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Found 546 results

  1. The game crashes while I'm the trade section, sometimes immediately, sometimes after a few minutes, but it always ends up doing it. Once it does, my mouse pointer disappears and I can't input anything on the keyboard either, forcing me to do a force restart of the computer every time. Client version: Sever Version: macOS Catalina - version 10.15.3 MacBook Pro (16-inch - 3072x1920, 2019) 2,3 GHz Intel Core i9 8 cores 16Gb 2667 MHz DDR4 RAM AMD Radeon Pro 5500M 4Gb Intel UHD Graphics 630 1436Mb There seems to be a compatibility issue with the new macbook, I've had various issues from day 1 and read several people reporting some as well.
  2. My tcgo on windows doesnt start anymore and when i try to start it only a tiny title bar shows up.
  3. Bueñas tardes eRROR sERVIORES ÑO DISPOÑIBLES ño deja eñtrar al juego eñvio iñformacioñ del pc
  4. Hey guys, I have been trying to login and play the game since this afternoon but either lost connection or no connection with the server while I was playing. It works fine last night and this morning. Anyone know what's going on? ****Update: Finally can get into the game, but when I try to start a match either with players or with the computer, it start showing the "yellow" & "red" no signal warning. I am playing with my MBP and my network connection have no problem at all.....
  5. The app has been continually crashing the moment I click to start the QR reader and start reading my codes. I've tried uninstalling the app, deleting the unity folder, emptying the bin, restarting, and then re-installing TCGO, but it makes no difference. As soon as I click "Start QR Reader" the app crashes. Any suggestions for a different fix so I can redeem these codes? Running a Macbook Air, 10.15.3, OS Catalina. Newest version of TCGO straight from the site because I've had to delete and install it twice. Thanks,
  6. Merecal_Magical

    [PC] Crashing - Crashing after update

    I updated my laptop recently and have been having frequent crashes. I uninstalled the game and reinstalled, if I can get it started it runs fine, but it usually crashes at 90%. any advice?
  7. DomadraghiRyuko

    [GENERAL] Property USER Profile ERROR

    Hello guys, I really want to play at this game but I can't start the launcher anymore. I tried a lot of solutions online but nothing works. I deleted all pokemon files, I tried to follow every step in the solutions list of the official site, I tried to launch the refresher I found online... What I can do to solve this problem? Please let me know 😥
  8. whenever I try and redeem cards it tells me that there was an error with Pokémon.com and the administration team knows about it. It’s been like that since yesterday and I’ve tried from multiple devices. Does anyone know what’s going on?
  9. So I installed PTCGO for first time yesterday , it worked and I played for sometime. Today when i opened it , a popup came "Pokemon.exe has stopped working" and the game closes. I tried reinstalling it(after removing it completely) but still same message. Also I played tutorial yesterday without logging in as a guest, today whenever i try to play as a guest or login to my PTC account, the message pops up.
  10. So something strange first ever happened to me, currently my game don't crash but it seems stuck... I'm playing Expanded event and this is the 3rd match I realized that my time has gone to 00.00, but it was still about 2 minutes before i ended my turn by attacking my opponent's. I'm then waiting for the opponent's turn, I didn't leave my screen at all, I know my time was over 2 minutes. Suddenly that '15 secs remaining' showed up and I checked, but my opponent hasn't made any turn at all. When this 15 secs remaining showed up, i realized that my opponent's time is frozen and i looked at my time and it's zero as well. I have been waiting for over 10 minutes by now but the game stuck here. I can still operate the screen now, like showing up card details and opening settings and etc. It's strange because should my time ran out, I should be losing immediately. Any suggestion? EDIT: So I exited and I lost the game, reported the player of cheating tho. LOL
  11. Hello, I am playing on a Chromebook (newer) and the app consistently freezes and crashes during gameplay. I have re installed the app several times, moved to within a few feet of my router for the strongest possible signal, restarted my Chromebook... It just happens almost every single match. Really need some advice...
  12. when I start an online game the game crashes, but when I start an offline game it doesn't crash, solutions? Thanks
  13. I've just recently downloaded the app yesterday and was playing fine with a logged in account. I skipped the tutorial when I first logged in and I was playing the trainer challenges. When I logged in today it automatically sends me into the tutorial. I believe it is the second tutorial (they say I know the basics and want to show me advanced moves). From what I can gather the second tutorial is using the incorrect text from the 1st tutorial but the cards from the 2nd tutorial. It's also showing Zach when I think it should be Ella? It works correctly as a guest but not when I log in. It gets to the point where it asks me to put a Pokemon on the bench (per the 1st tutorial) but the game has given me a potion instead of the Oshawatt it should give me to put on the bench to progress so I get stuck. I've also tried to create a new account but the same thing happens. I'm playing on the iPad. I tried searching the forums for a similar problem with solutions but couldn't find anything.
  14. So I'm getting a high number of crashes to the desktop, which isn't a problem for trainer challenge, as it'll just reload the game state. But against other people, it results in a loss, or at least the end of that game, not sure. Regardless, what that means is that the game is pretty much unplayable for me. I can only get so much enjoyment out of pummeling the Trainer challenge AI, and the threat of crashing makes the PvP, the heart of the game, pointless for me. The details-Occasionally, the games will stop updating the graphics in a match. I can keep playing, I just can't see anything happening, which means I effectively CAN'T keep playing. Much more often, the game will pause for a moment, then exit to the desktop. Only during matches, and having Simple Effects and Faster Graphics turned on, I can lower the crashes but not remove them. My laptop is not a potato, and should have zero problems running a game such as this. Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6500U CPU @ 2.5GHz 2.59 GHz 64-bit OS x64 processor Intel HD graphics 520 Any other info needed?
  15. Yeah uhhh... well. I try to open the game, I see it searching for client updates, then a black screen, and then this message pops up. That's it and I don't know what to do. I tried "repairing" it via the PokemonInstaller, I also tried de- and reinstalling it again and my Windows also doesn't need to be updated. If anyone could help, that would be great. Maybe it's something easy and I just don't get it, I don't know, but thanks for any help. :3
  16. I spelt my surename properly and it automatically changed the i to 2 ee's at the end of my surename in pokemon trade card game online
  17. Hi my game gets frozen at the point of right-clicking on Eevee, could you skip the tutorial for me too please?
  18. Hello Guys, I installed the Game and it booted Succesfully once. But i couldnt remember my Login Name and closed the game and well, thats it. After i restarted the Game, the Loading Screen hangs by 0%, but you can hear how the Background Music Plays and it changes after a few seconds (i assume the loading reaches the Login screen, but i only see the 0% Screen) I tried Google and did the following: -reinstall the app with the Installer, new downloaded -repair the Installation with a installer -go into appdata and update/refresh the Client manually If i want to deinstall the game with Windows, i get the error log "User Mode" or something like that. here is an 3 year old pinned post that says what i should do, i think it was outdated and already fixed but i tried it and it didnt work. i cant seem to get this working properly, Maybe anyone got an idea? -German Game -PC meets requirements
  19. Tariki609

    Stuck at tutorial

    So I finally have been able to download and use the game since the reset "Huge Update!". Ever since I started to play this game last year there have been nothing but issues. I want nothing but to see them resolved. First I encountered the Login issue- Purportedly solved by the "Huge Update", and Now I somehow cannot run the tutorial to receive the coins, neither the gift at the end. I understand that either: A- You are aware of the issue but still have not made a patch for it after months and months, Okay, let's skip the months- I would say Years of this being out. B- You're waiting for the official patches and fixes to further nerf the rewards, because you see them as too exorbitant to the game. Regardless of the A or the B, You need to do one of two things. Allow us to collect the rewards if we have not been able to by implementing a short test of sorts into the game to see if we correctly know how to play the game, or, Give us the rewards regardless because we know how to play and cannot access the Tutorial gameplay because our games crash every single time you are about to attach the energy to your pokemon. I would really respect a swift response in manner as this is not the first post about the situation I have experienced, And so I'm guessing many others have as well. Your friend and loyal patron, Tariki
  20. After installing the latest version of TCGO ( - 04/30/2019) I can't even advance to the title screen. It says "Checking Refresher for Updates" and is followed by an error that reads, "Could not connect to server." I have this issue on multiple PCs and have reinstalled several times with no success.
  21. Whenever i try to open my account on my mac i always get a message saying "the last time you opened pokemon trading card game online, it unexpectedly quit while reopening windows. do you want to try to reopen its windows again? if you choose not to reopen windows, you may have to open and position the windows yourself. dont reopen open" whichever choice i do i always get a problem report being sent to apple. how do i fix this problem without risking to lose everything?
  22. Hello, I can't search or even scroll thru my card lists. It crashes every time. I have tried reinstalling the game and nothing. Right now I can't even build a deck. I am on Windows 10 Home Edition.
  23. This morning the game don't opened. It just appeared like a small 2 inches wide, narrow bar, so clearly was not working as intended. Since yesterday, everything was good and I have had little to no problems with the game more than a couple times since 2015 or so. As it was not working, I tried to reinstall, uninstall and repair. Nothing to do. I just removed the game manually, including all the Thepokemoncardgame folder in C:/users/appdata (which worked last time I had to reinstall, years ago) I just searched for any single file and cleaned even the registry, reboot once and a again. Nothing to do. When I choose to Install, I can wait forever in the welcome screen for the client let me push the Continue button (which is greyed). When I try to Repare or Uninstall, User_profile appears. This is absurd. We deserve something better. First, the game not dying one day to another for no reason. But if happens, anything easier to reinstall without having to do voodoo to computer and pray all the Nordic Gods in addition. Actually, I made everything I read here and in pokémon Support site. Now I have no more ideas. And please Mods, don't tell me to check if computer meets the requirements of the game, yesterday it was all just right. Aside, I could update the game in an old Mac I have after failing also several times, but any text of the game is a blurry dark mark (I don't mean text of the cards, these are images). Not an issue I'm worried now as I don't plan to use it actually to play, but come on, can't this game just work fine?
  24. Hey all. After an inactivity of a few months I decided to play Pokemon TCGO again but after updating the client I was confronted with this error: "An error occurred when downloading preload data. Please check your internet connection and tryagain. The app will now quit." So I uninstalled it and when I attempted to reinstall it I got this error: "Could not access network location Property. USER_PROFILE" I already did a bit of searching and someone came up with the new admin account trick which I tried out. Installing the game went without a hitch this time but when I started it I got the same error as in the first screenshot and testing it on my iPad gave the same error as on my computer. Don't tell me there's something wrong with my internet because that's not the case here. I have a subscription at the best ISP in my country and I have 200 mbit connection over LAN. All my other games are working fine except this one so I can say with 100% certainty that my internet is not at fault and it ALWAYS worked before until now. ALWAYS!!! Device info: Windows 10 PC
  25. I downloaded the game for the first time and when I went to play I recurved a error message saying “the game crashed. The crash report folder named 2019-02-13_200408 next to the game executable”. Idk what happened, I ran the repair tool and that didn’t help.
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