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Found 160 results

  1. Hello. I've got a trainer card called TWINS (Triumphant 89) by trading, a great add for my new deck. But while selecting Trainer cards in the Deck Manager it doesn't show up so I can't add it to my deck. It does show up on my collection as owned but doesn't on Deck Manager. Why does this occur?? Twins Card
  2. IceBeamTogetic

    [GAME] Decklist card counts error

    Hello, When using the "Print" option to print a decklist for an existing deck, both to print directly and save as PDF, the card counts are wrong in multiple places. For example, the decklist I printed for a recent league cup (3/29/2019) says I have SEVEN copies of Eevee (Energy Evolution). I had to manually fix it at the venue. I saved a pdf today (5/5/2019) and while there's nothing above 4, many card counts are still wrong. Notes: Exporting a deck as plaintext appears to get the card counts correct. Section totals (e.g. Pokemon: 18, Trainers: 30, Energy: 12) are correct, even though the individual card counts don't properly add to those totals. Client: Expected action: Printed decklist uses proper card counts Actual action: Printed decklist gets many card counts wrong, including some illegal (>4) card counts. Steps to reproduce: In the Deck Manager, select a deck. Click the eyeball icon that appears, and of the choices (Print, Export Deck, and Save) choose Print. The decklist will not match the deck.
  3. Mason Gambill

    Theme deck

    I bought a theme deck and it doesn't say that I own it. I thought that maybe it was because I bought two, but I want a refund.
  4. Hello, I have been having a little bit of trouble making an unlimited deck.... So what happens is that, I select to create a new deck, I pick to make an Unlimited deck, and I start picking any card, because it's an unlimited deck so.... I should be able to play with that but... Well, imagine this, I finish my unlimited deck, and when I click save it says that it's not a valid deck because it haves some cards that are ilegal for standard mode, but the problem is that I'm not making a standard deck, and it says it's an invalid deck for all modes, but I have all the requirements for making an unlimited deck.... can someone help me........?
  5. krj0928

    Elekid 21/102?

    I have two Elekid cards that I would like to play with in my collection on Pokemon TCG. They show up in my collection but when I go to the deck manager, they are nowhere to be found. Is this a bug or maybe it was a banned card at one time? If anyone could assist, it would be greatly appreciated.
  6. I just today built a deck for Unlimited which uses greedy dice, Jirachi prism star, and rotom UnL- all of which are supposed to access the prize cards without shuffling them. Some cards, such as Beast Ball, require shuffling, but these do not. However, using the "test deck" feature in deck builder, I discovered that cards placed in a specific prize slot did not stay there. This bug likely affects the prize pool itself rather than individual cards, and likely extends to the vs ladder, events, and friend matches. However, those are not things I can test. That is inconsequential for virtually all decks. However, this specific one relies on controlling prizes to try to take 2-5 on a single KO, so it's kinda floundering. (I like weird decks.)
  7. "Cartas: Gerenciado de Baralhos Em alguns raros casos uma conta pode entrar em um estado onde navegar ao Gerenciador de Baralhos faz o tutorial do Gerenciador de Baralhos reaparecer e o jogo travar. Até que um reparo seja introduzido, o time de suporte estará reparando isso para cada jogador que criar uma consulta para reportar que estão sendo afetados pelo problema." Esse problema relatado no fórum ocorreu na minha conta, poderiam tentar resolve-lo?
  8. Hi! I have some issues with my deck manager, when i click on them , it's starts the tutorial, and i can't keep going , i can't cancel it and i can't build a deck... Pls help me!!! *Sorry for my english, i'm not good enough*
  9. When I log on for the day and attempt to go to deck manager, the Zach Deck Builder Tutorial ends up not letting me select anything outside of a box, for my page it is selecting a deck and nothing else
  10. so i was trying to import this deck from a website , but the import function in game bugged out . the whole game freezes and doesn't respond . i've tried to do this a bunch of times and copied decks from many different sites to check if its a special problem or not . but it seems its a general problem . so i think the devs should take a look at it .
  11. Bought Wave Slasher a second time today because i want to build a deck using 4 Greninjas but the cards didn't get added to my collection. Is this a bug? Any way to get them? EDIT: Nevermind, it shows up as a pack to open. Found it.
  12. I Tried To Open Versus, Deck Manager, And Shop, As Well As The Other Interface Managers, And When I Click On Them, They Fade Away Into A Transparent Gray, And I Cant Access Or Use Any Of Them? Is Anyone Else Having This Issue? Do I Have To Reinstall?
  13. Caja "Mega-Gengar" no se visualiza (jugando), desde Halloween 2017.. Cuando solucionarán esto? Deck "Mega-Gengar" is not displayed (playing), since Halloween 2017 .. When will they solve this?
  14. In your collection, when you hover over the number showing how many copies of a card you own, a pop-up displays either the phrase "trade locked" or "tradable," depending on which they are. The same feature exists in Deck Manager. However, when viewing this on cards already added to the deck, all copies are considered tradable.
  15. My game just doesn't respond whenever i try to import a decklist.
  16. Since the last update I have not been able to access certain cards in my collection, when I try and search for them they do not show up, if I scroll through my collection they don't show up. I know I have them, and if I have a deck that they are already in then they are still there, but i can't make a new deck and add them in because I can't find the card. For example Darkrai-EX and GX. I have three Darkrai-EX and two GX and have them in a couple of decks but I cannot locate them in my collection anymore or add them to new decks. This is happening with a number of cards and it is very frustrating when trying to make new decks.
  17. All of my holofoil cards appear as hot pink I cannot build a new deck because of this issue. I cannot see the stats or abilities of any of them. Nor can I see what they are called. I am playing on a gigaset tablet. It would be greatly appreciated if you could look into the issue.
  18. I was recently trying to make a Garchomp/Lucario deck using the new cards from Ultra Prism. I went to a Pre-Release of the set and when I input my code for the promo I got a Lucario. It said it was banned and I thought it would only be temporary. Today I tried to make the Garchomp/Lucario deck and I saw that the promotional Lucario I have was still banned, but the normal non-promo one wasn't. I double checked and all the attacks, effects, numbers, and costs seem to be the same. Is this intentional and I am just missing something? Is this a bug that affects my gameplay? Is it just a visual bug and I can still use it? Sincerely, fullmercj.
  19. I've noticed than Foil energies, regular and league ones doesn't show separate in Deck building. I go to Deck build, Any deck (or new) and enter to change or build. Go to energies, to add some. I choose Fire (or whatever) and 29 Foil Fire energies with league logo are shown to add. No foil regular energies are shown to choose. I choose the only ones shown then (Foil+League) as they look cool haha And start to add. So 1, 2, 3... 8... and then appears, next to the League one, a new one, also foil, but without League logo. That's right as, I only own 8 Foil League logo energies but, instead of showing all foil 8 with League and 21 without mark, shows'em together since when you add to your limit. If you reach the limit, doesn't add more copies greyed (not owned) but starts adding the non-league logo (or vice versa if you went up to 8 league, then added the 9th so appeared the regular foil, then removed all League one by one, and start adding to 21 regular, so 22nd, will add a League one again). Same with Fight energies so it probably happens with all types. Not happening if League are Checkered (B/W I guess). So happening with XY era foils? I don't have S&M era so can't check. Foil league energies have a vertical shining pattern moving left to right and regular ones have an oblique 45º (more or less) shining pattern moving up-left to down-right. You can notice only when separate. Also if you added all 29, the grey ones added next are greyed the same you added (league if league, regular if regular, both, or whatever depending the one you push. Haven't seen nothing in known bugs and, although not important for the game working, I always add and then I have to remove some to make all energies look the same. As all other cards, if different art/shine pattern/etcetera, should be shown also separate to choose, right? Thanks
  20. Gourgeist from Crimson shadows has an attack called pumpkin bomb. When you attack with it you are forced to discard a lot of tools off of your pokemon. If you play the deck a couple of times the game works as intended, however if you play the deck beyond several times in a row the game just randomly gives you an error message saying "Your win progress will not be effected" and neither player receives coins/rewards. I hit a friend [Trainerchip] on the ladder playing the deck and he confirmed that it happened on his end as well. If you play friend versus matches this bug/glitch can happen as well and will provide you the same message despite said win rate not being counted since its a friend battle. The game randomly crashes typically after either discarding tools off pokemon, recycling klefkis with rescue stretcher, or sometimes with energy recycler. If you swap away from this specific deck archetype the "Error + win progress" message never happens - its only for this specific deck that I and others in testing have seen this happen
  21. I have build several decks in legacy format, but the manager's filter don't show then, if you need I post the link to image with error please, fix this *************************
  22. Decks que não possuem Tapu Lele ficam vários e vários turnos sem comprar suporter. **** impossível jogar com decks que não usem tal carta, pois você passa muitos turnos sem conseguir fazer nada. Corrijam este problema!
  23. GrewupGeek

    Can't use the Tin Deck

    Hey, just recently, I tried to use the deck I got from buying a tin a few years back, and for some reason, a message saying 'This deck is not valid for the current queue' and wondering what in the world that is suppose to mean? The deck is good enough for the expanded rules, yet, ever since the last makeover, not sure if it's because of the special challenge, or there are some rules I missed, but right now, have no idea if I'm supposed to change something, or if there is another bug that came with the current card bugs. The tin I tried to use, and the only one I have at the moment, is the Groudon Spring 2015, the one that came out after ORAS hit the shelves, and I've tweaked it to the way I wanted it, and should still fit the expanded rules, so wondering if any of the cards are now part of the unlimited rules, which nobody is allowed to access anymore, or if Tin Decks are no good at the moment.
  24. Hello! I'd just like to report that the following cards do not properly filter when viewing the collection or when managing/creating decks. Brock's Grit 107/108 Evolution set Misty's Determination 108/108 Evolution set When browsing trainer cards and selecting 'full art' these cards do not appear. They are full art cards, but do now show up under the appropriate filter. You are still able to locate these cards in both collection and deck manager by browsing all cards or typing in their names specifically. Thanks!
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