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Found 469 results

  1. Hello, The words on all of the click-buttons show different words. Words like 'Login.logindialog.loginbuttonlable' This is for instance normally the yellow login-button. The two green buttons say 'login.forgotinfo.button.label' and the other one 'login.button.start here'. And this is all throughout the game. I tried to start the game a couple of time but it doesn't resolve the problem. By the way, the cards i can read normal. I hope i'm explaining this well enough so you can understand what is going on/wrong. Please help cause i'm not a pro to remember what all the buttons stand for. So i need the correct words on them.
  2. Trying the setup the game so I can add my son as a Friend. I've tried modifying the settings on the Pokemon website to allow his account to add friends. However, the friend tab remains non-highlighted and I can't click it. Trying to set his settings as Limited or Open constantly results in a failure on the submit of those settings. The only options that are successful are Closed and Custom. I've set Custom as "open" as I can and I'm still unable to have him add me as a friend. Help please.
  3. Bonjour, Lorsque je démarre l'application depuis mon ordi (MacBook Pro 16Go, 2,2GHz, i7 Quad core), le processeur s'emballe et souffle tout ce qu'il a dans le ventre jusqu'à l'extinction de l'app. Y'a-t-il un moyen d'y remédier ? Sachant que sur mon PC bien moins puissant je **** aucuns problème, je suppose que cela provient du client mac. Désinstallé et réinstallé à maintes reprises, sur différents Macs, paramètres graphiques réglés sur rapide, mode fenêtré, ect... Je ne sais pas si cela à un réel impact mais je n'ose plus jouer des heures, à vrai dire je n'ose plus jouer du tout mis à part pour recevoir le cadeau de connexion journalier. Merci d'avance et bon jeu à tous.
  4. Hi! I recently installed the game for my 6 year old son to play, but because I didn't quite understand what I was doing I redeemed/unlocked two of his physical decks (using codes) on my account instead of his "Child" account. As far as I've been able to research, it isn't possible to swap/trade a whole theme deck between accounts, although if anybody knows whether this has changed I'd be interested to know how to do it. But I was wondering, is it possible to roll back a code redemption, that is take a deck/code off your account, so that it's available to use again on someone else's? It seems like if this was possible it'd be somewhere obvious but I thought it was worth asking.
  5. Card - Plus Power Expansion - Black & White (96/114) Effect - Deal 10 extra damage to opponent's active pokemon during this turn. Edit - Sorry, didn't know it was in known bugs. Mods can close or whatever is appropriate.
  6. I just finished a game where my Alolan Ninetales (which is impervious to all attacks from GX) was damaged and knocked out by Keldeo GX. This should not be possible. Someone please explain... thanks
  7. I want to ask when will i be able to turn on and off the simple effects? This is has been adressed in multiple topics and i already reached out the ticket support team and it was concluded that my laptop is "below/at minimum requeriments". Which is literally impossible because i could always turn on and turn off the simple effects on this same laptop. This bug or glitch?! idk what it is, it appeared after the detective pikachu update which was in March i believe?! Anyway the team admitted that the simple effects option is not working on some devices and they are working on it to fix it, which means they know the problem is happening on their part, so basically my laptop can't be below or at minimum requeriments out of nowhere because i could always turn off and turn on the simple effects, there were no problems and then that update happened and boom it messed everything. The game client was literally unplayable around that time of the detective pikachu update, since then the team was able to smooth the game and is currently very stable but i still can't turn off and on the simple effects. This is not a suggestion you already know about this issue and almost all the users who complained about this use a lenovo laptop same as me, maybe the game client is having an engine conflict with this specific brand? I just want to know if you are close to fix the issue? I mean at first glance it may seem a minor problem but it actually bugs me alot that i can't play with the better animation and sound effects on a laptop where i play other games the require better specs and i have zero problems with it, only in PTCGO, so it can't be me. I miss when a specific type of pokemon attacks the active opponent's pokemon for example a lightning pokemon attacks and it sounds it created a big storm, with the simple effects it just sounds like an old sound like the original pimball game for WinXP. Don't ask me to create a support ticket because i already did it and the answer will be the same, i just want a straight answer from here please. Is it getting fixed as we speak? Any estimated time?
  8. I've just recently downloaded the app yesterday and was playing fine with a logged in account. I skipped the tutorial when I first logged in and I was playing the trainer challenges. When I logged in today it automatically sends me into the tutorial. I believe it is the second tutorial (they say I know the basics and want to show me advanced moves). From what I can gather the second tutorial is using the incorrect text from the 1st tutorial but the cards from the 2nd tutorial. It's also showing Zach when I think it should be Ella? It works correctly as a guest but not when I log in. It gets to the point where it asks me to put a Pokemon on the bench (per the 1st tutorial) but the game has given me a potion instead of the Oshawatt it should give me to put on the bench to progress so I get stuck. I've also tried to create a new account but the same thing happens. I'm playing on the iPad. I tried searching the forums for a similar problem with solutions but couldn't find anything.
  9. The last update added a "new" or another Rayquaza GX (177a/168 from Celestial Storm) card to the game. Now there are two exact same Versions of this card in the game. One of them I own, the other new one I miss. I think it is an issue and I wanted to draw attention to it. But shame on my head when everything is right with the second Rayquaza GX 177a/168 Card.
  10. VocaloidWarrior

    Pantalla congelada

    Hola. Cuento con una PC con Windows 7 Ultimate, y Memoria RAM de 2 GB. Cuando inicio el juego y después de iniciar sesión la pantalla de carga se congela al llegar al 94% (Cargando datos del juego) y después de eso ya no avanza, pero puedo escuchar los sonidos del juego normalmente ¿Alguna forma de solucionarlo?
  11. ValeryLarame

    [CARD] Stadium cards bug

    Stadium cards such as Aether paradise conservation area and shrine of memories will cause the game to freeze when played from your hand. after this the timer will start and you'll run out of time causing you to basically lose that turn.
  12. Client Version: Server Version: OS: Chrome (************** (Official Build) (64-bit) Hardware: HP Chromebook x2 Issue: Game app will freeze randomly during game. After freezing, app will auto-close after clicking or tapping the screen. This happens 95% of the time at various stages of a game. The freeze usually takes place during any kind of animation of the screen (card shuffle, playing a card, etc.). Match results in a loss. Issue has been on-going for over a week. Unable to play through an entire game with regularity (1 out of 20 attempts). App uninstall/reinstall does not work. Reboot of Chromebook does not work. Playmat Options>Use Simple Effects does not work. Download All Card Images does not work.
  13. Ever since the new update(I believe it's 2.66?), it appears like most of the game's in-window "windows" and borders have completely vanished for me. This includes the login window, the daily bonus prize box, the pull-out window to the side where the messages are kept, and so many more elements. I can't see any of the tab buttons for the shop/versus/collection screens. If I fuss around and try to click where they should be, it looks like that information is still mapped in, but it's incredibly difficult to do. I was able to redeem some code cards, but other elements like the boxes and buttons on the collection screen are invisible/not there. I can't find a way to open any packs, and navigating around at all is close to impossible. It's like the screen is only displaying the furthest back element; like the splash arts. Some text is still there, but almost all of it is just gone. The trade screen's pop-up window for specifying filters is just not there. The deck manager loads, but I can't even hit the buttons to scroll through the cards. I managed to start a match, and many of those elements just aren't loading in either. The avatar's skins are invisible, it's just floating faces with the clothes. The cards are mostly still visible, but attached energies and the damage counters are just black circles, and the board itself and the background also won't load. It's all black. I can't see any of the emote area's UI/HUD things either. I've restarted the game a few times with no changes. The game's just completely unplayably broken right now. I'm on a PC with Windows 10, I don't know how relevant that is, but if there's anything else I could provide that could help identify the issue here, I'd really appreciate it. Should I try to uninstall and re-install? (unrelated, I've also been dealing with a small bug ever since I started playing again earlier this year, where I have to manually re-enter my password every time I log in. The game doesn't ever properly remember my password even with the box checked. It just says "invalid login/password." But that's easier to deal with than the game just being broken.)
  14. AlexLikesBacon

    [GAME] Sudden Death bug

    A standard match I was playing online today ended in sudden death. When setting up for the sudden death match, the game used the old rules for sudden death matches, wherein both players would set out 1 prize card each, and the first player to reach a win condition takes the game. New rules (as of July 2019) say that sudden death matches are set up like regular matches, where both players set out 6 prize cards and the first player to either reach a win condition or have less prizes remaining than their opponent would take the game. Due to this incorrect behavior, the match started with myself taking a Reset Stamp to 1 card, essentially locking me out of the game. I feel that this is a pretty major thing to have functioning incorrectly!
  15. Gidorkian

    Constant Game Crash

    Dear TCG Support: I downloaded the online game sometime ago, however it seems more often lately it is crashing or simply losing connection to the serve. Now while it might be easy to blame it on my own network connection, I know this not to be the case. No matter where I am, this server often disconnects (ONLY in the middle of a game!). It gets very frustrating to not be able to finish a battle and have it disconnect, especially when the other player likely believes you're rage quitting. This constant disconnection takes the joy out of the game and makes it so I don't truly want to play. Why play a game if you know 5 minutes in, it'll kick you out? If there is a way to fix this on my end, I am all ears! Thanks, Gidorkian!
  16. Hello, I just finished a game where I had the Ear Ringing Bell attached to a couple of my benched Pokémon and on my Active Pokémon and was battling against and Muk & Alolan Muk Tag Team. The opponent used severe poison but in turn was not effected by the Ear Ringing Bell’s effect on from my active Pokémon and was left unconfused. Does severe poison bypass Ear Ringing Bell or is this a bug? Thank you in advance for your help.
  17. Alikoudsi1988

    [GAME] Missing 25000 gold

    this is my fourth time reporting bug about 3 too 5 weeks ago bug has taken my 25000 gold coins of off my account on pokemon trade card game online andriod samsung galaxy s44 [Content removed - Mod_Jynthu] Retrieve my gold back to my account

    why isnt it woooorking....

    why does it not working too trade on my phone? why isnt it a apk out yet for the phones when it is on all computers????
  19. Alikoudsi1988

    [GAME] Missing 25000 gold

    this is my fourth time reporting bug about 3 too 5 weeks ago bug has taken my 25000 gold coins of off my account on pokemon trade card game online andriod samsung galaxy s44. Retrieve my gold back to my account [edited out by Mod_GuruLot - please keep refrain from posting your private information]
  20. When prompted to choose a second daily challenge today it had me pick from the previous days choices. The challenge I picked was not selected instead I was given a new challenge I had not been shown. This was not happening when I had completed the previous days challenge, this was the first time I had yesterday's challenge still to do.
  21. While the Version 2.64 Known Issues post refers to the Mac client failing to update over wireless connection on newer OSXs, I find that my Mac client fails to update even when using an Ethernet cable with wireless turned off. The "Refresher" (what the Mac client is seemingly called) stops at 50%, Unpacking, every time I attempt to update to Version 2.64.0. While the initial attempt was on wireless, ever since then I've tried to update while hard-wired only with wi-fi off. It does not seem to be completely hung, as it still responds to my scrolling through the text box on there, and I don't notice a major slowdown on my computer. Neither a restart nor waiting hours while out of the house led to any change from the Unpacking, 50% state. After several minutes of no change, checking the Activity Monitor shows Refresher having a memory usage of about 76.5 MB and 42 threads, with a % CPU in the area of 20-21. While the % CPU actually varies, the memory use is growing quite slowly. Thread count hasn't changed. I'm not sure if this information is of much use to you. I'm on OSX 10.13.6 (High Sierra). Attempting to update to Version 2.64.0.
  22. Hi, I'm running a fairly old PC but it's getting hung up before I can even get into the game. I've signed in with my account but when it sends me to the Terms of Service page it just hangs. No ToS actually shows up within the dialog box, only the Cancel button is lit as if I could choose it, but it is unresponsive. Thanks. CPU: AMD A10-7850K; GPU: AMD Radeon HD 6850; OS Windows 10 Pro x64 fully updated.
  23. Hello! Just like in title, I used Greninja attack called Shadow Stiching. This attack deal base 40 DMG and opponent cannot use any kind of his abilities till next turn. Opponent had a Gardevoir-GX on active. She attached two energies form hand(one from ability Secret ************************************************* is a screenshot form the game log Bug
  24. After last update game, today - i see following errors: 1. Tropical Shake attack in deck tropical takedown not work before add 1-8 energy card. Attack only deals 20 damage for opponent card - in any game modes Card which is not work attack in game: https://www.pokemon.com/us/pokemon-tcg/pokemon-cards/sm-series/sm6/2/ 2. In any match type aftere my victories - instead of the victory screen, the defeat screen is shown and I do not get any rewards for the match Please test and correct this bugs
  25. Well i haven't been active for over 2 years now, but i figured i'll try Good ol PTCGO one more time but apparently the Client won't even start? I had this problem back in the day which i fixed by re-installing the game BUT this time it won't even let me uninstall ! When i launch it, it keep looping between the refresher and patcher infinitely, any help ? i really want to get back into it !
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