been happening Thanks
  14. iBrylee

    [GAME] Client not updating

    The client is not updating after an update, I logged out when the client went offline for 10 minutes on 04/30/2019 and hours later when I try to log back in the client it's stuck at 100% and the button is glitched. Do i seriously need to reinstall after an update?
  15. Atoro768634

    Flashing screen bugg

    Hi i dont know if its just my computer but when i play a mach my screen starts flashing and i've cheked my wires so im sure its the game. So if i hover over a trainer card it rappidly appers and dissapears and if im wating the screen will flash. If you could help please do as its very hard to play and i'm worried it may happen to someone who is eppeleptic. Thank you.
  16. Hi all, First off, please see attachment. Now, as you can see I have played the aether paradise conservation area stadium card, which should allow all basic grass and lighting Pokemon take 30 less damage. The effect was activated when I dealt damage to opponent's pokemon but the damage was not reduce when my opponent attacked me. As a result, I conceded my game as there is no point playing an unfair match. The photos I uploaded, featured my venusar TT attacked my opponent venusaur TT, however, no damage was registered apart from the special conditions effect. And when opponent used pollen hazard, and solar beam I took the full damage. This did not happen thrice, it happened more times throughout the game. Opponent also knocked out my shaymin prism with 130 damage instead of 100 from Sceptile's second attack, which was apprehensive due to hp capacity but it showed the aether conservation was flawed. Thank you for your attention.
  17. Recently I played a trainer challenge and afterwards when I won it did not add the star to the list so am I still at two stars or do I have three am very confused but won more than one game and still did not put the star in so how do I get the booster pack prize very confused is this a known bug or not? Either way I thought I would bring it to your attention thanks, Jess200242128
  18. PopemonV

    [GAME] Bug

    game stopped before coin toss and nothing I can do bring back my 7 win streak here is game log Game Log Output Begins Here: Game Log Output Ends Here *** Debug Game Log Output Begins Here *** *** Debug Game Log Output Ends Here *** *** Debug Current Game State Output Begins Here *** *** Cards Data Begins Here *** P1 Cards In Deck Cards (Count: 0) P1 Cards In Discard (Count: 0) P1 Active Pokemon (Count: 0) P1 Bench Pokemon (Count: 0) P1 Cards In Prize Pile (Count: 0) P1 Cards In Hand (Count: 0) P2 Cards In Deck Cards (Count: 0) P2 Cards In Discard (Count: 0) P2 Active Pokemon (Count: 0) P2 Bench Pokemon (Count: 0) P2 Cards In Prize Pile (Count: 0) P2 Cards In Hand (Count: 0) All Player Area, Out Of Play Cards: (Count: 0) All Player Area, Stadium Cards: (Count: 0) All Player Area, Active Trainer: (Count: ** *** Cards Data Ends Here *** *** Debug Current Game State Output Ends Here *** Versions Data: Client Version: Server Version: Bundles Version: 1846 Archetypes Bundle Version: 11545 Localization Bundle Version: 11544 Current Game ID: bc56f940-445b-11e9-b9fc-22000af885d6
  19. Well i haven't been active for over 2 years now, but i figured i'll try Good ol PTCGO one more time but apparently the Client won't even start? I had this problem back in the day which i fixed by re-installing the game BUT this time it won't even let me uninstall ! When i launch it, it keep looping between the refresher and patcher infinitely, any help ? i really want to get back into it !
  20. I have Use tooltip check in the settings but they're not coming up. Help?
  21. Hi everyone, this is my first time posting on the forums, so firstly, apologies if this is in the wrong forum. If it is, would a moderator kindly be able to move it to the correct home please! Now, I say it may be in the wrong place as I'm not sure if what I'm querying is a bug or an intentional game mechanic. It may well have already been addressed, but I've yet to find anything stating it, so please bare with me! The potential bug, although I guess just general question, is whether or not Gardevoir-GX's Secret Spring ability is bugged to not allow the attachment of a Fairy/Dark/Fighting Unit Energy through its use? I would like to highlight Quagsire's Wash Out ability; "As often as you like during your turn (before your attack), you may move a Water Energy from 1 of your Benched Pokémon to your Active Pokémon." This ability doesn't state that the Water Energy HAS to be a BASIC energy, and thus being able to move a Water/Fire/Grass Unit Energy with the use of this ability is possible, and has been done so in White Kyurem/Quagsire deck builds. So, with this in mind, I would also like to highlight Gardevoir-GX's Secret Spring ability; "Once during your turn (before your attack), you may attach a Fairy Energy card from your hand to 1 of your Pokemon." Again, this ability also does NOT state that the energy HAS to be a BASIC energy. So, my question, if Quagsire allows a player to move a Unit Energy (if it is the Water/Fire/Grass Unit Energy) with the use of its Wash Out ability, should Gardevoir-GX also allow a player to attach a Unit Energy (if it is the Fairy/Dark/Fighting Unit Energy) with the use of its Secret Spring ability? If anyone is able to shed any light on this, it would be greatly appreciated! Many thanks!
  22. MatteoGianoli94

    game crash downloading updating

    I tried to reopen the app but it didn't work: it show only this message: The game crashed. The crash report folder named "2019-01-30_225102" next to game executable. It would be great if you'd send it to the developer of the game. I don't know how to fix it, can someone help?
  23. Hey, I may be wrong on this, but I and others are playing with Shedinja from lost thunder and when using its ability "Vessel of Life" it also attaches the Nincada it evolved from as well. The card on the text reads, "Once during your turn (before your attack), you may discard all cards attached to this Pokémon and attach it to one of your Pokémon as a Pokemon Tool Card. If the Pokémon this card is attached to is Knocked Out, your opponent takes 1 fewer Prize card" From my understanding, this wouldnt be a bug because im referencing older cards like Splash Energy picking up the entire evolution line and cards like AZ picking up the entire evolution line as well even though both cards state "Discard all cards attached to this card". But I have had many people tell me that this shouldnt be the case and PTCGO is in the wrong. I guess this is also a ruling question in disguise, sorry for the large amount of information but its incredibly important to figure if this is intended or not because it can change the viability of certain decks if so. Thanks
  24. iugagt

    Electric Oricorio BUG

    For some reason the card Oricorio (Electric) Guardians Rising 46/145 when you use feather dance the next turn the base damage of pom-pom punch doesn't change and still be 20 not 100 Client Version Card : Guardians rising 46/145
  25. "Cartas: Gerenciado de Baralhos Em alguns raros casos uma conta pode entrar em um estado onde navegar ao Gerenciador de Baralhos faz o tutorial do Gerenciador de Baralhos reaparecer e o jogo travar. Até que um reparo seja introduzido, o time de suporte estará reparando isso para cada jogador que criar uma consulta para reportar que estão sendo afetados pelo problema." Esse problema relatado no fórum ocorreu na minha conta, poderiam tentar resolve-lo?
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