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Found 265 results

  1. It appears that the bug that impacts Darkness Ablaze re: Complete Sets (i.e. that owning all non-secret cards doesn't lead to a Complete Set icon) is affecting Champion's Path, too.
  2. So I logged into today to play some PCTGO and realized my coin is changed It used to Glitter with silver ice and now it doesn't
  3. I have never really looked into my collection in the list view option and I have noticed Zekrom Promo XY76 in list view is spelled as "ekrom"
  4. The awards screen says I have the pack, but when I check my Collection it is nowhere to be found.
  5. GrollenKette951

    Wrong card search in German version

    When trying to search cards of Delcatty using its German name Enekoro no cards show up. Instead when using Celesteelas German name Kaguron not only cards of Celesteela appear but cards of Delcatty appear too. This tweet for example shows the problem.
  6. My cards packs or decks aren’t even showing up in my collection or my games. I have restarted my iPad my internet is fine i reinstalled Pokémon TCG and still I have this problem please help fix this.
  7. Hi, there is an problem with the german card text for Shuckle/Pottrott from the HGSS Black Star Promos. The Poké-Body's effect has been pasted to its first attack which shouldn't have the same text.
  8. Hello, When I open the Collection area, by default the Pokémon are shown. However, they are sorted by A-Z, even if another option is selected in the 'Sort By' dropdown. The correcting sorting will take place if the user goes into another tab (such as Trainers) and switches back to the Pokémon tab. This leads on to the 2nd bug. The cards are rendered before they are sorted, as can be seen when switching from the Trainer tab to the Pokémon tab the first time round. This bug would not be shown if the Pokémon tab was originally sorted correctly anyway. Possible link to https://forums.pokemontcg.com/topic/73894-game-sort-by-does-not-function-correctly-in-certain-circumstances-during-trade/ I have a screen recording; how could I post it without adding an external link? Thank you.
  9. Client Version: Steps to reproduce: Go to collection / view a player's collection for trade in private trade Go to a tab that is either Trainer or Packs (bug works with both) Sort by: 'Expansion (Newest-Oldest)' Go to Trade Create Private Trade Go to the tab that you previously sorted Result: (I think) Items are sorted by 'Alphabetical (A-Z)' Expected Result: Items are sorted by 'Expansion (Newest-Oldest)' How to prevent this: Change sort to something else then change back to 'Expansion (Newest-Oldest)' or Don't leave Trainer / Packs tab sorted by 'Expansion (Newest-Oldest)' I am unsure if this also happens if different tab / sort combinations are used but I am positive that this happens in this case. Please tell me if this also happens on your devices, thanks !
  10. Kiaraplays

    [CARD] Collection bug?

    I just redeemed a couple codes and when i went back into the game not all was my booster pack not there, but all of my collection disappeared, when I search for “pokemon i don’t have” it doesnt show any cards whatsoever. Its probably a bug but how can i fix this?
  11. I installed the pokemon yesterday and finished the gold trainer challenge, so I opened up about 15 card packs, but in the stock there are no cards available for me. I bought a deck and only it still with my cards. Somone know what I can do to solve this problem?
  12. Hello, I recently got access to open my Sword and Shield packs on the TCGO. When I opened the bundle pack for the Build and Battle box however, it told me I had a notification that would show me what cards I got. However, when I checked the notification, there was the framework for a card with a banned card symbol on the top right corner. I thought that it was a glitch and that maybe I still got my new cards, so I opened the Sword and Shield booster pack. It gave me the "Open your new pack!" animation, but when I clicked on it, the pack was revealed to have been empty, and the game soft locked. I restarted my computer (a MacBook Air) and logged back in to see if my new cards were there, but they were not. Will I get my card packs back or are they gone forever? I don't know if anyone else has experienced this issue, but I appreciate you assistance in advance.
  13. Hey! I received Lugia GX from reward booster pack. It is found in my collection but some reason it is not found in my deck manager. I would really like to add it to my deck. This is actually not the only card with the issue. Any advice is appreciated, thank you.
  14. Hi, I have been trying to complete the Dragons majesty set to add it to the list of completed sets, the description for completed sets is "Rare secret cards do not count towards set completion". now I so far from all my collections I have, I have seen a pattern, you only need at least 1 copy of that card. that card can be standard and/or reverse holo (and/or Fullart for trainer cards) {Fullart,GX,EX} cards can be any of the print types to count, just only need at least 1, and it shares the same set number [Standard Rare, Secret Rare, Alternate Art Rare, Rainbow Rare] however for me i have filled all 3 of these conditions it still states i'm missing cards to finish the set? below is a picture of the cards I don't have in the set, as you will see they are only the full arts some reverse holos and the hidden fates reprints also the banner stating that it is nearest to completion. **************************************************************************************** any idea why this may be happening.
  15. The last update added a "new" or another Rayquaza GX (177a/168 from Celestial Storm) card to the game. Now there are two exact same Versions of this card in the game. One of them I own, the other new one I miss. I think it is an issue and I wanted to draw attention to it. But shame on my head when everything is right with the second Rayquaza GX 177a/168 Card.
  16. Hello, I just achieved the goal of 3 unified packs on the timeline on versus and I received nothing. Seems it's a bug. Could someone please send me the locked packs? Thanks!
  17. StHawlucha

    Online packet counter bug

    My son encountered the counter bug a few days ago. He opened approximately 40 online packets and received one GX but no other cards of consequence i.e. no full art trainers, no secret rares, no other GX or tag team GX, at best possibly one holo but likely none and kept getting the same common cards time after time. He lodged a complaint with support and received the answer that a ratio of 40 packets to 1 GX or ultra rare or better was acceptable. They insist it had nothing to do with the counter bug. My son has opened hundreds possibly thousands of packets online and never experienced a shocking ratio as above but we are now being forced to accept it based on a feeble argument utilising the word "random". I would appreciate anyone who experienced the same to post their experience here or message us. Thank you. Sincerely, Luke
  18. Hello. I've got a trainer card called TWINS (Triumphant 89) by trading, a great add for my new deck. But while selecting Trainer cards in the Deck Manager it doesn't show up so I can't add it to my deck. It does show up on my collection as owned but doesn't on Deck Manager. Why does this occur?? Twins Card
  19. Hi, these theme decks still show as "for trade" when i do not own these. Which results in them showing up for trade. Any work around that does not include buying the theme decks again? Also, is there a feature to tag cards as "not for trade" yet?
  20. Pokemon Center Lady is currently legal in Standard. I assume it's because Hidden Fates has been programmed into the game and Pokemon Center Lady is getting a reprint. Screenshot Link The Full Art and Regular Art can be seen at the bottom of the screenshot. I don't know how to prove that I had these filters applied but they were in fact applied. I was also able to queue for standard with Pokemon Center Lady in my deck. (It might just be for me, but it seems to be censoring the link and I can't open it. Hopefully the mods are able to view it though).
  21. Hello! I was previously under the assumption that the known bug about the collection number not refreshing was only limited to when its only 1 type of booster, but I have found just recently that not only is that not true, but that the "bug" itself will actually move around to different boosters for unknown reasons. It has also lead me to believe that a booster that is affected by the bug has its pull rate adversely affected, drastically lowering the probability of pulling an Ultra Rare of any kind. The bug will also shift itself to a different booster when left alone on-screen for some time for an unknown reason, releasing itself from the previously stalled number. I don't know if its just Unified Minds (though I've noticed it the most with that set), but with frustrating consistency, an unaffected pack has given me good pulls with an average consistency of 4 packs, sometimes back to back Ultra Rares, while the affected pack will take sometimes 7 to 10 opened packs before I get an Ultra Rare, and if I do, often times its for a card I already have 3+ of, which makes me wonder if there is a seed for the randomizer that is simply not random enough. I've gotten up to 7 of the same Ultra Rare while getting none for the vast majority of others from when a pack is affected by this number bug. I honestly don't know how much of this anecdotal experience could ring true, but its certainly affected me in this way. The pulls aren't as even as they should be ever since this bug has surfaced, and its very notable when you have multiple packs in your collection that aren't affected by the bug at a given time, and you immediately start getting full art trainers and the like. The difference in pulls between an affected booster and an unaffected booster is too staggering to ignore. It is my genuine hope that my anecdotal experience with this disparity is simply just the RNG not being in my favor, because otherwise I've wasted hundreds of codes on Unified Minds
  22. Alikoudsi1988

    [GAME] Missing 25000 gold

    this is my fourth time reporting bug about 3 too 5 weeks ago bug has taken my 25000 gold coins of off my account on pokemon trade card game online andriod samsung galaxy s44 [Content removed - Mod_Jynthu] Retrieve my gold back to my account
  23. The number of cards owned in the collection browser (both locked and tradable) don't display correcty since the 2.64 update. Platform: Android 9 Device: Samsung Galaxy tab A 10.1 2019 I can provide screenshots. Thanks in advance for any help/fix.
  24. Alikoudsi1988

    [GAME] Missing 25000 gold

    this is my fourth time reporting bug about 3 too 5 weeks ago bug has taken my 25000 gold coins of off my account on pokemon trade card game online andriod samsung galaxy s44. Retrieve my gold back to my account [edited out by Mod_GuruLot - please keep refrain from posting your private information]
  25. I bought two copies of the Twilight Rogue Theme Deck at once. When I checked my collection, it only shows enough cards for if I bought only one copy of the deck.
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